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In any sport, a foul is a violation of that sport’s code of conduct, and each sport punishes foul play in its own unique way. Soccer defines a foul as an unfair action a player commits against an opposing player or the opposing team during the course of a match. The punishment varies depending upon the nature of the infraction, but will be either a direct or indirect free kick. To be a foul, the act must occur on the field, while the ball is in play. Otherwise, it may constitute a misconduct, and may even warrant a caution or send-off, but it will not be a foul.

For some minor infractions the punishment is an indirect kick. This means that at least two players must touch the ball before the kicking team can score. These fouls are often called “technical fouls” because most are not the direct result of foul play, but are violations of some procedural rules designed to keep play flowing or prevent more serious fouls from happening. One such “technical foul” is the offense of impeding an opponent–commonly known as “obstructing.”

Impeding an opponent

Soccer players often get in each other’s way during the normal run of play. Sometimes, though, players will intentionally block their opponents from running after the ball or moving into tactically important space on the field. The offense of “impeding an opponent” involves the deliberate use of the body to interfere with the other player’s movement in order to delay his progress, and is punished with an indirect kick. This foul often occurs when a player senses that a speeding opponent will beat him to the ball, or anticipates a potentially troublesome pass into open space. By stepping in front of the opponent and blocking his progress, the player hopes to slow his opponent down so that a teammate can collect the ball. If this action causes more than incidental physical contact with the blocked player, it may constitute a “charging” or “holding” foul, rather than “impeding.”

A player within “playing distance” of the ball may legally block his opponent’s pathway to it without being guilty of a foul. This is known as “shielding,” and involves the use of the body to keep possession. Playing distance will vary depending on the speed of the players and the ball, and ultimately rests with the referee’s judgment, but the shielding player does not actually have to touch the ball to shield it legally from the other side. Shepherding the ball out of bounds or towards the keeper is a recognized and quite legitimate tactic, as long as the player guarding the ball stays within playing distance.

Soccer skills are hands down the number one reason why soccer players will potentially move on to play at the next level. For some players however it is the sole reason that they do not. As a former professional player, I can say that most people train ineffectively and thus do not reach their ultimate goals for playing soccer.

But what do I mean by that exactly? Well for starters it comes down to maximizing the time you train. I’ve trained hundreds of players personally that went on to become great players. However, when they started there was one commonality to all of them. They did not know how to effectively skyrocket their soccer skills.

The reason for this is because they had never been taught this. Listen to this point carefully and as it is the main idea that I want to get across to you. If you want your soccer skills to leap frog other soccer players, you have to do this individually.  I cannot stress this enough. Do not expect to do improve greatly just by showing up for practice.

This is where most players go completely wrong. Think about this. How do you expect to improve drastically if everybody you know is doing the same drills? The answer is you will not. It takes that extra drive. It takes the right mindset of knowing that when you are training all by yourself or even with a few other motivated players you are practicing more than your opponent.

This alone is the reason why your touch will get sharper, your accuracy will improve drastically, and your shot will be harder and more fine tuned. When you go to practice you are learning team oriented drills that will help team chemistry but rarely will you fine-tune your personal soccer skills.

Think of it this way. Every soccer player should be observant to some degree and I’m sure you know who the “game-changing” players are on your team. You know who has the best shot, who will take free kicks, and who is the captain. Likewise, you should understand what areas of your own game you need to work on.

Do you want a better shot? Do you want to learn to run faster or kick more accurately? This is the reason why individual training is key. When you are in practice you have to perform drills that your coaches think the entire team needs to learn to improve on, like attacking or transitioning out of the back. Sadly most coaches do not even know do this even though they should.

Simply put, if you know how to improve your soccer skills you can literally leapfrog other players with your soccer skills.

People tend to ask me what is the number one way to improve my game and I really have to say it is two things. One is to improve your speed. You can overcome a lot of mistakes by simply being faster than your opponent.

This begs the question that is a huge myth. Can you teach speed? Absolutely!

How do you think that Olympic athletes improve? Did you think it was by accident? To put it this way, in two off-seasons I improved my 40-yard dash by one second. Now, one second may not sounds like a lot but in a 40 yard dash it is a huge improvement.

When I first started training I was a pretty fast sprinter. By the time I finished speed training before I went off to college I ran the equivalent sprinting time of an NFL wide receiver. I ran a 4.33 40-yard dash. So you can definitely improve speed and you can do it rather quickly if you know how to like I did.

Secondly, you need to improve your first touch. Wayne Rooney, of Manchester United, was interviewed saying the most important part of your game is your first touch. By mastering that you will have more time to figure out your next few moves. The ball will be exactly where you need it to be all the time. A simple way to start improving your first touch soccer skill is by juggling.

Juggling gives you the opportunity to multitask your training. You learn to concentrate, trap, manipulate the ball, and muscle memory all at the same time.

There are countless other ways however for other ways to improve but most soccer players just really do not understand how exactly to fast track their progress.

I have watched football all my life and would probably say I have an unhealthy obsession with the game and like all fans I have my own ideas of how to improve it. My main bugbear though is the linesman/referees assistant.

In the top flight in countries like England, Italy and Spain where money is available for it why do we only have two linesmen? Surely it makes sense to have four? Then they can make better judgements on calls on whether the ball crossed the line or not. Also it should increase the likelihood of an attacker getting the benefit of the doubt in offside calls if players are only given offside when both linesmen raise their flags.

But the main reason I have for pushing for four linesmen is because a referee needs their help. The four linesman could then pick up on shirt pulling, elbows and other goings on that goes on out of view of the referee.

What annoys me the most is the blatant body checks and shirt pulls that go on out of view of the referee to stop a player making a run in behind a defender. I do get sick of the media telling me that seeing players sent off spoils the game when to my mind what spoils the game are the cynical so-called ‘clever’ fouls that stop an attacker in full flow for very little punishment.

Plus I believe that if players got harsher punishment for those sort of fouls they would be a lot less likely to commit them in the first place. I do not believe they would lead to more bookings and red cards overall, just a lowering of cynical fouls.

After all they said the outlawing of the tackle from behind would lead to most games ending with at least one player being sent off but as we have seen all that has happened is that the players have altered their game to compensate for the rule changes.

The other thing, is that a linesman will then always be on the right side of the pitch – unlike now where players can get away with taking corners out of the quadrant etc because the linesman is on the other side of the pitch.

Apart from little modifications like this though I personally feel football has no need to change. Certainly I would hate to see the referee losing the power he currently has as while it might reduce the potential for corruption it would also lose the talking points that the ref provides by making human errors.

Lets face it we all want to talk about the referee not giving or giving a crucial penalty, missing a foul etc which gives us an easy excuse for our team losing rather than admitting it wasn’t good enough to beat the opposition.

After all who does not believe that their team is the greatest team there is? We all know that at every level, the fans chant that their team is the greatest the world has seen even though we know it isn’t true, we still believe it.

Having said that it would be an improvement if the match officials, a representative of the two clubs that have just played, and an independent official all sat down after a match and went through the match video checking their decisions. The club officials could then query decisions that the clubs disagreed with and retrospective punishments or reprieves could be handed out by the match referee.

Soccer cleats are the requirements of a soccer player. Every soccer player fantasies of the superior quality of soccer cleats. But with more attributes comes exorbitant prices, which most of us can not afford. The diversity in the soccer cleats offered by the different manufacturing companies adds to muddle this. Also the negative branding of various products makes a hard time for the buyers. But a slight presence of mind and awareness about the products would help to get a standard product at an affordable cost. There are a few steps which one should follow to get hold of a worth soccer cleat at a reasonable price:

1) Determining one's budget

One should know about himself what are his limits. All the persons have different financial budgets. Limiting the finance helps the user to search within a certain range, without wasting time on other products. This also helps to search for the best brands in that range. It is very important that the person sticks to his budget and does not vary much. Scrutinizing within this range would help one to get the best out of the rest.

2) Emphasizing on quality rather than its cover: –

A wise had said that "Do not judge a book by its cover". In the same way it's not about the looks, it's about the quality. A player is defined by its play, but not by its looks. A standard soccer cleat would help the player to improve its skills, but not its looks. And good looks obviously adds to its cost, so why not sacrifice that amount and increase its attributes.

3) Avoiding branded soccer cleats: –

Branding of soccer cleats almost doubles its price. It also creates a hallucination among the crow that they are only selling cleat company. Their products are the best one's on the market and all the others are gibberish. All these are a trap to attract buyers. So it's very important for the buyers that they have a good knowledge and awareness about the cleats, so that they do not get into the trap built by these companies. Buying products from smaller brands saves money, which can be further used to signify its qualities.

4) Flexibility leads to better results: –

Flexibility in thoughts would help you get best out of you. The buyer should not be strict towards one product or a particular brand. Being biased towards something would never let you think freely and adsorb the benefits of other products. So keep your mind free and find the soccer cleat which suits you the best.

5) Pay for what you want: –

Different players have different attributes and strengths. So the person should buy a soccer cleat which suits its attributes and help to strengthen his skills. Many person without having any knowledge buy products which have attributes which are not beneficial to them. So a person should set filters of what they want and for that only.

6) Taking help of friends: –

Friends who have soccer cleat would have the experience and the knowledge which would help you to buy a perfect cleat at a reasonable price. They are the best guides and would help you to get the ideal product for you.

7) Visiting many sites: –

Diversifying your search would bring you in contact with a variety of products with different prices and offers. It would help you to get the best combination of attributes fit for you. Make the wise use of Discount offers provided by different marketing sites.

Rock icon Jon Lord, who co-wrote “Smoke on the Water,” passed away last week. He was influential over several genre of music throughout his life, but he will best be remembered as a founder of the group Deep Purple.

With the band, Lord managed to record several other huge singles, such as “Hush,” “Woman from Tokyo” and a cover of Neil Diamond’s “Kentucky Woman.” They also made several million-selling albums, including Machine Head, Who Do We Think We Are, and Burn.

In addition to their successful discography, Deep Purple remains one of the few bands that actually took its name after a song. It is somewhat surprising that a hard rock band chose for its name a 1933 song made famous in the big band era and written by songwriter Peter Darose.

Here are other well-known bands who got their names from song titles.

John Wesley Harding

Wes Tace is basically a one-man band, whose lyrical talents make him worthy of naming himself after a Bob Dylan song and album.


This modern rock band shares the name of a classic album and track by Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull.

Moody Blues

Founded in the 60s as part of the British Invasion, this long-lived band named itself after the song “Moody Indigo” by Duke Ellington.

Rolling Stones

This legendary band paid homage to Muddy Waters, who recorded the blues tune “Rollin’ Stone.”

Billion Dollar Babies

After Alice Cooper went on his own to record Welcome to My Nightmare, the remaining members went on to record their debut Battle Axe under the name of the band’s most famous album.

Boys II Men

The pop group named after a song by New Edition found chart success in the 90s.

Death Cab for Cutie

Ben Gibbard’s beloved indie band got its unusual name from a song written by Vivian Stanshall and Neil Innes.

Panic at the Disco

The alternative band derives its name from a song title by the group Name Taken.


Thom Yorke and his group dug into the vast discography of rock legend David Byrne to find their name. The song comes from the Talking Heads True Stories album.

Dark Horse

The new band formed by rock veteran Paul Robert Laine turned to Beatles guitarist George Harrison for their name. It is the title track from Harrison’s best-known album, as well as serving as the name of his record label.

I love football. Every year I eagerly await the fall season not just for the cooler weather and the change of color on the leaves of the trees, but also because it means the start of the football season as well. Anticipation builds inside me at the thought of watching my team take the field once again and make a run for the top spot in their division.

I’ve been a fan of the game, and the same team, for decades. I have watched the players, the teams, and even the football industry evolve and change over time. American football has remained one of the most exciting and beautiful games in all of professional sports. For all its appeal, just how and where did American football originate? All sports have their beginnings and what I found out left me appreciating the game even more.

During the early 1800’s a popular game known as rugby, where a football is kicked at a goal and run over a line, had its beginnings at the famous Rugby Boy’s School in England. Around the same time in America, the emergence of a game called “ballown,” similar to Rugby, was played by a group of students from Princeton. East coast prep schools like Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and Rutgers College also competed in football-type games. At that time these early games resembled the more traditional “mob football” style played in England. The rules were simple with large numbers of players trying to advance the ball into a goal area usually by any means necessary. By 1855 manufactured inflatable balls were being used as football evolved into a kicking and running game.

Since there weren’t many rules established, violence and injury were common due to the roughness of the game. The increasing brutality of the game became such a public concern because of so many injuries and deaths, that some universities banned it. President Theodore Roosevelt even threatened to ban the game and urged Harvard, Princeton, and Yale to help make changes or lose the sport. Eventually the Intercollegiate Football Association was formed by representatives of Harvard, Columbia, and Princeton to establish a new code of rules mainly based on the rugby games.

The man responsible for shaping American football as we know it today was Walter Camp. He enrolled at Yale in 1876 and led the IFA’s rules committee. He proposed reducing the number of players from 15 to 11. He helped establish the line of scrimmage and the snap from center to quarterback. Camp also proposed that teams be required to advance the ball a minimum of five yards within three downs. More changes were instituted like the reduced size of the playing field, scoring rules, and game time. By 1887 a paid referee and an umpire were mandated for each game and tackling below the waist was allowed. In 1889 officials were given whistles and stopwatches. The forward pass, one of the most important changes in the game, didn’t become legal until 1906.

Although the rules were changing, football continued to be played violently in the style of the earlier mob games. Changes had to be made to make the game safer. These changes were discussed on December 28, 1905 by sixty-two schools who met in New York City. Eventually the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was formed as a result. Over a century later college football continues to thrive as one of the most popular collegiate games. After the demise of the IFA, the American Professional Football Association was formed in 1920. The association was later reorganized and in 1922 renamed the National Football League.

Thinking to get a new pair of soccer wheels? Well then wait a second and read out the article to make the best buy from the market. How big the brand may be and how high it may cost you if it doesn’t fit you it shall be of no use. Moreover you should know even a low branded low priced product can also fit your foot. Surprised!! Well, yes you can save your money just by analyzing some key components of soccer cleats.

The stud manufactures today are looking more towards marketing and look of the studs rather than its performance. Hence, you must choose wisely between products to make the best buy from the market. Leather ones are least preferred which has the best feel in it where as normal material is preferred due to its variety designs.

Here we give five most important features you must look at before buying a soccer cleat for yourself:

1. Comfort

Well this feature is the most important feature when it comes to buying a soccer cleat. Remember if it does not fit you totally never buy them. How to analyze whether it fits you? Well, there are some tricks:

· Your foot tip shall be at two inch distance from tip of cleat.

· You must be able to move your toe around the cleat easily.

· You must take a small walk or even small juggle to see how it feels.

Buy the one you feel the most comfortable one. Some people think it may open-up after playing for some days. Remember this is just a trick used by storekeepers to sell their products. You must buy the cleat which fits you the best in the shop itself.

2. Performance

This is another key feature, you must look before buying. For striking shots and to check cleat performance across multiple surfaces compare different product performance on the internet to get to know the best in the business. Some simple trick may be asking some regular players their experience about the products.

3. Technology

Different technology is being introduced by different brands for you to buy. Always ask the expert before taking a final decision. Experienced players can say which of the technology is important for run of play. Always review what the brand has done to make a positive impact on the play of the game. An automatic foot bed and a foot-to-cleat grip make you ultimate aim of playing the game faster looks happening. An ACC (All condition Control) makes you play better in all weather conditions. Many such technologies can help you play better which go on to make your game better.

4. Visual Effects

Well, after all, look maters a little. If your soccer cleat looks good you feel good to play. This has a lot to do with your psychology if you look good it creates an impact on your performance as well.

5. Control and economy

Best products always are available at the best price. If they cost more, they no longer have the privilege of being the better product. Control is the game deciding factor in a match so is the case in buying as well. A light weight soccer cleat must be preferred over a heavier one. The lighter it gets the better it will be.

Nickname is a common feature among professional footballers world-wide. In Nigeria, footballers are commonly given nicknames by their fellow colleagues or fans based on certain circumstances. Below is a list of three popular Nigerian footballers and their nicknames. It will interest readers to get a glimpse of how the nicknames of these football players originated.

– Taye Taiwo (The Tornado)

The left full back plays for Olympic Marseille of France and the Nigeria Super Eagles. He is popularly called “The Tornado”, because of the shot he packs on his left leg. He has scored sensational goals for both club and country on several occasions and this has endeared him to the fans hence the nickname. He played for Lobi F.C of Nigeria before moving for the Ligue 1 side after a successful outing with the U-20 National team the Flying Eagles.

– Obafemi Martins (Obagoal or Weapon of mass destruction)

He remains one of the most prolific strikers in the fold of the Super Eagles of Nigeria. He presently plies his trade with Russian club side- Rubin Kazan. He has been given the nickname Obagoal from his first name Obafemi and from the fact that he has scored lots of goals for both club and country. He his also commonly referred to as the weapon of mass destruction, because of his accuracy in front of goal.

Obafemi Martins single-handedly scored a brace that qualified Nigeria for the 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa. Blessed with a devastating left footer, he continues to enjoy rave review in the international football circle.

– Daniel Amokachi (Da Bull)

Daniel Owefin Amokachi earned the nickname-Da Bull, because of his power play and all-round performance while playing for the Super Eagles of Nigeria. He had a way of bulldozing his way against opposing defence and never relented when on the ball. His skill, power and passion made him a fan favorite and this culminated in his been signed by top English side-Everton F.C in the height of his career in the 2003-2004 season. He also featured for Belgian Champions-Anderlecht F.C.

He his presently a football analyst with South African based sports channels-Super sports where he analyzes the English premier league on a weekly basis. At the 2010 FIFA World Cup, he was appointed by the Nigeria Football Federation as an assistant coach to Swedish coach Lars Lagerback. Nigeria however failed to go through the first round and the entire squad and technical crew were disbanded after Nigeria shameful exit.

Iron has been used mainly as a construction material due to its strength and malleability.

But aside from that, it has also been used as a decorative material. For many years, iron has been formed as dividers for homes that aim to have a Victorian theme. It has been used as iron grilles that give windows both a character and a measure for security. In many houses with large grassy lawns, you can see iron wrought furniture that invites everyone to sit on them and have a pleasant afternoon tea party.

Iron can also be used to form symbols and emblems. One of the most common is fleur de lis. It is French for “lily flower.” It is a stylized design that is shaped like an iris or a lily. In the old days, the design was used as a symbol, especially in heraldry. It was also political in nature, symbolizing the political and dynastic affinity of the French nobility. The fleur de lis has appeared on European coats of arms, flags, and tapestries. It has been widely accepted as the symbol of France although it imprinted in stamps was not recognized by French republics.

Because it was such a powerful symbol, the fleur de lis was used in areas that were previously settled by France including Quebec, Louisiana, and in other provinces in Canada.

Today, the fleur de lis is mostly decorative except with the Spanish monarchy and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg where it is still treated as a political symbol. It has also been used by architects or designers, whether alone-as a fleur de lis wall décor, for example-or as a repeated motif in ironwork and book covers, especially if a French context is being implied.

The usage of the fleur de lis today stems from the desire, conscious or unconscious, to preserve the notion and the presence of heraldry in a modern and technological world that is so utterly different from that hundreds of years ago.

The fleur de lis is also used in the military. For example, the First World Canadian Expeditionary Force and the Israeli Intelligence Corps all use the symbol on their badges. It is also used as a symbol for sports teams such as the Quebec Nordiques National Hockey League, the New Orleans Saints football team, the Fiorentina soccer team, and the New Orleans Hornets basketball team.

Universities such as the Saint Louis University and Washington University in Missouri and the University of Louisiana in Lafayette also make use of the fleur de lis in their logos and coats of arms. Companies such as the Royal Elastics shoe company also incorporate it into their logo.

The fleur de lis can also be used not in a traditional sense. For example, the US Navy aerial acrobatic team the Blue Angels developed a superb looping flight formation named after the symbol. It was used as a memorial symbol after Hurricane Katrina swept over New Orleans.

In many French homes, fleur de lis wall decors are incorporated into their homes. It has even found its way into cars; originally the Chevrolet Corvette used this in its emblem.

For the past few years, we have seen an explosion of people choosing Dish Network over cable TV. Dish Network had such a high level of success in marketing their product and it had now become a popular household name in United States. It is no surprise that we are seeing mounting number of Dish Network satellite dish in our neighborhood.

However, despite the success of Dish Network marketing campaign, there are still a lot of confusing satellite TV shoppers wandering around Internet and looking for more consumer info on Dish Network deals. To help up on the situation, here are the answers for some common questions raised among Dish Network shoppers.

Free Dish Network deals – are they for real?

Yes, Dish Network free deals are for real. But do not misunderstand that Dish Network services are for free totally. You still need to pay for your Dish Network TV service fee monthly. What the free deal means is that you get free Dish Network satellite TV system (aka, satellite signal decoder, satellite dish, and decoder remote control).

The free Dish Network deals do come with conditions. To qualify for the free deals, you must be a first time customer for Dish Network and you must be willing to commit a one-year subscribe contracts with the Dish Network dealers.

You might wonder why credit card info is needed during ordering Dish Network since it’s a free deals.

The credit card info is needed because of Dish Network dealers need to charge $49.99 on the card as up front deposits. As it is a free deal, Dish Network will then credit back the deposit money into your first month bill thus the whole start-up process requires zero dollar from your pocket.

DirecTV or Dish Network?

Without a surprise, satellite TV shoppers are always comparing the deals offered by Dish Network and DirecTV. Interestingly, the satellite system services offered by both DirecTV and Dish Network are practically the same. Both Dish Network and DirecTV offer more than 200 program channels, integrated digital video recording (DVR) capabilities, and high definition TV (HDTV) capabilities, stunning picture and sound quality and award-winning 24-hour customer service departments. What separate these two main satellites broadcaster is that DirecTV monthly subscription fees are slightly higher but with more sports (football!) coverage; while Dish Network packages are basically cheaper and they covers more on International programming channels.

The question of Dish Network or DirecTV has no fix answer. Dish Network might be the best for some family while for others, DirecTV is the best. Our best advice is that satellite TV shoppers should get the satellite TV that suits you the best. If you are willing to pay more for the football live, go for DirecTV; If you wish to save more on your monthly budget and watch more Internation channels, get Dish Network.

Who should I order my Dish Network from?

The quality of your Dish Network deals depends highly on the dealer you take order with. Dish Network deals can be a saving bargain if you get a good dealer but in the same time it might be a nightmare if you get into a wrong dealer.

Unfortunately, with any hot product on the Internet come the scammers. As shopper, it is important to know that not all Dish Network dealer’s offers are the same. Thus review and study on more than one Dish Network dealers is necessary. Different Dish Network dealers offer totally different promotion sometimes and to assure you get the best Dish Network deals, you must get a reputable dealer.

When considering the dealer quality, things to be considered are like the dealer’s customer feedback (any bad comments?), authorization (is the dealer authorized by Dish Network?), any hidden fees (make sure price listed is net price), reliable (in business for long enough?), any customer support (live call? Online support?), any cash back policy, and so on.

It is easy to differentiate a good dealer and a bad one when you can unmask their sugar-coated promotion flyers. Some detail reviews of Dish Network dealers can be found at here: http://www.satellitetvissue.com/FreeSatelliteTV/SatelliteTVDealers.htm>

Can I get NFL coverage with Dish Network?

Yes, you can get NFL football coverage with Dish Network. For every NFL season, Dish Network broadcasts at least 231 NFL games from the pre-season, regular season and to post-season playoff games without paying extra season package subscription! Not only will you get to watch your favorite NFL teams in action, but you can also check out other great sports programming that includes your regional sports network, college football, Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball and NCAA Basketball.

Can I get adult programming with Dish Network?

Yup, adult programming is available in Dish Network service., There are currently five different types of adult programming on Dish Network broadcast: TEN (The Erotic Network), TEN Xtsy, TEN Clips, Playboy TV, and Hot Zone.

If I get Dish Network services, what are the payment methods available?

As per Dish Network stated, payment for Dish Network services can be done via one-time credit card payment or credit card auto-pay services.

One-time Credit Card Payments

You can make secure online payments using Dish Network Customer Support Center. This FREE service works with any major credit or debit card and posts to your account immediately.

You can also make payments by calling Dish Network Automated Phone System at 1-800-333-3474 and follow the voice prompts. If you have a 3900, 4900, 111, 301, 311, 322, or DVR501/508/510 receiver, you may also make a payment through Dish Home (channel 100). If services are interrupted, the services will be restored usually within 5-10 minutes once a payment is made.

Credit Card Auto-pay (CCA)

This feature deducts your monthly charges from your credit or debit card on the due date. You may choose to discontinue paper bills or continue to receive the statements (You will not need to send a payment should you choose to continue receiving these statements.). Please be sure to pay the current balance when you sign up. As CCA will take one full billing cycle to take effect, this will help prevent a late fee from being charged.