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Rock icon Jon Lord, who co-wrote “Smoke on the Water,” passed away last week. He was influential over several genre of music throughout his life, but he will best be remembered as a founder of the group Deep Purple.

With the band, Lord managed to record several other huge singles, such as “Hush,” “Woman from Tokyo” and a cover of Neil Diamond’s “Kentucky Woman.” They also made several million-selling albums, including Machine Head, Who Do We Think We Are, and Burn.

In addition to their successful discography, Deep Purple remains one of the few bands that actually took its name after a song. It is somewhat surprising that a hard rock band chose for its name a 1933 song made famous in the big band era and written by songwriter Peter Darose.

Here are other well-known bands who got their names from song titles.

John Wesley Harding

Wes Tace is basically a one-man band, whose lyrical talents make him worthy of naming himself after a Bob Dylan song and album.


This modern rock band shares the name of a classic album and track by Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull.

Moody Blues

Founded in the 60s as part of the British Invasion, this long-lived band named itself after the song “Moody Indigo” by Duke Ellington.

Rolling Stones

This legendary band paid homage to Muddy Waters, who recorded the blues tune “Rollin’ Stone.”

Billion Dollar Babies

After Alice Cooper went on his own to record Welcome to My Nightmare, the remaining members went on to record their debut Battle Axe under the name of the band’s most famous album.

Boys II Men

The pop group named after a song by New Edition found chart success in the 90s.

Death Cab for Cutie

Ben Gibbard’s beloved indie band got its unusual name from a song written by Vivian Stanshall and Neil Innes.

Panic at the Disco

The alternative band derives its name from a song title by the group Name Taken.


Thom Yorke and his group dug into the vast discography of rock legend David Byrne to find their name. The song comes from the Talking Heads True Stories album.

Dark Horse

The new band formed by rock veteran Paul Robert Laine turned to Beatles guitarist George Harrison for their name. It is the title track from Harrison’s best-known album, as well as serving as the name of his record label.

The word Gambaru in Japanese means doing one’s best and hanging on to the bitter end. This means that students gambaru study hard to pass exams, athletes gambaru practice hard to wins games, and company workers gambaru work hard to increase sales. It also means to work hard or patiently, to insist on having one’s way, and to occupy one place and never leave, as in relation to working on a job or at a place of employment. Gambaru is also rooted in the following proverb, “The monk who does not work should not eat.”

There is an imperative form of “gambaru, which is Gambare or Gambette. The imperative term connotes high achievement, motivation, and orientation to group harmony. The term is also used among members to encourage others in group activity.

The Japanese people use the term gambare quite often and for various reasons. They normally use the term at least once per day with saying good-bye and also at the ending of a letter. The Japanese also use this expression to encourage one another with the implication of “Please keep up your hard work until your goal is achieved.”

The term is also used in many situations as a form of expression. The Japanese may use the expression in the initial states of a project. For example:

a) After the earthquake in Kobe, Japan, the slogan Gambare Kobe was used to encourage the people of Kobe to reconstruct their city and rebuild their lives.

b) Japanese people also use the expression among group members to encourage one another in cooperative activities. For example, during track and field days at school, children can be heard shouting “gambare” or “gambatte” to encourage their friends in the race.

c) Japanese people also use the expression as spectators to cheer on their team. For example, in the 1998 World Cup soccer match held in France, the Japanese spectators cheered the slogan Gambare Nippon! During the championship, the slogan was used on TV programs and commercials every day.

The literal meaning of gambaru is “to adhere to something with tenacity.” It is a very popular term used when encouraging someone undertaking a very difficult task. Additional meanings are: Hang in there, Don’t give up, Do your best, and Give it your all! The term also means work hard and patiently. Additionally, it exhorts enthusiasm and hard work from others.

Gamburu also has some additional meaning, some of which could be considered as negative connotations. Based on the denotation form of the word, it also means “to insist on having one’s ways,” and “to occupy one place and never leave.” Additionally, the word is derived from ga-o-haru, which means “to be self-willed.” This expression originally had a negative connotation of asserting oneself against group decisions and norms.

One may ask if other languages have the equivalent of gambari. According to Amanuma (1987, pp. 51-53), gambari, which is derived from gambaru, does not have any exact equivalent in non-Japanese languages. Additionally, Amanuma states, “Even though both Chinese and Korean have the characters that make up gambaru (gambari is derived from gambaru), they do not have expressions that possess the same nuances. This suggests that gambaru is an expression that is unique to Japan and expresses certain qualities of the Japanese character.

There are various proverbs that may show a difference between Japanese culture and American culture as it relates to the virtues of Gambaru. One proverb based on Japanese culture states, “The monk who does not work should not eat.” This speaks to the fact that one must work and that through working one is able to live. The Japanese did not take into account play or free time in this proverb, unlike Americas in the following proverb.

Alternatively, an American proverb states, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” This implies that one does not have to work but rest and play. It places play and work in the same category, and on the same level which equate to virtue. The account of play in this proverb gives the Japanese a feeling of uneasiness regarding the virtues of Gambaru in American terms.

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Do you want to have the ability to watch thousands of channels streaming onto your laptop at will? Yes, Satellite TV for PC is taking the nation by storm and has been for the past couple of years. It is an excellent opportunity to give you the best television quality possible, but that the same time give you a great price to buy it at.

First of all, you need to know all the pros & cons to truly know if the product is for you. There are actually free alternatives out there – yet they are also of much lower quality (broken links, useless channels, etc.) It is important for you to spread your options as much as possible so that you can make the best decision.

Benefits of Satellite TV for PC
The thing that stands out to most people is that they will have the ability to tune into thousands of television channels legally at will. This means that when you turn on your PC – the world is literally act your finger tips.

This is an awesome opportunity because you'll see news from different perspectives, sports that you usually do not see on channels such as ESPN, and the ability to view channels in the US

Another great thing is that this is accessible. It has minimum requirements, as you only need Windows '95, an internet connection and the ability to play streaming videos. It's absolutely the best way to start watching television today!

As with everything – there are disadvantages as well. The thing that's not good with this software is that it's easy to delete. You can very well go back to the distributor and receive another copy; but you'll be without your product for that amount of time.

Most of all there is no monthly fee, just a one time payment and the television experience is unlimited after that.

One more thing, you'll be able to download Satellite TV instantly and have the software on your computer – something that is not common in today's technological world.

Considered Dish Network or Direct TV?
These are other great Satellite tv networks that will give you tons of channels for a monthly fee. With direct TV you will have exclusive access to NFL Sunday Ticket if you are into American football, but you will have to survive with big ugly dish on top of your house.

You have tons of options; but it's important for you to choose the best one for you!

Running under heat can lead to sweating of the feet leaving behind moisture and odors in your soccer cleats. The fact that you need to be in soccer socks for comfort increases the chances of being stuck with smelly soccer cleats. It gets even worse when you leave them in your bag instead of airing them. The odors can be quite strong and unbearable, but fortunately it is not impossible to get rid of them.

Just like anything else, it is best to start by taking prevention measures to keep the odors at bay. If you want to eliminate the chances of this smelly problem, you should:

· Clean them after every practice or game and allowing them to air dry; the cleaning should be consistent

· Choose K-leather over synthetic materials because leather is breathable and does not therefore keep the odors trapped in.

· Immediately remove them after the game and place fabric softener sheet in them before placing them in the bag; you can then stuff them with dry newspaper upon reaching home to absorb any moisture and liquid present.

· Air dry them in a shaded dry area outdoors instead of in direct sunlight that can be damaging.

· Ensure the soccer cleats are completely dry after washing or cleaning before wearing them again to your game

· Find appropriate soccer socks; absorbent socks are better and they should be of the right thickness to avoid excessive sweating during play

· Consider getting more than one pair; alternating between games gives the soccer cleats time to air, hence fighting bacteria and keeping odors on the bay

· Ensure your feet are clean and dry every time you wear your soccer cleats and socks; it is also of importance not to reuse socks before washing

If it is too late to prevent the odors and you already have smelly soccer cleats to deal with, you can use the following tips to get rid of the smell.

· Use manufacturer recommendations to wash your soccer cleats; most only need liquid dish soap, water and soft cloth to wash thoroughly

· After washing, rinse properly to get rid of all soap residue and wipe if necessary before then allowing them to completely air-dry

· After drying them, sprinkle baking soda into each of them so it can absorb the odor. The soda should be left for 24 hours or even 72 hours for best results. You can also consider using foot odor removing powder of your choice and then use a hand held vacuum to remove the powder

· Use good quality fabric mist to neutralize odor by killing all bacteria; there are odor products that can absorb moisture, eliminate odors and prevent bacteria so find a good one for your soccer cleats

There are is no reason as to why you should be stuck with smelly soccer cleats. Simple preventative measures can keep the issue out of the way and you can use simple removal measures too when the issue is already existing.

Choosing the best endzone camera for your team might not be quite as straight forward as you may have thought. You could go straight for one of the well-known makes, such as Hi-Pod or Endzone Video Systems, simply because you know that other teams use those models with systems like Hudl.

However, jumping straight in and buying an end zone camera based solely on the fact that you know the name won’t guarantee that you get the best video camera tower for the best price. So, before you spend your team’s money on an end zone camera tower to use with Hudl, check out these important features that you should look at before you buy.

Software options

Before we get on to how to shop for an endzone camera, you might be asking the question; what is Hudl? Hudl is one of the best known video coaching software systems on the market and the company provides software, such as Hudl Football and Hudl Soccer, which enables coaches to analyze and share video footage of games and practice sessions. Hudl is not the only company in this market, though, there is a company called Krossover, which supplies similar software, and there is also a fairly new entrant into the market called VideoChamp Sports, which has been getting some extremely good reviews.

The camera

The first thing to think about when you are buying a video camera tower is the camera itself. If you already have a good quality video camera, you will need to make sure that the camera is compatible with the endzone tower equipment. If you don’t have a camera, be sure to check the specifications of any sports video camera tower that you look at, because not all manufacturers include a camera in their package.

Innovative design features

Some of the more established suppliers have pretty much stayed with the same design for many years. It’s well worth looking at some of the new innovative designs, which include the use of carbon fiber poles, which are lightweight and very strong, and swivel-poles, which make moving the camera for one angle to another much easier.

Check the weight

The weight of the various models of endzone camera systems can vary quite considerably, so check how much the whole unit weighs and how easily it can be packed away and carried. As a guide; 50 pounds is probably about the maximum weight that you would want to go with.

Look the battery charging options

Look at the battery life of both the viewing monitor and the cameras, and look what the battery charging options are. Some of the newer, more innovative designs of endzone cameras and remote control cameras have solar battery packs included, which can be great for using in long practice sessions when you can’t get to a power outlet.

Look at the quality of the viewing monitor

The quality of the viewing monitor is also an important consideration when you are shopping for the best endzone camera. You will get the best viewing results from a high-resolution LCD monitor that is at least 7 inches square.


For good picture quality, and for safety, you need to make sure that a video camera tower is going to stable and that it can be securely anchored to the ground. Look for systems that have independently adjustable legs, so that it can be set up level on uneven ground, and it should also have a full range of anchoring equipment, including straight stakes, spiral stakes, anchor-bags, and spike pegs.

Check the accessories list

When you are comparing the different models of endzone video camera tower systems, make sure that you are comparing like for like. Some suppliers don’t include anywhere near the same number of accessories with their tower units as others do. When you are looking at the price of video camera towers, be sure that you know what is included in the package and what you will need to purchase separately.

Nowadays, families are busy buying their kids the right sports cleats. While it is difficult to find the best cleats, you can buy the right pair by keeping a few tips in mind. This will help you narrow down your choices. Here are our tips to help you.

Measure Your Kid’s Feet

First of all, you should have your kid’s feet measured. For more accurate results, you should measure your kid’s feet when he is standing up. One foot may be slightly bigger than the other, which is normal. However, you should go for the shoes that will fit the bigger foot.

If possible, you should measure your kid’s feet in the evening, as the feet tend to be the biggest at the end of the day. Moreover, make sure your kid is wearing socks before you ask him to try the shoes in the store.

Comfort Should be Your First Priority

Aside from buying the right size shoes, make sure the shoes are comfortable. Buying the shoes with the idea that they will loosen up with time is not a good idea. Instead, what you need to do is ask your kid to put on the shoes in the store and then walk around for a while. If the shoes are one size smaller, they will cause pain in your kid’s feet. On the other hand, one size bigger shoes will cause blisters on the feet. So, keep trying different shoes and stick to the one that fits him the best.

Consider the game

Basically, different games require different types of cleats. While both baseball and soccer cleats offer stability while playing, soccer cleats are designed with a little bit narrower upper so the kid has a better control on the ball.

Aside from this, if your kid plays soccer, make sure you buy him a cleat made from a synthetic material. Artificial materials don’t absorb as much water as the natural materials. Moreover, football cleats should extend up to the ankle to give additional support.

Know the Requirements

Make sure you know the sports requirement your kid is taking part in. Based on the age and sport of your kid, the requirements may vary. Rubber cleats, for instance, are ideal for soccer, flag football and t-ball. But if a game is played on an artificial turf or indoors, your kid won’t be allowed to put on cleats. Moreover, i9 sports program won’t allow metal cleats either.

It’s also a good idea to shop at online stores. Make sure you check out multiple online stores for comparing prices and varieties. Good shoes will help your kid focus on the sport and have a great time.

In short, you should look for a cleat that will fit you well. This will ensure that your kid is going to have a happy sports season. It’s also a good idea to ask questions to the assistant at the stores. They will tell you the difference between different brands and styles offered at the store.

The search for the right kind of shoe for a specific sport can be daunting. Market nowadays is flooded with many options to choose from, but sadly not many of us really know much about buying the right type of shorts shoes.

While every activity demands a specific kind of footwear, above looks and designs, there are few basic ground rules that stay the same and should be adhered to, for the perfect fit.

Here is a list of such rules that apply to both women’s and men’s sports shoes and can make choosing the right one for you easier:

Know your profile

What is the sport that you need the shoe for?

Even if you are looking for a pair for walking or running, it is important to know that even these two activities are different and demand specific shoes.

Be specific with your needs like the sport, ground used for it, body type, etc., when you start hunting for sports shoes for men or women online, or at a brick and mortar store.

Identify your style

Know how you move. Determine how you first come in contact with the ground, especially if you are looking for a sport shoe for walking or running.

Is it the outside of the heel or inside of the forefoot?

Your shoe must have the appropriate cushion to support your movements at every step and avoid injuries.

Know your arch

Do you roll to the inside of the foot, or roll to the outside of the foot, or remain neutral when you run?

The shape of your arch will help you understand the kind of stability your shoe must give. An easy way to know the arch of your foot is to take the “wet test.”

Test 360 degrees

Shoe fitting is more than whether the upper part is wide and long enough. The shoe should not squeeze your foot, and most importantly, all the bones should be sitting on the base of the shoe.

There also must be enough space in the toe box when you stand.

Shop as late as possible

Feet swell during the day and are at their largest in the evening. Buying them in the evening will help you get the most comfortable fit.

If you have bought a pair online, try them out in the evening before making the final decision.

Get measured each time

The size and shape of our feet changes over time as we age. Getting them measured every time is therefore essential for a comfortable fit.

Last but not the least, wear the right sock.

More than fashion, a pair of sports shoes need your attention towards such minute details. Once you have narrowed down the type of shoe you require, you can then choose from the several options available in terms of colors and designs.

Rich in history and legendary, the Fleur de Lis is one of the most recognized symbols across the world. Representing either a lily, or an iris, its motif comes to us from a distant past and to this day still remains a mystery as to its origins.

So, what does it symbolize? Essentially it is a stylized flower that over time has been associated with royalty. Representing elegance and class, this enduring emblem has been used as a decorative element on shirts, jewelry and even objects for Home Décor.

Where does it all begin and how is the symbol being used?

Monarchy and Heraldry

While the Fleur de Lis has appeared on numerous flags and European coats of arms over the centuries, it is mostly associated with the French monarchy. Used as a dynastic emblem, the Fleur de Lis goes as far back as the 12th century and was also adopted by noble families like the royal House of Bourbon.

The symbol is also featured prominently with other European monarchs and rulers such as in the Crown Jewels of England and Scotland where it has been a prominent part of the design of the Scottish royal arms and Royal Standard since James 1 of Scotland.

Across the world

What does the emblem symbolize to different countries across the world? Some interesting fleur de lis facts include these bits of history. As French settlers moved to the New World, the emblem soon became associated with areas such as Quebec and Nova Scotia in Canada and south of the border in Louisiana, Louisville, Kentucky and New Orleans in the United States.

This symbol has also been used in less traditional ways! After Hurricane Katrina several New Orleanians of different ages and backgrounds were tattooed with the french motif as one of its cultural emblems and as a memorial of the storm.

Following Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal signed on July 09, 2008, a bill into law making the Fleur de Lis the official symbol of Louisiana. It is also widely used in New Orleans as an emblem of grassroots support for New Orleans’ recovery. This holds a special place in the heart of New Orleans.

Modern Customs

Often by design, the Fleur de Lis is still used to this day and represents the ongoing presence of heraldry in our everyday lives. In such a context what does the Fleur de Lis symbolize as different organizations are still using this emblem?

Example, the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps situated in Madison, WI, have the emblem as their official logo, with members and past members sporting signature Fleur de Lis tattoos!

It also appears as a logo for different sports teams, as with the Fiorentina soccer team, the New Orleans Saints football team, the New Orleans Hornets basketball team, and last but not least, the former Quebec Nordiques National Hockey Leagues team.

Another Fleur de Lis is fact is that it is also featured on military badges like those of the First World War Canadian Expeditionary Force, the 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, and the Corps of Cadet at the Louisiana State University.

It is not really surprising that Johan Cruyff retro shirts are so popular. Of all the many talented players in the “Total Football” Dutch side of the seventies, Cruyff stood out as being the star of the team. A striker, who was equally as comfortable in midfield or on the wing, he is probably most famous for an incredible piece of skill he developed that became known as the “Cruyff Turn”.

There are many different types of Johan Cruyff retro shirts available, partly due to the number of clubs the Dutch master played for during his career, including Ajax and Barcelona. You are able to purchase each of his club jerseys as well as his best known Holland football shirts at specialist websites online.

Below we take a look at three of those Johan Cruyff retro shirts, all of which are fine examples of vintage football jerseys from the seventies.

Cruyff Classic Ajax Shirt

Cruyff began his club career at Ajax, where he was twice voted the European Player of the year, before leaving Ajax early in the 1973/74 season for Barcelona. Cruyff played a total of 318 matches for Ajax, scoring 250 goals, winning eight league titles, five Dutch cups and three European Cups, but decided that his time at the club had come to an end when his team-mates voted Piet Keizer as captain over him, something which really disappointed Cruyff.

In celebration of his 60th birthday, Ajax retired the famous number 14 shirt in honour of the player. The Cruyff Classic Ajax Shirt is based around a white jersey with a thick red stripe down the middle.

Cruyff Classic FC Barcelona Shirt

Cruyff moved to Barcelona for a then world record fee of £922,300. At the time, he was considered to be the best player in the world and his immediate presence in the team helped Barcelona win their first Spanish league championship in 14 years.

These Johan Cruyff retro shirts are based around the famous blue and purple stripes of the Barcelona home kit and really are a classic looking seventies retro shirt.

Cruyff Classic 1974 Holland Shirt

Johan Cruyff played a total of 48 matches for his country, scoring 33 goals. He famously wore a shirt with only two black stripes along the sleeves, as opposed to the usual design of three, which was a trademark of Adidas, and was worn by all the other Dutch players. He also wore the number 14, despite the fact that the Dutch squad numbers were arranged alphabetically and so he should actually have worn the Number 1 shirt.

Roadmap to Riches was founded by Brian Grant, an ex-football player, only to give its members the opportunity to be successful in home based businesses. Roadmap to Riches offers products that they claim are very prospective and are designed to help individuals with personal, wealth, and also social development skills. These products are marketed using the direct selling technique.

If you decide to become a business associate of Roadmap to Riches, first of all you are required to pay $999 to cover the registration fee and an additional of $49.95 per month to cover the monthly membership fee. If you sum them all up, your expense in the first year will reach an amount of approximately $2,000. However, this amount entitles you to access of e-books, audio downloads, and personal development materials. These items are also what you are required to sell in order to develop your business. Just for your information, an approximate $8 to $9 billion dollars are spent each year in the personal development industry, so you should have little to no trouble selling the Roadmap to Riches’ products.

Of course, you have to know the payment system used by Roadmap to Riches. First of all, Roadmap to Riches uses a two-up compensation program that is widely known as Australian two-up compensation payment plan. This means that you are to pass up your first two sales to your sponsor, or the person who encouraged you to join Roadmap to Riches in the first place. You start earning profits when you have you passed up your second sale, after which you are allowed to keep every cent of the profits you make. The disadvantage with this program is that your sponsor will only help you until your second sale, as your sponsor will gain profits from them. Afterwards they will most likely leave you on your own to find new people to sponsor. Of course, this is a problem because sellers will be more concerned about finding new people to sponsor instead of actually selling Roadmap to Riches’ products. This is because it is usually easier to gain profits from other people’s sales.

Such problems, however, are uncommon when you join home based companies that offer matching override commission programs. These programs allow you keep every cent of your profits for yourself, as they do not require you to share or pass up your sales to anyone. Instead of cutting off your profits, you will be given matching override commission fees that could potentially boost your income. So it clear that the matching override commission program is more profitable than the regular two-up compensation program.

Now it is up to you to decide your own future. You should pick the right one to become very successful doing a home based business whether it is Roadmap To Riches Or some other Home Program That fits you.