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One of the signature symptoms of Andropause is erectile dysfunction (ED). An embarrassing, nerve-wrecking experience, ED is when a male cannot perform for his female partner. In layman’s terms, it is the inability to have an erect penis during sexual activity.

It is the primary issue amongst men in regards to their sex lives. Let’s become acquainted with how a full erection works and why this condition exists. Men under the influence of Andropause have erectile dysfunction no matter what’s on their mind. Thinking of a nude Playboy centerfold model would likely induce pleasant and sexual thoughts into a man.

Sexual thoughts, however detailed or brief they may be, are produced in the brain. After all, the brain is responsible for thinking. These sexual thoughts directly spark nerve signals down through the spinal cord and into the muscles of the penis. These nerves send a flow of blood running through the arteries in the penis while it is in a relaxed state, building pressure.

A man without Andropause can have a constant, steady flow of blood flowing to his penis arteries in a good amount. The more blood that flows down there, the harder and longer your erection will be! When sexual thoughts creep out of your mind and you’re focused on another activity, your penis returns to its relaxed state. We can guess Andropause sufferers are going to have to do something else rather than think about that nude Playboy model to obtain an erection!

Erectile dysfunction can attribute to psychological causes. Psychological causes can include having fear of our female partners (especially when it is a specific person with whom we feel shy with), depression, lack of self esteem, and cluelessness as to what to do with certain parts of the female anatomy. Our bodies are exposed “to the air” and we often times feel ashamed of what we look like to our partners. Mind thoughts and emotions that are pessimistic in nature not only affect your mental state, but the performance of your penis as well.

As with other medical conditions, the effects of impotence can be magnified if we do not follow a proper health regimen. The top dog in promoting erectile dysfunction is the use of drugs, particularly the cancer sticks you find over the counter – we all know which one that is. Cigarettes reduce the amount of blood flow to the penis. Undergoing surgery and prescription drugs also contribute to the problem, like tranquilizers, medications for seizures, beta blockers, and diuretics. Even a simple over the counter drug like NyQuil Cold & Sinus (a decongestant) can reduce blood flow to the penis, at least temporarily.

We’ve probably all seen those commercials before. You know, the one with Rafael Palmeiro (major league baseball player in his late 30’s) promoting the use of a special pill known throughout the globe as Viagra. Viagra is a staple of American culture – the subject of endless tonight show monologue jokes and a popular conversation topic anywhere. At a cursory glance, Viagra may seem like a sideshow attraction, but its been proven to be one of the most effective drugs you can take for erectile dysfunction.

Using Viagra requires a doctors prescription, but it is so readily available you can get away without one. Before considering going on this pill, maintain a healthy lifestyle and build up those testosterone levels naturally. Make a visit to your doctor to discuss a proper dosage and see if Viagra is right for you. Remember, there are many erectile dysfunction pills out there – the goal is to see which best suits your condition. Don’t fret over this condition – with the plethora of solutions and medications combating this problem, you’ll be fine in no time.

Back to back, Three-peat, eleven titles in thirteen season…the tag lines of dynasties past. Now days the power structure in the NBA shifts nearly every year. The Larry O’Brien trophy has been raised by five different teams in six years and none of them consecutive. The Spurs are undoubtedly the team of the decade but they’re best days are definitely behind them and although the Lakers and Celtics possess many of the pieces necessary to build a dynasty they’re both working against the clock among other factors. The Let us look ahead to the future of the NBA and to what must come to pass for a dynasty to reign supreme. We will examine the new face of the league and his team, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers

1. No ifs ands or buts, we want to win NOW and we want to win for a LONG TIME!

This seems like a given but believe it or not there are some individuals and organizations in the NBA (we won’t use any names) who have higher priorities than winning championships. There cannot be a doubt in the mind of any individual working at nearly any level of what the true goal here is, and that is to win multiple championships. This goal must be commonly known and pursued by one and all because it simply is not going to happen any other way, especially not in basketball.

The extremely successful Southwest Airlines has a common goal, to be the lowest cost airline out there (while not putting anyone in danger of course), and because it is widely known and understood all the way through the organization employees on every level can make the right decision because they know exactly what the CFO would do if asked the same question; the lowest cost safest choice. This is imperative to the success of a large organization with many moving parts, a unified cause and a common goal and through this everyone prospers. The Cavaliers have a win now mentality, partially because of the pressure Lebron applies with his ambiguous responses about his impending free agency, but they also have a long time strategy (four of their starting five are 26 or younger). Most important of all is that everyone in the organization is of high character, commitment, and keep their eyes on the prizes!

2. The right men for the jobs, top to bottom…

It starts at the top, no question. The Cavaliers are now owned by Dan Gilbert a forty-seven year old mortgage maverick with seemingly endless resources (Cleveland had the 2nd highest payroll going into last season) who is like a less harmful version of Mark Cuban. Gilbert used to intern in the Cavaliers telecaster program while in school and is highly committed to the success of this team. They’re general manager and trade wizard the longtime Cavalier Danny Ferry has developed a knack for digging out diamonds in the rough for virtually nothing in return, trading for all-star guard Mo Williams for Damon Jones a “shooter” who averaged 19.9 min and 6.5 points in 07-08.

The head coach Mike Brown has more to prove than the general public really understands having never played in the NBA and starting out as a video coordinator turned NBA coach of the year and he would be the first African American coach to lead a dynasty. He began his assistant coaching career under Greg Poppovich and helped the Spurs win the 03′ title, and since has amassed a head coach record of 211-117 (.643) regular season record. Whether or not Brown will be the man to lead the Cavaliers to the promised land or whether he is player Doug Collins has yet to be seen but simply put he’s under as much or more pressure than anyone in this organization to win it all, either way he’ll do for now…for long term….depends on the alternative.

The role of leader and centerpiece is probably the soundest position in the organization, LeBron James is probably the second best leader in the NBA and I say second only because Tim Duncan has the rings and LeBron has none however that’ll eventually change. In 2008 when LeBron led the “Redeem Team” to the Gold medal in Beijing with other superegos like Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony in line it took his leadership abilities to a new level. His unprecedented praise and acclamations along with the overall success of the team (#1 overall in 2008-2009) mixed with his refreshing way of remaining mostly humble is just what the doctor (Stern) ordered. The basketball public were swept away by the spectacle that is Michael Jordan, but eventually developed a bitter taste for show boaters like Shaquille and Kobe so having a guy who possess the same or more appeal as those megastars but with the general humility of Tim Duncan is a godsend to the league and to his potential dynasty in the making. Another must is a top 5 all-time *blank* (if Shaq were 10 years younger this would not be a conversation), the Spurs have a 10 all-time sixth man in Manu Gnobli, the Lakers had a top 5 all-time shooting guard in Kobe Bryant, and Michael obviously had a top 5 all-time small forward in Scottie Pippen. This player must be complementary to the center piece (Duncan, Shaq, and Jordan) and must be able to overwhelm the defense in the absence of the centerpiece for a stretch or particular play.

Many speculate that Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire would be there perfect fit and would ultimately provide Batman with his Robin however I speculate that even with the addition of such a player more changes may be necessary. For instance, perhaps moving Mo Williams to the bench to scorch the opponents second unit would give the Cavs their top 5 all-time sixth man or maybe it would take a Dwyane Wade, a top 5 shooting guard for sure, to compliment LeBron? Either way a big piece is missing from this dynasty blueprint. The Cavs are in no shortage of role players which are vitally necessary to dynasties (Derek Fisher, Robert Horry, Horace Grant, etc) however like these big names they need a bench captain or primary role player to emerge to provide the second unit with a visual/vocal leader when their two stars are on the bench. All dynasties have a bench captain and star role player and it has yet to be established on this Cavalier team.

3. I’d rather be lucky than good, the 2003 NBA draft lottery…

I’d say luck started to smile the Cavaliers way that warm May night in Secaucus, N.J. when the Cleveland won the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft. In doing so they won the rights to draft the high school phenom deemed “The Chosen One” who was already a national celebrity from a city only 30 miles out of Cleveland. You can also go as far to speculate that given the up coming “Summer of LeBron” in 2010 and given James’ close friendship with a few of the stars who will be free to roam wherever they so choose luck may be warming up to the Cavaliers yet again. It doesn’t hurt that Cleveland is in the eastern conference, it’s not as easy to win 66 games in an uber competetive western conference. The world follows cycles, what goes up must come down, the sun soon follows the rain, and Cleveland’s professional sports title drought is likely to end sometime and the Cavaliers might be on the verge of opening a floodgate but to do so luck is a must!

Cleveland has 2 of the three boxes checked in this scenario and they’re really only a player or two from sheer league dominance, but they like everyone else are working against the clock. Not because their pillars are aging, like the Spurs, Celtics, and even the Lakers, but because their dreams and doom rest with the guy (LBJ) who can walk away if he so chooses. It is highly unlikely since the Cavs are a top 5 team and are defense first which wins championship(s), and it doesn’t hurt that it’s basically his home town. But these Cavs are starting to warm up and it wouldn’t surprise me to see some very interesting things happen to their roster over the next two seasons…with the right moves and a little luck this team could live forever in basketball folklore with the dynasties that came before them.

Joe Namath came out of the University of Alabama to become the darling of the AFL as the quarterback of the New York Jets. During his career, despite a number of injuries, he would develop into one of the better quarterbacks in the league and eventually get elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It can be argued that there was no more important football player in the American Football League than Joe Namath. He was brash and garnered a lot of press. He also provided a lot of legitimacy to the young league based on his talent. Predicting a Super Bowl II victory for his Jets over the Colts of the more established National Football League was just icing on the cake.

Namath has not only gone down as one of the best is either league, he is also fondly remembered and always associated with the franchise he starred for, the New York Jets.

During his career, Namath threw passes to a number of receivers. Some of those players were household names and some were just your average ordinary every day pro football player. Which one was his favorite though? Who caught the most touchdown passes from Broadway Joe?

Don Maynard caught more touchdown passes thrown by Joe Namath than any other player. To be honest, it is not even really close as Maynard hauled in 42 of Namath’s TDs and the second place player on the list only came in at 27.

Other than Maynard, who was a great player, Namath always lacked having that superstar receiver that other great quarterbacks can rely on over the course of their entire career.

Lyon is a city in the east central France. It is situated in the Rhône-Alpes which lie between Paris and Marseille. The residents (inhabitants) of the city are called Lyonnais (singular and plural).

Lyon has developed into a major center of business as a reputed French capital of gastronomy. The city has a significant development in cinema due to Auguste and Louis Lumière. The Lyon’s football team is Olympique Lyonnais which has participated in European Football Championships. This has brought fame and established Lyon on the map of Europe. This city is the capital of the Rhône-Alpes région. It has various historical and architectural landmarks which are recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

It was historically known as silk capital of the world and is now known as culinary capital of world. International headquarters of Interpol, Euro news and International Agency for Research on Cancer are situated here. Lyon is also a pivot city for the Council of Europe and the European Commission intercultural cities programme.


Lyon is second richest city of the France after Paris. This region along with Rhône-Alpes is one of the most important economies of Europe and can be compared to the economies of Bombay (according to a leading university) due to its international presence. This city is currently working to develop it into a better place for business purposes.

Tourism industry contributes a large part of Lyon’s GDP. According to visitor’s reviews, the hotels of Lyon are ranked #1 in entire France. Main festival of this city is Fête des lumières, which is also known as the festival of lights and is very popular amongst tourists.


Air Travel –

The city has an airport which serves both international and national flights. It is located 20km east of Lyon and is known as Saint Exupery International Airport. The airport is also connected through its own TGV network.

Road –

The city has a very dense network of roadways and is also the centre point of many of the highways. These highways include A6 to Paris, A7 to Marseille, A42 to Geneve and A43 to Grenoble

Rail Travel –

This city is connected to north and south with the help of TGV network. Lyon was connected to Paris in 1981 by the TGV. The city has two major railway station known as Lyon Part Dieu and Lyon Perrache which were built for the regional railway services.

Call it a dress rehearsal for the 2010 World Cup or a recce for national teams, either way it sure has thrown up some dazzling soccer, and its fair share of upsets! Into its eighth edition, the Confederations Cup is sometimes not clearly understood? What exactly is it? How and when did it start? And what are the stakes? Let’s find out…

It began as the King Fahd Cup in 1992, with the four continental cup winning teams of Saudi Arabia, Argentina, USA and Ivory Coast playing each other. When FIFA took over in 1997, it was renamed the Confederations Cup and was held every two years. But in 2005, FIFA declared that it would now take place once in four years, that too, a year before the final of the World Cup in the host country. And so, with less than 365 days to go for the 2010 World Cup, this year’s eight team Confederations Cup is well underway in South Africa.

Though its roots are rather humble, it has grown in importance over the years. Now, countries send their national teams at almost full strength making for an impressive line up! This year the only biggies missing are Ronaldinho (Brazil), who was dropped by coach Dunga, and Andres Iniesta (Spain), who has been kept out due to an injury. South Africa gains an automatic entry as hosts of the 2010 World Cup along with Italy as the 2006 World Cup winners. The other participating teams are Brazil, Spain, Egypt, USA, Iraq and New Zealand.

So what makes the Confederations Cup so special? Well, for starters it gives host South Africa a chance to test its operational readiness in terms of stadia, infrastructure and transportation prior to the 2010 World Cup. It is also an opportunity for the players to make their mark and teams to go through the drill on the pitch in this precursor to the World Cup. The opening match held on the 14th of June saw host team South Africa, proudly wearing its national team uniforms, draw against Iraq in front of an almost packed to capacity stadium. Out of the total 640,000 tournament tickets, 453,218 have already been sold. FIFA is likely to dedicate one of the Confederations Cup matches in honor of Marc-Vivien Foe, the Cameroon midfielder who tragically died of cardiac arrest on the pitch during the 2003 Confederations Cup in France…

After much controversy surrounding the choice of South Africa as host to the World Cup, the success of the Confederations Cup is a shot in the arm for the nation. As FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, assured the world during the opening ceremony at Ellis Park, “FIFA is committed to Africa… The world of football trusts you, and the confidence is in you. It is in Africa, it is in South Africa today.” Yes! This is where the action is, so get your old faithful soccer jersey out of your cupboard and wear it even if your favorite team is not playing! There’s no better way to get into the spirit of the game!

Design your own t-shirt gives you the opportunity to tailor your t-shirt and create an exceptional design. It is so good to have an outstanding design for your t-shirt rather than going for the standard funny or artistic design easily available at malls.

Design your own t-shirt with t-shirt design maker and give your creative side uplift. With t-shirt design maker you can use a number of tools which can help you create a t-shirt design which will be appreciated by all your friends.

Simplicity is the best:

An effective Word or a phrase is all that you need to create a head-turning t-shirt design. The net is complete with a number of creative graphic tees using text. Special fonts which are easily readable can be used to create the text message.

Take references from your life:

While designing think about the passions you pursue in your life or about the things which make you feel happy. These thoughts may give you an excellent design which stands out from the mediocre t-shirt designs.

Slang in private life:

Your chats and talks with your friends or amid your circle are usually marked with one liners and funny phrases. Pick the ones which make you laugh a lot even when there is a serious occasion. T-shirt designs with such phrases usually stand out.

Celebrity Sale:

We often visit celebrity gossip sites and view a graphic tee or two. You can replicate those looks without using the price tags. Results are you will have your own celeb chic just for a few dollars.

Refer design sites:

It is not necessary to use the latest version of Photoshop or any design software to create digital images. You can create a good t-shirt design with good graphic design software sites. They also provide a number of free tutorials to help you get started.

Go Free with colors:

Use different color combinations on a blank canvas. There are a number of resources available to blend a variety of colors. This software gives you an idea about which colors can pair together and give wonderful results.

Be Daring :

Being bold and dearing is the key to an impactful t-shirt design no matter which t-shirt design maker you are going to use. Go for bright orange font with t-shirt having electric blue color. Cheer your team with the t-shirt. A perfectly designed t-shirt conveys your thoughts without you having to speak out a single word.

Go with the flow:

It's okay if you do not want to be bold. You can just sport a simple look. Black and white color combinations are basic which go with jeans of any color. You can also go for a simple design or a minimalist one.


You can decorate your t-shirt with photos. When you are designing t-shirt for someone else or gift a loved one, keep their age in mind. Visit your Pinterest or Instagram account to get the right photo if you are designing t-shirt for yourself.

Bring in fun :

You need not be serious to create something genius or unique. Free yourself from the pressure of getting a perfect design. Let the t-shirt design maker be your canvas and pour out your heart on it; put on it something that makes you happy.

You can easily use a design your own application for designing your t-shirt. These apps are available on app store and make your job of creating a unique t-shirt design more than easy.

Ok, so keeping in line with 21st birthday party ideas, you’ve been asked by your friend to give a speech at her 21st. You’ve never given a speech before and you think to yourself that you wish you were on the other side of the world right now so you wouldn’t have to do this. One thing I can assure is that you are not alone. Giving speeches (or public speaking) is one of the most terrifying things that humans have to encounter. It is said in Australia that after the fear of death, the fear of public speaking is the next most common fear amongst Australians. So just to reinforce, you are not alone in the process. I can also assure you that the first speech you will ever give in your whole life will be the hardest so if you can break your public speaking virginity, you have unlocked the gate.

When giving a speech at a friend’s 21st, the key thing to remember is PREPARATION. I’ve seen many people (who were already nervous by the fact they had to give a speech) go in unprepared and that is just a recipe for disaster. Unless you’ve knocked off many speeches before in your life, you need to spend the time researching and preparing what you will say. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your speech:

  • Make a list of all the stories you that you can recall about your friend. Stories are the meat of speeches. They are what engages the audience and tickles their emotions. When brainstorming for stories, don’t worry if you think it will be funny or not. The thing is to get some juicy content which you can talk about. Story ideas can range from a funny incident that occurred between you and your friend, an emotionally challenging moment your friend went through or a moment of success in your friend’s life.
  • Once you have a few stories you can shell out, the key then is to find common themes between them that reflect your friend’s personality and habits. For example, you might notice that your friend has a very friendly and social demeanour which can sometimes put him off his main goal. If he’s standing in a line to go watch a football match, he might have struck up a conversation with an attractive girl in the line and ended up talking to her the whole night without going to the game. It’s important to have one theme which can be used to tease your friend about for comedy purposes and 2 other themes which show positive traits of your friend.
  • Once you have the stories and themes, it’s time to start writing. Speeches should be written similar to essays with an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should be something that immediately grabs the attention of the crowd (e.g. a joke). It should also state the themes and traits used in the stories of your friend which you will discuss in the body. The body should be about the stories you have brainstormed. Ensure you balance the content with serious as well as funny stuff. The conclusion should then address the underlying themes of the stories starting first with the funny one and then finishing off with the positive ones. It’s important to end on a good note.
  • After you have written the speech, it is important to practise speaking it several times over. This is absolutely crucial because at the end of the day, it is more the way you say it then what you say that captures an audience. You want to get to the point where you’ve literally memorised the speech word for word. If possible, get a couple of people like family or friends (not the birthday friend of course) to practise in front of. Practise is what will bring confidence when it’s time to get on stage.
  • Ok, so you’ve got your speech set and you’ve practised it like you’re preparing for an exam. You’re at the your friend’s birthday party and it’s time to give the speech. At this point, it’s best to have a printed copy of the speech and read over it a few times. The key here is to calm the nerves. Focus on your breath inhaling and exhaling slowly. Don’t tell others that you are giving a speech as this may add to your stress levels. You want to remain low key until you have to deliver. When it’s time for you to speak, drop the fear and give it everything you’ve got.

Following these simple steps you’ll be surprised at how well you do. Breaking the hoodoo of public speaking will not only give you the confidence to speak in front of large crowds for the rest of your life, but will also allow you to brainstorm more 21st birthday party ideas for speeches.

Here is a football strength workout for beginners and high school football players. This workout plan serves as the base to put 20-30 lbs on your lifts.

Do this football workout 3x’s per week for 3 months, always trying to beat your previous bests.

Remember, your goal as a high school football player is to get bigger, stronger, more explosive and faster for football, so, your football workouts must reflect this. You can’t simply throw together random exercises and hope for the best!

We start off every session with a main exercise, for heavy, multiple sets of low reps.

If it call for 8 x 3, that means 8 sets of 3 reps. Use the first 3 sets as warm ups then keep adding weight until you reach as much as you can for 3 reps in good form.


Front Squat – 8 x 3
Incline – 5 x 5
Glute Ham Raise – 3 x 8 (add weight when possible)

1-Arm Row to Hip – 3 x 10
Snatch Grip Shrugs – 3 x 12
Standing Cable Crunch – 3 x 8
Curls – 21’s – 1 set


Snatch Grip Deadlifts – 8 x 2
Close Grip Bench – 3 x 8

DB or KB Swings – 3 x 8
Bulgarian Squats – 2 x 12
DB Front Raise and Lateral Raise Combo – 3 x 8 (each way – Do a Front Raise, then a Lateral)
Low Cable or Band Row – 3 x 8 (Pull low toward the hip while seated, this will target the lats hard)
Hypers – 3 x 10


Bar Push Ups – 3 x max reps (have them stump a band if needed)

Clean Pulls – 3 x 5
DB Shrugs – 3 x 20
Saxon Side Bends – 3 x 12
Chins – 3 x 8
Preacher Curls – 3 x 8
Behind the Head Extension – 3 x 8 (Super set with curls)

Stick with these and work hard every session. At the end of the month, you will change the exercises and sets/reps.

Dallas Cowboys:

After decades of being poster children for drug abuse, Dallas was working towards cleaning itself up so it was surprising when they drafted LB Randy Gregory. Gregory cost himself a mint by either being too hooked on weed or too stupid to not smoke weed DURING the NFL Combine. Either way, if Dallas can smack some smarts into the man, getting him with the 60th pick is a bonafide steal. Other big moves include grabbing G La’el Collins after he went undrafted due to the Baton Rouge police wanting to interview him in the murder investigation of his girlfriend. He is not currently a suspect and if he is completely exonerated, this is THE massive steal of 2015 and could be a landmark steal. The remainder of the draft focused on adding more depth to their massive offensive line and shoring up their defense. CB Bryon Jones should be an impact player for them this year. They also added lightning rod DE Greg Hardy in free agency. He will be suspended until week 12, but will be a boost for their defense down the stretch and into the playoffs.

On offense, the biggest story is letting DeMarco Murray go and only adding Darren McFadden to replace him. I truly do not know why they didn’t go after Zac Stacy. He seems like a good fit behind their line and was dirt cheap. Anywhoo, McFadden is made of cupcakes and will be fool’s gold this year. If this unit stays intact, you will want RB Joseph Randle on your team.

Fantasy starters: QB Tony Romo, WR Dez Bryant

Fantasy bench: RB Darren McFadden, WR Terrance Williams, TE Jason Williams, Dallas D/ST

Fantasy Sleeper: RB Joseph Randle

Philadelphia Eagles:

I have no idea where to start with this team. Talk about turnover! Goodbye to QB Nick Foles, RB LeSean McCoy and WR Jeremy Maclin and Hello to QB Sam Bradford and RBs DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews. Bradford appears to be as fragile as they come but that running back tandem is the best in the league if Mathews can stay healthy himself. The Eagles replaced Maclin with a better receiver at a much lower cost when they drafted Nelson Agholor from USC in the first round. He will light up the return game and provide a very nice compliment to WR Jordan Matthews. He runs a 4.42 in the 40-yard dash, has excellent hands and is a good route-runner.

On defense, the Eagles acquired Kiko Alonso from Buffalo for McCoy. This brings Alonso back under his former college coach. He will definitely help stuff the run if he returns to form following his missed 2014 campaign due to an ACL tear (never a good thing for a space eater). The other key component addressed in this year’s draft by Philly was to work on their leaky secondary. They did in triplicate by drafting S Eric Rowe from Utah in the 2nd round and CBs JaCorey Shepherd and Randall Evans in the 6th round; one from each Big 12 Kansas school. However, there is a good chance that this draft will be remembered in Philly for what Chip Kelly reportedly offered up to get Marcus Mariota. It seems like FAR too much, but even a player or two or a pick or two less seems like too much. If Bradford stays healthy, this team is playoff-bound and the trade offer will be forgotten. Oh yeah, the Eagles signed Tim Tebow as well!

Fantasy starters: RB DeMarco Murray, WR Jordan Matthews, Philly D

Fantasy bench: QB Sam Bradford, RB Ryan Mathews, WR Riley Cooper, TE Zach Ertz

Fantasy Sleeper: WR Nelson Agholor

New York Giants:

The biggest addition for the Giants this season is getting WR Victor Cruz back. If he returns to form, he and WR Odell Beckam Jr are a receiving duo that can make QB Eli Manning appear like a competent NFL QB (see David Tyree ). Other than that, their defense is not good and getting older and their running game is a mess. With only six picks in the draft this year, they could not address all areas of need. They did pick up DE George Selvie in free agency. He has one good year out of his seven though and figures not to provide much help to Jason Pierre-Paul.

They drafted OT Ereck Flowers from Miami in hopes of providing some run blocking to get that unit to perform this year. They are banking on RB Rashad Jennings staying healthy and earning the contract he signed last year. Andre Williams proved serviceable in his absence but wasn’t overly impressive. They added PPR stud Shane Vereen from New England to add a dimension sorely lacking in their backfield. Drafting S Landon Collins in the 2nd round from Alabama was a good move because they are woefully devoid of talent in the secondary and Collins is better than anything else that they have in uniform. They added another safety in the 5th round in Mykkele Thompson from Texas. Nice additions but not near enough to cover deficiencies on DL and LB.

Fantasy starters: WR Odell Beckham Jr, WR Victor Cruz

Fantasy bench: QB Eli Manning, RB Rashard Jennings, RB Shane Vereen, TE Larry Donnell

Fantasy Sleeper: None come to mind

Washington Redskins:

The Redskins didn’t do anything flashy in the off-season other than signing DT Stephen Paea, who had his best year in Chicago last season, and DB Dashon Goldson after 2 disappointing seasons in TB. They added no one else of note through free agency but they did draft individual pieces that will help the team overall (it did need help at all spots). They know they need to run to ball to be successful and Alfred Morris has not really dazzled so they decided to draft OT Brandon Scherff from Iowa in the 1st round to help open holes immediately and expect 5th round pick, G Ari Kouandjio from Alabama to see a lot of time on the field as well this year.

They added a little depth at the RB spot in the 3rd round with the selection of Matt Jones from Florida. He goes 6’2 231 so he can help open holes or get the tough yards that Morris cannot. They added a slot WR in the 4th round in Jamison Crowder from Duke and drafted DE Preston Smith in the 2nd round from Mississippi St. Smith was a run-stopper on a solid Bulldogs’ defense but will be moved to OLB in the Skins’ 3-4 defense.

Fantasy starters: RB Alfred Morris, WR DeSean Jackson

Fantasy bench: QB Robert Griffin III, WR Pierre Garcon, TE Jordan Reed

Fantasy Sleeper: WR Jamison Crowder

One of the more historic and high profile annual match ups during the college football season is the always anticipated scrum between intrastate rivals the Ole Miss Rebels and the Mississippi State University Bulldogs when they play in a contest dubbed the Battle of the Golden Egg, or the Egg Bowl as it is commonly shortened to. Of the multitude of rivalry games with specific titles and trophies attached to them this particular series that determines who holds the Golden Egg Trophy for the following year is the tenth oldest continuously played rivalry in all of college football. The longevity of this annual event is especially impressive when considering that it is more typical for states on the eastern seaboard to hold American longevity records because that area was populated earlier.

Mississippi State and Ole Miss (the University of Mississippi at Oxford) have been playing each other in football since 1901 but the Battle for the Golden Egg moniker did not become popular until 1927. Many casual followers of the rivalry are confused about the significance of the word egg and assume it to be a southern reference indicative of the Mississippi culture. In the instance of the Battle of the Golden Egg the word egg actually refers to a football. Early twentieth century versions of footballs were more round than the oblong shaped apparatuses used today that have more defined pointed ends. The slang term for what became an old fashioned style football was an egg. Calling a rounded football an egg is akin to basketball players calling a basketball a rock simply because of the shared shape.

The nickname Egg Bowl can be confusing for two reasons. In addition to the alternative meaning of the word egg that was discussed in the previous paragraph the word bowl normally refers to a postseason game like the Orange Bowl or the Sugar Bowl. The annual meeting between Ole Miss and Mississippi State is simply another regular season game played between conference opponents who currently each compete in the West division of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), arguably the best conference in college football on a regular basis. The use of the word bowl is simply utilized to relay the significance of this important game that trumps other more pedestrian regular season competitions.

While the two competing institutions of higher learning in the state of Mississippi have been playing each other since 1901 a number of football historians only recognize games from 1927 on for the purposes of explaining which team leads the Battle of the Golden Egg rivalry. The year 1927 has been chosen as the cutoff because that was when the traveling Golden Egg Trophy was introduced. Looking at figures from 1927 and beyond shows that Ole Miss leads the series with a record of 53-23-6 against their in state rival Bulldogs.