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Different sports will require different optimal arousal to reach inspiring sports performances. In a game of American Football, rugby and weight lifting as you can imagine, the higher the arousal level, the greater will be strength, aggressiveness and power generated. In this type of sports, it is about overpowering your opponents for peak performance in sport. In other finer sports like archery, shooting and gymnastics, high anxiety levels may impede peak performance in sports rather than promote. Under such conditions, it is necessary to reduce our arousal levels to appropriate levels for sporting success. Competitions are unique situations that raise the excitement of the occasion. So it is necessary in all competition to manage the arousal levels experienced by athletes.

Increasing Arousal Levels

1. Listening to inspirational music

Music is a power tool to raise your levels of arousal and achieve inspiring sports performances. Prior to competition, you can listen to truly inspirational music to increase your arousal to the optimal levels. Listening to sound tracks of Rocky or similar themed music has a tremendous effect of arousal level. Be careful not to overdo it though. Know your arousal limits and maintain it there.

2. Psyching up through self-talk and team talk

Team and self-talks are also power techniques to raise arousal levels and improve inspiring sports performances. Team talks are usually carried out by the coach or captain who must skilled in this to raise the stake for the team before the game. Loud language, purposeful language and aggressive gestures are often associated with a good rousing team talk. But the best ingredient of a good motivational team talk is actually the sharing of a common objective and feeling amongst team mates. This will help everyone feel united and passionately driven for the game. In individual sports, you can either do it yourself through self-talk or more effectively through another person that is closely related to you. The coach or parent often plays this role.

3. Visualization of powerful events

You can also use visualization of powerful events to raise the tempo before your game for inspiring sports performances. For example, if you are a linebacker, you can picture your best ever sack you have done. Repeat the images over and over again so that your mind is flooded with powerful emotions of arousal. Another form of visualization that might help is envisioning the final successful outcome of your game, soaking in the celebratory atmosphere associated with winning.

Decreasing Arousal Levels

1. Breathing control

When there is a need to lower arousal level, breathing control techniques might be helpful to achieve inspiring sports performances. Once you find your heart racing too fast or you start to feel butterfly in your tummy, switch your attention and focus to your breathing. Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling slowly, focusing on each breath at a time. By slowing down a physiological response, your other anxiety responses will also slow down resulting in a calmer person.

2. Visualization of calming events

You can also use visualization of calming events reduce arousal levels and hence achieve inspiring sports performances. When you start to feel too excited prior to a sports task, switch your thinking to a relaxing and calming setting. You might want to picture yourself slow dancing or lying on beach at your favorite resting stop. Closing your eyes temporarily might help as well. It is also a good idea to stockpile a list of your favorite scenes so that you can switch to it once you need it.

Arousal levels will rise and fall deepening on the situation. Most competition will raise arousal level which might become too unhealthy for inspiring sports performances. The good thing is that there are ways to manipulate arousal levels. After all, arousal levels are physiological in nature. Just like an illness, it can be treated, so can arousal levels.

There are many different varieties of websites that offer online games, each with their own specific needs as to servers and hosting. One of the most popular types of online games is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMORPGs, which make use of dedicated servers for their high tech graphics and countless user profiles.

What are MMORPGs?

MMORPGs are multiplayer online games that feature a world environment that is constantly changing. Players create a profile and take on that persona as they go through the world. They can socialize with other players, engage in battles or go on quests, depending on the specific theme or layout of the game. When a player logs off, the game will continue on and keep changing, as other players around the world continue to play and make their own mark on the game.

The word "massive" in MMORPG can mean a couple of different things, depending on who you ask. In some cases, it refers to the large number of players and traffic that is seen on these websites. At the most popular sites, thousands of players are found online participating in the game's world and plotlines at any given time. Alternately, "massive" can also be used to describe the amount of data and scripting necessary to create these large online role playing games.

These online role playing games are usually very graphics intense, requiring large graphics files for the worlds, players and game icons. They also require very detailed scripting, making it possible for players to have an unending gaming experience. Although a single player role playing game has a specific beginning and end, these epic online games are continuous. There are new plots and features being constantly added, requiring the use of dedicated servers to handle all of the graphics, scripting and bandwidth transfer that is associated with a high volume website.

Use a Dedicated Server for Gaming

Using a dedicated server takes the kind of expertise that goes along with the intenet programming knowledge that most game developers have. Knowing the ins and outs of web and game design is simply not enough to make it in the MMORPG world. In order to effectively run one of these extensive websites, the developers and their staff should be well versed in the backend issues of using a dedicated server and know how to troubleshoot and fix problems that might arise.

These amazingly popular games may require a lot of work to set up and maintain, but the efforts are well worth it. By using dedicated servers and well written scripts, developers can give MMORPG users the online gaming experience of a lifetime.

Whilst rugby has never had the same level of exposure on TV that soccer has, it does seem to become a lot more popular in recent years. Many people’s memories of rugby are of shivering in the rain at school and praying the big guy doesn’t come anywhere you, but it’s a great game to watch from the comfort of own front room! As Rugby does seem to be getting a better deal on TV these days, for those that might be new to watching rugby, here are ten things you probably didn’t know about the sport.

1. What is it called a try?

A try is called a try, because when the game was first played, there were no points awarded for touching down the ball at your opponent’s end of the field. What it did gain you, though, was an attempt, or a try, at the goal.

2. The game was named after the British school that it was invented in

When soccer was being played in English schools in the 19th century, there were no formalised rules for the game and each school made up their own rule book. It is believed that a boy named William Webb Ellis, who attended Rugby School, invented the game of rugby when he decided to pick up the ball and run for the goal during a game of soccer. The Rugby Union World Cup is still called the Web Ellis Cup to this day.

3. Rugby balls were first made from pig’s bladders

Rugby balls and soccer balls used to be made using a pig’s bladder for the inner. Unfortunately, the pig’s bladders weren’t cured very well and they frequently became rotten. The wife of the man, who made the rugby balls at Rugby School in the 19th century, died from the effects of the fumes she inhaled from the balls.

4. The reigning Olympic Champions is the US

By a quirk of fate, the current reigning Olympic Champions in the sport of rugby are the USA and they have held that title since 1924. The reason why, is because Rugby was dropped as an Olympic sport in that year.

5. There are two different types of Rugby played

Just to make it even more confusing to the non-expert, there are two types of rugby played, rugby league and rugby union. The games are very similar but the rules are quite different including a different scoring system.

6. The big scores

One of the differences between soccer and rugby that anyone new to the sport will notice are the big scores. The largest ever score difference that was recorded at an international match was in a game between Australia and Namibia, when Australia won the game by 142 points to nil.

7. The one hundred year old world cup whistle

At the beginning of every rugby world cup, the tournament is kicked off when the referee blows a one hundred year old whistle. It is the same whistle that was used for a game played in 1924 between England and New Zealand in the Paris Olympics.

8. The rugby world cup has never been retained by a team

The New Zealand team is the favourite to win the 2015 rugby world cup and, if they do win, they will be making a rugby world cup first, because the title has never been retained by a team, since the tournament first started in 1987.

9. A rugby coach invented basketball

James Naismith, a New England Rugby coach, is credited with inventing the game of basketball. It is said that he invented basketball so that his rugby team could train indoors when the weather was too bad to train outside.

10. National anthem singing at sporting occasions began with rugby

The traditional singing of national anthems before an international sporting event began in rugby. It was started when Welsh rugby supporters responded to the New Zealand team’s Maori war dance with their own national anthem in 1905. The singing of national anthems before a match was then adopted officially.

When you set out to train at an elite football (soccer) academy, or work out your own football training in advance at home, it can be difficult to stay on target. But if you have a goal in mind, and specific steps to achieve that goal, you’re miles ahead of other people who do nothing but dream.

This kind of preparation makes all the difference in the world. Our international football academy coaches can always tell the difference between players who work to prepare, and those who just show up at our football academies. For you, it could be the difference between watching from the sidelines and actually achieving your football goals.

International football academy training and conditioning

The first step is setting targets and goals you want to reach in football. You can do that on a per-month basis. For example, if you’re arriving at your football academy in September, set yourself a 6-month program to decide where you want to be in terms of physical condition.

The idea is to set realistic, measurable targets. Set your targets based on an assessment of yourself, not your peers. You know where you’re at right now, and you know you want to be in the best possible shape when you arrive at an international football academy to begin your soccer training.

Look to make that improvement every week, every month. Month one can have a number of fitness elements: pushups, 50-yard sprint, 400-yard at half-pace, etc. Bear in mind that in football one must be match fit. You’ll need a lot of strength in both your upper and lower bodies, and the endurance to run for 90 minutes with little rest, in order to achieve success at the highest level.

You’ll be better off making goals you know you can meet to improve yourself little by little. And you’ll be more likely to stay on target. You can count the number of reps you do, and increase by 15 percent by the end of the month. That’s realistic. Increasing it by 75 percent? That’s probably not realistic.

International football academy language and culture

For international football academies that have an associated educational curriculum, you need to consider the language component also. If you’re going into another country with a different language, you need to work towards a basic understanding of that language.

Traveling to another country to study football, language, and culture will make for a well-rounded experience and will increase your professional marketability. Being bilingual is an obvious advantage in any business.

Set targets for both academics (linguistics) and football. If you’re continuing high school academics and you’re going into an environment where you haven’t spent time speaking the language, your goal should be arriving day one with basic communication skills. Get acclimated to the language as much as possible, studying, listening, and speaking beforehand.

And above all, show commitment, respect, and effort while studying abroad. Sometimes those extra efforts make the difference in receiving a passing grade or not!

Determination and perseverance

The NIKE slogan, “Just do it,” applies nicely here. Daily individual training discipline is the most obvious key to success. It’s about what you do when no one else is around. Sticking to your plan is the most important part of your preparation.

When you put a training program into place for yourself, it’s easy to let it slip when you don’t feel like training. It’s easy to say things like “I’m too tired, so I think I’ll skip that two hours I set aside for language or academics.” Or let yourself get distracted by friends or going to the movies instead of training.

This is where 95 percent of people don’t succeed: they don’t stick with the plan they put into place. One difference between the pros and those who don’t make it: pros stick with the program. Only the athletes with true grit and determination make it to the highest level.

Ask yourself to be that special athlete (and student) by showing extreme commitment and determination. You can do it if you are mentally disciplined enough to commit fully!

It’s easier to achieve training targets or goals when you’re in an international football academy program. Players have less trouble sticking with the football training schedule because someone else (the football coach or manager) is setting up the training program for you. Everyone around you is pushing you to perform. You have teammates doing the same thing.

Attending an international football academy is much more demanding than any other academic or cultural exchange program abroad. You’re committing yourself to being ready, mentally and physically, to participate as a footballer in the football development academy. You will be training daily over a nine-month period.

Put it in your mind that the work starts the day you commit to register to get the maximum benefit. This means you should arrive ready and prepared to get the most out of your international football academy experience.

Scratchers is a form of gambling game wherein the individual who bought the card (with a price range of $1 to $10) is expected to scratch off a silver covering by using a coin or any item that may scratch off the material. This conceals the information that concludes whether they have a winning ticket or the same losing ticket.

The government is supposedly raking in money from this particular kind of gambling, especially from the $1 dollar scratch cards because it is most affordable to people who want to invest their dollar in a lucky game. If they did win the $5,000 pot money, then their dollar is definitely worth it. If they didn’t win, it is alright since it’s just a dollar.

But either because of desperation or curiosity, people who want to milk money from the scratch card game were able to study how to find the perfect scratch card in a bunch of available cards for sale at the lottery office, convenience stores, or gasoline stations. These people claim that scratch-off ticket see through the silver material.

However, if this is true, then why do they have to share it with the world? They could earn millions of dollars by employing the same techniques they claim to “work” for themselves. Some people do bite the sales pitch of these proud gamblers. And when they order an instructional manual to guide them in choosing the winning card, all that they do is give the gambler more revenue at the end of the month. They end up losing even more money than what they could’ve spent for another scratch card.

What these professionals were able to observe through their years of experience, untrained people will also be able to notice by paying the proper attention to these scratch cards. If scratch-off tickets see through then the combination will be easily noticed. There is no secret. Every piece of information is free for the taking-scratchers or customers only need to sharpen their senses in finding the right card. Sometimes, even gut feel is a very good indicator, although gut feel is very arbitrary. In case the customer has already forgotten, this is still a game of chance though tips make it more like a strategy game.

The truth is that there are many strategies used in winning this game. Techie people have already developed how scratch cards can be “scratched” (i.e. the information underneath the overlay is revealed) without physically scratching off the surface. Now this is real evidence the scratch-of tickets see through. Just think of the contribution of these kinds of gadgets to a person who plans to get rich by gambling-or more appropriately, a cheating gambler.

Cheating or not, the debate will continue and it will be an endless argument of whether to use these certain devices to see through the scratch cards. Various reasons might be valid, but in a highly moral society, this technique is not widely accepted. It is much better to win a lottery game knowing full well that you did not use any means to cheat the process.

The complete title of this little autobiographical gem by David Benjamin is The Life and Times of The Last Kid Picked. From personal experience, I must say, life with my three sons when they were in elementary school would have been much easier if I had read this book first. It certainly shed light on the behavior of boy children. although it is light hearted, the actual details of this young boy’s trials and tribulations can make your heart ache. You learn on the opening page that the child’s parents are separated, emphasizing the lingering pain of not having his father in his daily life:. “I stood out from the crowd. I was the kid without the father.” This thread is pervasive: loneliness and yearning.

The place is Tomah, Michigan where the child attends a Catholic School and suffers the indignity of being the last child picked. His companions, whose names have been changed to protect their identities, are drawn with broad brush strokes which allow their activities to create wonderful images, exaggerated, but wonderful nevertheless.

Their activities focus on baseball and fishing in muddy waters. How they do not contract terrible skin infections and other disease is a mystery which would have been a comfort to me in those days long ago when my three were also fishing in muddy waters.

The fishing expeditions resulted in tadpoles which were duly saved, of course, and turtles, full of menace. All of the preceding escalated into escapades that adults find intolerable but for these boy children, just another thing that happened yesterday because today something else is evolving, equally unpleasant and hazardous.

The table of contents is intriguing, e.g. ….”A Perfect Day….Jesus Christ, KId! Go Outside….By the Shores of Lake Monona..”

But don’t be deceived. Underlying the carefree approach is the sad struggle for dignity and self esteem when you are the last kid picked. “….. I befriended Koscal and Fat Vinny because no one else would ever think to volunteer. Koscal and Fat Vinny, in turn, hung out with me….”

It is sad. It is funny. It provides insight into the inscrutable minds of a young boy, seemingly intent on all things germ laden and dangerous. You can only marvel that this child survived to experience a triumph.

It is perceptive and informative for all those whose children are picked first as well as last.

These top ten niche video sharing sites represent a strong surge steering the future of video over the Internet. Niche video, more than anything else, will expand the use and vitality of the Internet. The future of web streaming on the Internet is dependent on the uptake of consumers into the new video medium. Without these new niche video websites to host and provide a guide to the consumer there will remain the hodge-podge of majordomo video site / searches offering 9 billion videos sorted by abused user defined tags.

These sites represent unique and specific niches. The sites are well positioned, designed, and have suitable content that is relative to their niche. The content is unique on the net. They all offer some user community around the topic and most host user uploaded video with the ability to share and embed. Their communities are started and they are top sites for niche video.

The websites noted in my Top Ten Niche Websites represent a small proportion of the fast rising tide of new niche video websites. The numerous ways to market product and ideas through the medium are countless. My articles are provided to help with ideas and direction where you can grow with video in your favorite field. I hope to encourage more people to develop their niche sites with video and trust you enjoy these excellent examples as much as I did.

Top Ten Niche Video Websites for December 07

MusicTV Share – one of the oldest music streaming sites on the Internet has developed a new video share site. MusicTV Share is a niche video site that spans a wide variety of popular and eclectic musical genre and tastes. It has original musical fare not found on YouTube or MTV. A complete assortment of community tools likeoting, comments, play lists, shared uploading of user video, etc are available.

UGA Space Where the Dawgs Come To Play – University of Georgia Athens campus video streaming. This site is almost like one of those TV videos about "Spring Break." Sports parties, drunks, drinking, beer, tailgating, football, basketball, fraternity parties, and the like fill the site as much as they do college life. User uploaded videos with rating, friends, comments and other tools. Linked to a host of other University TV sites. College sports is big!

Jesus TV – is designed as an alternative video sharing site for Christians and the general public to find, watch and share video content and promote fun, free thinking, artistic creativity, debate and education. Full set of community tools to bring the religious into the forefront through technology.

Cold Blooded TV – is all about cold-blooded animals. Reptiles of all sorts. Anaconda snakes, frogs and more frogs, albino reticulated pythons and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. This is the place for those who love crocodiles and zombie turtles. The fare is from educational to funny and the site hosts the video while offering links, ratings, comments and community tools.

Barely Political – First class production of news like comedy skits. There is always a great deal of humorous material to be gleaned from politics and this site takes it a step above the norm. The tongue in cheek is sublime. They do not have user uploaded video or sharing but use a blog and comments for community building.

MovieTV – has a variety of films, video, shorts, and animations on a myriad of subjects. Independent filmmakers of all sorts may upload their works and get embed code to promote their work on other sites. This is a great marketing tool for anyone in entertainment that sets the pace for others to follow. Slick design work with a twist of " Tarantino goes to the drive-in ," it has a complete set of community tools likeoting, play lists, favorites, friends, messaging, etc.

Anime Lab – since 1999 this is the top anime archive. Anime animation and animation video clips form a vast collection connected to a network of other anime sites. Complete withoting, polls, sharing, hosting and your standard array of community engagement software.

Teacher Tube – Bringing education to the medium is a tricky thing. Do we all remember the dry government education films? This site makes education exciting. At Teacher Tube teachers seem to get together to make some astounding works of video. Art, music, instructional it is all here. The community is open to teachers but anyone can participate and look. Complete community tools in a well-designed site.

Free World-TV – provides a selection of the best broadband Internet television channels from around the world. A very broad selection of sites makes this a fine destination for global television fans. Free World does not offer as many community tools as some of the rest of these sites but is a niche guide to live TV from many nations.

Karaoke Dance – Who would have thought? Karaoke on the Internet? Why not? Here it is the Karaoke video site that streams niche Karaoke right at you. Want to sing along? There you go. All the tools to meet others and share your latest set; it is always fun to be a star for the moment. Has a complete set of community interfaces and a great fun niche to be in.

There you have the top ten niche video sites for December. These sites have made the extended efforts to create, host and populate a website based on their niche. They are fine examples of sites developing their niche and focusing their business model. Perhaps one of them will tickle your sides or bring some ideas to mind. Each of these sites and more can be found at the http://www.onlinetv.us niche video search guide.

At first glance, she looks like a bubbly young girl-next-door chatting and laughing playfully with a bundle of college girls, who aspire to be like her. But a closer look reveals wisdom on her face, a fierce passion in her eyes that sets her a step above the rest. Jhulan Goswami, ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year 2006-2007, is a small town girl, who has proved that if one has the desire and the perseverance, no force in the world can ever stop anyone from achieving what one dreams of. Though this humble girl realises that the award has made her a celebrity overnight, she is determined not to let success get on to her head.

24-year old Jhulan from Chakdah in Nadia district of West Bengal, waves enthusiastically, as Headlines India team catches her in the sprawling greens of Vivekananda Park in Kolkata, sharing her ecstasy with her coach Swapan Sadhu, and advising other young wannabe women cricketers to believe in the mantra of hard work and perseverance. Her coach looks at her affectionately, with eyes moistened with a joy that cannot be explained in words, while a group of girls take cricketing tips from her. Jhulan obliges all, and smiles coyly, as she poses for lensmen of various media houses, before settling down with Headlines India to share her experiences.

Jhulan, congratulations for your feat! How does it feel to be selected ICC Women’s Cricketer of the year?

Jhulan Goswami: Thank you so much! (Grins) It feels great! It is a feeling of great pride for me and my country, and needless to say, I feel on top of the world. I was the only woman nominated from India, and I was chosen. So, I feel happier that I managed to bring laurels to my country.

Had you ever imagined that you would win this award?

Jhulan Goswami: Never. See, what I feel is, when a person is playing, he or she should not think about awards, rewards, recognition and money. One should concentrate on his/her game, and awards will automatically come in one’s way. These awards are actually small milestones that keep coming in life’s journey. One has to cross them and move ahead in life. I played with this philosophy. I concentrated on my performance, and never thought of any award. I played for my country, I played for my team.

So, what was your first reaction when you heard that you had been chosen?

Jhulan Goswami: For a while I was speechless. The feeling that I experienced at that moment cannot really be explained. I received the award from Mahendra Singh Dhoni, which was again a special moment for me. Then all the players of the men’s team congratulated me.

What about your team-mates, friends and family?

Jhulan Goswami: They had a lot of expectations. You can say they were quite confident that I would win the award. When it was finally declared, they were simply ecstatic.

Chakdah to Johannesburg. You have come a long way…

Jhulan Goswami: (Interrupting) I still have miles to go before I sleep! (Laughs)

How has your journey been so far?

Jhulan Goswami: I would say it has been a roller coaster ride for me. Of course, nothing in life is easy. One has to face the ups and downs life brings, if one wants to taste the sweet fruit of success. I have had my share of thorns, but I still do not consider my life to be a bed of roses. I know I have a long journey ahead of me. What I have achieved is just a small milestone. But yes, I thank God that I got an opportunity to experience so many things in such a short span of time. I saw so many new places, met so many new people. It really feels great!

You talk about the hardships you have faced. Was it very tough initially?

Jhulan Goswami: Very, very tough. Especially because I belong to a very small place, which is far away from Kolkata. Moreover, I come from a modest background. And above all, women’s cricket is still not the “in” thing in India.

Tell us something about your childhood, your family.

Jhulan Goswami: I belong to a small family in Chakdah. My family constitutes of my parents, my siblings, and me. Ours is a very close-knit family, and my parents have always encouraged my siblings and me to follow our dreams. Even as a child, I was immensely fascinated by sports. I used to participate in a lot of sporting events in school. In general, I had a happy childhood, and I enjoyed a lot with my friends and my siblings.

And did you always aspire to become a cricketer?

Jhulan Goswami: Not really. I had never thought that I would become a cricketer. In fact, I used to play a lot of games – badminton, volleyball, football, cricket. I loved all the games equally.

Then what prompted you to become a cricketer?

Jhulan Goswami: As I got more and more involved into the game, I started falling in love with it. I realised that I was enjoying cricket more than any other game. So I decided to become a cricketer, and started my formal training in 1997 under Swapan Sir.

And why a fast bowler?

Jhulan Goswami: Initially I was into batting as well as bowling. Later, my coach, my team-mates and my friends felt that my strength lay in bowling. My height gave me an added advantage and so I became a fast bowler! (Chuckles)

Did your family always support you?

Jhulan Goswami: Not just my family, I am lucky to have received support from my teachers in school, my friends, my team-mates and all my well wishers. My parents, of course, have been my biggest supporters. I would have been nowhere without their support and co-operation.

To whom do you attribute your success?

Jhulan Goswami: My parents, and definitely my coach. He made me learn the tricks of the trade. He still corrects me when I make a wrong move.

Jhulan, it was alleged a few months back that there is no unity and coordination in the men’s team. Does such a thing exist in the women’s team as well?

Jhulan Goswami: See, when the players are on field, they play as a team. In these situations, a team must remain united. This is what I know. Other than that, no one knows what the story is inside the dressing room of the men’s team. But things are very normal, very smooth in the women’s team. We all are like a family – very close, much attached to each other. There are no hard feelings.

With such a hectic schedule, do you miss the normal life of a young girl?

Jhulan Goswami: I am still, a very normal girl. But yes, at times I do feel that my life is getting very hectic, and that I am missing out on the small joys of life. But then, you can’t get everything in life, can you? (Smiles philosophically)

Do you have any plans for the upcoming Durga Puja?

Jhulan Goswami: I no longer make plans for myself. I don’t even know if I will be in town during the Puja. These are the little things I miss…

What about your leisure activities?

Jhulan Goswami: I love spending time with my family and friends. I love listening to music. I am fond of all kinds of music. I also love watching movies. I recently watched Chak De! India, and I feel it is a fabulous movie. The portrayal of women’s hockey team is something very new and very commendable. I hope someday they will make a film on women’s cricket team as well. Who knows, they might have already started contemplating one! (Grins)

It might be a movie inspired by your life, Jhulan! So how do you plan to make women’s cricket more popular?

Jhulan Goswami: Sadly, I alone cannot increase the popularity of women’s cricket. A lot of effort needs to be put in to make it more popular. On my part, I can only say that I will keep on striving hard and try to draw the attention of people towards the women’s cricket.

Any message for aspiring cricketers? And anything special you want to tell women cricketers?

Jhulan Goswami: I have the same message for men as well as women cricketers. I want to tell all budding cricketers to play with dedication. Love your game, and never shy away from hard work. Be honest to yourself, and remember, it is diligence and devotion that ultimately pays.

Interesting thing about sport articles is that a lot of things in, and around the sporting arenas can be read out as most of these articles cover a large number of sporting events. Whether it’s hot news about the sex scandal of famous golfer Tiger Woods or the spicy story on Shoaib/Sania’s wedding.

Most of the sport articles are based on sensational news regarding the hot team players. Sometimes these articles focuses on their personal affair and matrimonial life as well as in the recent articles the smashing hit news was the unforgettable top ten chart of Tiger Woods. Mostly the news makers were surrounding the whereabouts of the famous golfer and sneaking into his private domain.

As a matter of fact, sports have become a profitable business and more and more investors are invading in this field. Currently the popular media is grabbing its share out of this catchy and trendy business but instead of hiring the mature professionals, critics are coming out of the job market.

Their job is to criticize, as they are expert in this field. More over majority of famous sports stars are always complaining about the irresponsible behavior of these critics.

No doubt readers have a right to get the first hand information on computer screen and in the newspapers but the standard of the content should always be kept in mind.

But on the same time excellent work can also be seen at different news channels and on their web sites, where the articles are always to the point and presented without any exaggeration. The nonfictional prose should be in very comprehensive ways as it fulfills the basic need of information rather than manipulation of the event.

The results reveal that sports magazines and their contents can made understanding between readers and writers can have a positive impact on boosting morale and improving the sports and its motivation and productivity in the sporting events.

All sports magazines should encourage the families and children in sports activities at a younger age that might ensure a long term practice in adulthood with expected medical benefits.

As the forthcoming football World Cup is in the lime light in the most sports contents. such sporting event which is expected to have a major impact on the working world as 70% of men and 62% of women resident in England said that it will make have an impact on their working lives by boosting morale if the team does well, creating a team spirit and providing a healthy environment for sports inclusion. Other major events, such as Wimbledon, T20, and the Rugby World Cup, had and will continue to act as catalysts for communication and bonding.

So what can these articles do to harness the positive effects produced by sport in the workplace on a daily basis in order to reap the benefits of higher morale and spirit evoked by such events. Yes it’s the sport value of all these contents which leads the reader to a certain stage. And the purpose should be very noble to entertain the common reader in a very light way as the frustration level would decrease after reading these articles.

Table football may be considered by some to be a fun gimmick, however many players play the game in a very competitive nature. This article will attempt to provide you with some tips and information in order to beat your mates and become king of table football. Generally there are three simple rules to follow in order to have success; finesse, positioning, and control. Understanding these three skill areas will hopefully lead to you beating your mates on a regular basis.

First of all when it comes to table football many people make the mistake of trying to hit the ball as hard as possible, with no regard for direction and finesse. This is a common mistake among players, and you can see dramatic improvements in your play by simply taking your time and picking out the shots to take. Aim your shots on goal by positioning the ball to either side of the striking player when shooting. Try to find gaps in the opposition’s defence line and then exploit them to create goal scoring chances.

The second skill to focus on is the positioning of your own players. This has an increasing importance on the defensive side of the game. Try to align your players to match the opposition’s player position, this will allow you to get good blocks in and hit them on the counter attack. When defending its vital to always have control of the midfield and the goalkeeper rather than your attacking players. This is so you can adjust quickly and clear the ball up the pitch to your attackers to create chances for yourself.

The third area to spend time practising is that of ball control. Being able to keep control of the ball and work shooting opportunities often makes the difference between winning and losing the game. Side passes provide an excellent chance to switch the ball quickly from the flank to the centre and get a potentially lethal shot on goal with.

Practice these three key skill areas and you’ll be beating your mates in no time, it really is as simple as that!