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We all agree that getting our kids physically active is as important to their health as eating nutritiously. Unfortunately, the wholesomeness of great games that little leagues are famously involved in does not extend to liability risks in relation to damages and losses.

As in all such pursuits, be it business or non-profit, anything can happen – and it does, all of the time!

Take the following true little league insurance claims as examples for the need for protective insurance policies.

Property Insurance Coverage

Some bored individuals broke into the storage bin used by the local junior sports organization. They made off with team uniforms, a ball pitching device and other items used for playing. All in all, the incurred losses totaled ten thousand dollars. Good thing there was coverage!

General Liability Insurance Coverage

A team member’s aunt came to watch the baseball game in the stadium. Midway through the game, the ball flew into the audience and bounced onto her head. Injuries were extensive and medical bills high. The former little league fan sued the junior sports organization for pain and suffering. Good thing there was coverage!

Hired and Non-Hired Auto Insurance Coverage

The trainer for the junior sports organization was instructed to purchase caps for each team member before they would start the soccer tournament. On the way to the sports equipment shop, the trainer became the responsible party in an auto collision. While the trainer escaped with barely a scratch, the other driver suffered massive injuries. The injured party brought a claim against the trainer’s personal car insurance, however because damages exceeded personal limits, the man brought a secondary claim against the sports organization. Good thing there was coverage!

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

The father and mother of a female member on the ball team could not travel with her to an out-of-town match. Since they assumed the team’s coach was a trustworthy person, they agreed to allow their daughter to travel with him for the event. Once alone with the girl, the coach sexually abused her. The livid parents filed a bodily injury and mental duress lawsuit against the junior games organization. Good thing there was coverage!

Employment Practices Insurance Coverage

One of the fathers of a boy on the junior team offered to be a volunteer secretary for the organization. After a couple of weeks, the director advised the man that this job was more suited to a woman and asked him instead to assist the group with administrating finances. Soon enough, a woman volunteer took over the secretarial responsibilities. The director’s actions were unacceptable to this dad and he filed a lawsuit for sex discrimination against the league. Good thing there was coverage!

Cheer Bows or Cheerleading Ribbons are a point of attraction in all cheerleading competitions. Even in sporting events where cheerleading is a supporting activity, it attracts attention of people. They are one of most important accessories of cheerleading uniform. It symbolizes team and their persona by making a different identity for players in team.

Cheerleader’s Outfit and Cheer Bows

Cheerleading, a well-accepted sports now is responsible for creating a cool environment during sporting events. Cheerleaders encourage the spirit of players and entertain spectators by their cool dancing steps and stunts on exclusive beat of music. The uniform for this game comprised of specially designed tops, comfortable skirts, attractive shoes and special cheer bows. The vibrant uniform creates a different impact on personality of cheerleaders. Among them cheer bows are the center point of attraction not only for spectators but also for cheerleaders. They take extra care while selecting this part of uniform.

Why Cheer Bows Are Important

Well, it is an obvious question that, why cheer bows are so important for Cheerleaders? The answer is simple, its because they  represent fashion in most vibrant way. This is the most experimented element of cheerleader’s uniform. Every cheerleading team has unique identity, and cheer bows are the most important factor behind that. It is a surprising thing, that cheerleading ribbons that was meant to arrange cheerleader’s hair while performing at events become so important for Cheerleaders. It is now a multi purpose object, which not only helps cheerleader in arranging their hairs, but also illustrates a fashion concept among cheerleading teams.

Popular Trends in Cheer Bows

Cheer Bows are a fashion object for cheerleaders, so the makers take extra care in designing them. They use high quality materials and print designs to create lovely looking pairs. Some most popular formats currently in demand are Rock Star, Mystic, Glitz, Star Bows, Dots Bows, Rhinestone Bows, Doll Bows and Pigtail Sets. So when you go to watch your favorite baseball or soccer match next time, never forget to check out lovely cheer bows of cheerleaders.

A funeral doesn’t have to be family and friends sitting in front of a dead body saying the rosary. Today many people are shying away from traditional memorial services and choosing instead to create a memorable, personalized life celebration. You may have some questions such as:

Why Should I Have a Service at All?

Services are really about love. You are taking the time and expressing and sharing the love that you felt for that person. It’s important to celebrate but not at the expense of acknowledging that something important has been lost. The best services mix memories, comfort and encouragement. You need to take this time to share your loss, to laugh and talk and share your thoughts and feelings with each other.

Where Should I Hold the Life Celebration?

Some funeral homes and cremation societies have rooms for you to use. If you are members of a congregation, you may consider the church’s community room. Many people are now choosing a private site such as a country club, university, or a relative’s garden. Where did you loved one like to go on a Saturday afternoons: the beach, the tennis club, the golf course, fishing by a stream, football games? If they were a sailor perhaps the harbor or yacht club would be a good place to gather.

Whom Can I Get to Lead the Service?

Celebrants are becoming more and more popular. A Certified Funeral Celebrant is a person who seeks to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. A Celebrant is trained to help individuals create and present a personalized funeral, memorial or celebration of life service.

Many families today do not participate in an organized religion or church. They have no family minister and would prefer a celebration of the life lived rather than a sermon. A Celebrant will honor a family’s wishes and will present either a religious or non-religious gathering. The family is free to participate as much or little as they wish. The service belongs to the family and is conducted as they wish.

How Can I have Family and Friends Share Their Memories?

You only have one chance to collect everyone’s memories. Consider lined 3″ x 5″ cards that say, “I’ll always remember when we…” or “I wish I had the chance to tell you….” These cards and pens are handed to friends and family as they walk into the service. The celebrant or funeral director can be responsible for handing them out and collecting them at the end of the service. These cards can be put in a pouch and taken out and shared at family gatherings for years to come. They become a reflection of ancestors’ lives for generations to come.

You can print these yourself on your home computer and copy them onto card stock. You will also find them on our site listed below.

Guest books are not very practical as they require people to wait in line at the service. Unless feelings and memories are shared, what is the long term use of a guest book? If feelings and memories are shared, the wait could become very long and delay the service.

What Can I Put on a Memory Table?

Create a table and bring in things that your loved one liked to do. For example, if they liked to paint, bring in their artwork, their paints and brushes and smock. You could even bring in their easels and put the artwork on their easels. If they were gardeners you could bring in their gardening tools and pots of flowers. If they liked football you could bring any logo memorabilia of the team that they supported that you or they may have. If they liked photography, set their favorite cameras on the table with some of their photographs. You may want to write on a note card, “Sarah always found time to craft the perfect photo and then share them with usIf they liked golf bring in the clubs, tees, scorecards and golf balls with a card that may something like “Look at Jane’s hole in one on hole 7.”.

Consider putting pocket charms on the table that reflect your loved one. Guests are encouraged to take one, they will put them on their pocket or purse and when they run across it they will remember the departed.

You may also want to consider personalized seeded cards that contain wildflowers. The cards can be placed on the memory table and friends and family can take them and keep the card as a keepsake and plant the seeds.

Should I Have it Catered?

It is always nice to serve a meal. A dinner reception or seated luncheon will be more of a production than a punch and tea sandwich reception. The food selection will depend on the time of day, the location and your budget. Did your loved one have a favorite meal or favorite type of food? If he loved fried chicken, cole-slaw, and apple pie maybe you should consider that. Don’t forget the dessert. I personally want Sees candy served at my service.

Should I Serve Drinks?

You may want to go easy on alcohol as emotions and alcohol are never a good combination. Death can bring out family problems and if alcohol is added things may get out of control. I recommend punch, soft drinks, coffee and tea. If you choose a beach setting, might you want to serve smoothies? Did your loved one have a favorite beverage? If so, would it be appropriate to serve it?

What Else Can I do at the Celebration?

Consider a balloon release. Family and friends could write a note on a tag that is attached to a string on the balloon. You can find balloons at many grocery stores or in the Yellow Pages.

Consider plantable seed cards. You can personalize with cards with your loved one’s names and when the cards are planted forget-me-not flowers grow in their memory.

You could have a procession and put the candles around the casket or urn. Candles can then be given to families and friends as keepsakes at the end of the ceremony.

How Can I Help Guests Connect?

Consider having people fill out name tags. More than likely many people will be attending who won’t know everyone. Also, if the person whom you lost is older their friends will most likely be elderly also. The elderly have site issue and memory issues. You will want to make sure the name is in large print so they can read the name. We also encourage you to have people write on the name tag how they knew your loved one. This becomes a great conversation starter.

I hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful.

Most of us have at least a few teenagers in our family or circle of friends who we care about and may periodically buy presents for. In fact, between holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other special events, we may need to get presents for teenagers fairly frequently. Unfortunately, teens can be difficult to shop for. We don’t share the same taste in clothing, we may not be familiar with their favorite style of music, and many of the items teens want the most, such as cell phones with added features or complex media systems, are too expensive. There are some presents that are always appreciated by teens, however, if you know what to look for.

Gifting An Experience

Teens are always looking for a new and exciting way to spend their time. If you don’t want to buy a sweater that’s likely to be returned, or something practical but boring, consider providing an experience. For something truly unforgettable, check out websites that offer unique adventures such as a ride in a hot air balloon or a white water rafting trip. They’ll look forward to not only going on their adventure, but telling their friends about it afterward.

The cost of adventure trips through a company specializing in these kinds of activities can be expensive, but they are well worth it because they’re well organized with experienced group leaders. If you want something a bit less adventurous but still of interest to your teen, look around your area. Culinary schools often offer weekend classes for teens who love to cook. If the teen is a sports fan, contact the office of your city’s professional teams and ask if they offer any type of special celebration.

Or you could give them concert tickets or tickets to a theater show. You may even want to include yourself in the ‘experience’. Teens will enjoy having some special time to spend with you, and you can take pictures to give them at the end of the day.

Gift Cards Fit Their Lifestyle

Teens love gift cards, because they give them freedom of choice. They’ll enjoy the act of choosing an item they want and will remember you each time they wear the outfit they chose or listen to their new stereo. The key to successfully giving gift cards to teenagers is to know what they are most interested in and buy gift cards online that will fit those interests. You can now purchase gift cards online for just about any kind of store imaginable.

Gift cards for sporting good stores, electronics suppliers, bookstores, and shoe outlets are all popular options for teens. You favorite niece who loves shoes will appreciate getting a voucher that lets her splurge on a great new pair of leather boots. Your athletic grandson will be thrilled with a card that lets him buy some football or baseball gear. Think about the teen’s interests and buy gift cards online that he or she can redeem for the perfect present. Buying gift cards online will also save you from a long, protracted trip to the mall where you may be overwhelmed by the choices. You can even have the gift card you choose mailed directly to them with your good wishes if you like.

Electronic Media

Teens always seem to be short of money. They can only work part time and usually earn minimum wage, but their taste in clothing, accessories, electronics, and everything else leans toward the expensive end of the spectrum. It’s true that most teens have ‘champagne taste on a beer budget.’ If you’re feeling generous, you could surprise the teen in your life with the gift of a Kindle, a new video game system, or something else they could not afford on their own.

If you want to help them with a special purchase such as a new stereo system or DVD player, consider giving them a card to an electronics store or some other specialty store. You may not be able to give your teen a voucher in the full amount needed, but if you coordinate with friends and family, the value of each gift card will add up quickly. Your teen can use several gift cards together to make a substantial purchase instead of waiting for months to save up enough cash. The key is to communicate clearly and make sure everyone gets gift cards from the same place.

Whether you’re giving your teen a video game, tickets for a concert, or a gift card, if you’ve put some thought into it, the teen in your life will be thrilled with his or her present.

The life span of a footballer is a function of how he takes good care of himself both on and off the field of play. History is replete with talented footballers who never got to the peak of their career because they could not manage success. Having a good manager can sometimes be very helpful as he tends to caution and advise his ward on the need to keep a cool head throughout his career.


This is one of the most frequent causes of failure among football players. Way back in the 1990’s, Nigeria witnessed the emergence of a star in the person of Etim Esin. He was so talented that most clubs in the country then were falling over each other to have his signature. His huge potential became the source of his woes, as he had frequent brush with national team coaches and football authorities. There are other cases of talented footballers who are always at the receiving end of the referee cards. Either they are sent off for dissent or for violent conduct.

A typical example is that of Manchester City star- Mario Balotelli, who has always been a constant source of trouble both on and off the field of play. Since his move to Manchester City from Inter Milan, he has collected more than four red cards in all competitions. One fact about players, who are not disciplined, is that top clubs find it extremely difficult to sign them as they are regarded as liabilities rather than assets.


It is common to see athletes and other sports men and women indulging in the use of performance enhancing drugs. It is however rare to see players who make use of these banned substances throughout their career. There are however some few exceptions that have been recorded in the game. Kolo Toure who plays for both Ivory Coast and Manchester City of England got caught in the act and was subsequently banned for some months by the English Football Association. He later admitted using his wife prescription drugs to enable him control his weight.

Some common drugs normally used by sportsmen and women include- amphetamine, ephedrine and cocaine. These substances can be discovered in the blood samples of the individual during routine blood or urine test after a game. Diego Maradona remains one of the biggest names involved in drug related scandal in football. He was found guilty of using performance enhancing drug at the FIFA 1994 World Cup held in the United States of America and was subsequently suspended.


Some players cannot do without women flocking around them. The high rate of promiscuity among football players made some football association to ban visitors from coming to hotels or camp site of players during major tournament. The negative effect of indulging in sexual perversion before matches can be seen in players who often get fatigued before the normal regulation time.


Liverpool striker Andy Carroll was recently advised by one of Liverpool legendary players, to be cautious with how he managed his life outside the field of play especially with regards to excessive consumption of alcohol. The nature of the game makes it easy for players to be tempted into indulging in the destructive habits of consuming alcohol after each game. The health implication of indulging in this habit cannot be easily quantified, as players easily get carried away whenever they are drunk. Loss of form usually results, with some occasional signs of violence.

Some weeks back, Manchester city player Kelvin Etuhu was sentenced to some months in prison for causing grievous bodily harm to a man after having a swell time with some friends. He later confessed that he was slightly drunk when the incident occurred.

If you liked the look of last years Heroes sets, then you will like the look of the 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football Set. Heroes Football looks almost identical to last year’s set, but has a little bit of a Pieces of History feel to it as well. I still dislike the design, but it has grown on me since experiencing 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football firsthand.

I love the fact that Upper Deck has demonstrated such a strong commitment to featuring on-card autographs in their sports card sets. They distribute more on-card autographs in their products then any other card company, and 2009 Heroes Football is a fantastic example of this. Every autographed card (and there are a lot of them) in the set has been signed on-card. This, combined with the set’s strong autograph checklist, makes for some incredible potential autograph pulls.

I was happy with the overall box break, but was especially pleased with my autograph pulls. Never in a million years did I expect to pull a card autographed by Tony Iommi, one of the founding members of Black Sabbath. I’m not a huge fan of Black Sabbath but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a card as cool as this.

I also pulled an on-card autograph of NFL Hall of Famer Paul Hornung. This is a great addition to my Hall of Famer collection and is another genuinely great looking on-card signature. Hornung even went out of his way to inscribe his jersey number on the card.

You will be very hard pressed to find a 2009 football card product that gives you more bang for your buck then 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football does. Each hobby box yields a robust average of 2 autographed cards and 2 game used memorabilia cards each, as well as an abundance of inserts and rookie cards. Throw in the fact that it is being sold at a lower mid end price point, and 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football is one heck of a great value.

2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football sports a very diverse checklist that few products can match. The base set is essentially made up of 5 different types of cards – NFL Legends, NFL Rookies, active NFL Veterans, Celebrities (mainly rock stars), and non-football Athletes. Many subjects from each of these groups also have autographed cards for the set as well.

The only problem I have with the 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football checklist is that it features multiple base cards for each player. These are not simply variations, they are part of the set. For example Mark Sanchez has not 1, but 3 unique rookie cards in the base set. This is one of my biggest pet peeves, and I suspect that many collectors feel the same way, particularly those who are player collectors or set collectors.

This is a fun product that makes for a great box break. Each of the 24 packs includes rookie cards and/or inserts, which adds balance and excitement to breaks throughout the experience.

Set builders, however, will likely get more enjoyment elsewhere as inclusion of 1-3 cards per player in the base set all but ruins the appeal of building the set.

All in all I really enjoyed 2009 Upper Deck Heroes Football and it far exceeded my expectations.

Money Changes Everything

Twenty-Two Writers Tackle the Last Taboo with Tales of Sudden Windfalls, Staggering Debts, and Other Surprising Turns of Fortune

Edited by Jenny Offill and Elissa Schappell

We live in a tell-all culture. Sex, troubles with our kids, complaints about our spouses, and even our indiscretions are acceptable dinner table conversation-or at least OK while sharing a latte. Our money side in contrast is kept hidden from view.

Money is loved, feared, and worshiped. Some see it as dirty, not in keeping with a spiritual life, unnecessary. It can make a god-fearing person swear and ordinarily loving couples spit fire. Money can change everything.

The editors of this book put it this way, “To shine a light on how much we make, how much we spend, how much we owe, and how much we’ve got secretly socked away is to give others a potent glimpse into the values we live by. Because of this, admitting to money troubles can often feel like admitting to a weakness of character.”

The money troubles coin has two sides. “Shrinks have coined the phrase “affluenza” to describe the angst and aimlessness that arise from being so wealthy you don’t have to work for a living. Yet despite their insistence that affluenza can be a genuine hardship, therapists are finding it a hard sell to make others feel sorry for their clients. Most people can sympathize with the pain and struggle of the less fortunate, but the anxieties that attend being “too rich” are much harder to imagine” write the editors.

So silence and hiding are the order of the day whether the wolf is at the door or the view from the penthouse leaves you wanting.

Jenny Offill and Elissa Schappell, brought together twenty-two great writers who agreed to write about how their lives have been shaped, complicated and/or enhanced by this often hidden aspect of our lives.

The writing is sometimes comic, as in Chris Offut’s story Porn Bought My Football. It can also be achingly sad and as in Marian Fontana’s, A Dollar A Tear, about the money she received after her husband was killed in NYC on 9/11.

The writing is always brilliant.

Fred Leebron and Kathryn Rhett are married and each recalls their version of the money game as they describe their early lives together. Did they really experience the same things? His is titled For Richer, hers, For Poorer. It represents the wedding vow but also the way money can divide otherwise loving couples.

Walter Kirn in Treasure Me tells of failed marriages because they were based on his using his money to perhaps buy affection and love. He “tallies up just how much it costs to have sex” and does it in a very funny way.

Daniel Handler, author of the Lemony Snicket series and no slouch in the money earning category wrote a few pages titled “Winning.” His idea for this essay was to buy a $1200 bottle of wine. He begins by asking, “Do you want to know what a $1200 bottle of wine tastes like? Of course you do.”

His agent warns him that he shouldn’t write this essay. “$1200 on a bottle of wine?” she asks. “It’s immoral. People are going to attack you. People are going to call you an immoral person” she warned.

“That’s what I’m interested in,” said Daniel. “I keep telling people about this bottle of wine. First everybody wants some, then everybody thinks it’s immoral. This is the thing with money.”

And so it is and the remaining eighteen writers pose equally thought provoking ideas through their behind the scenes, behind their money accounts. Have some fun with these writers and think about your own money stories. How has money or a lack of it had an impact on your life over the years?

Design your own t-shirt gives you the opportunity to tailor your t-shirt and create an exceptional design. It is so good to have an outstanding design for your t-shirt rather than going for the standard funny or artistic design easily available at malls.

Design your own t-shirt with t-shirt design maker and give your creative side uplift. With t-shirt design maker you can use a number of tools which can help you create a t-shirt design which will be appreciated by all your friends.

Simplicity is the best:

An effective Word or a phrase is all that you need to create a head-turning t-shirt design. The net is complete with a number of creative graphic tees using text. Special fonts which are easily readable can be used to create the text message.

Take references from your life:

While designing think about the passions you pursue in your life or about the things which make you feel happy. These thoughts may give you an excellent design which stands out from the mediocre t-shirt designs.

Slang in private life:

Your chats and talks with your friends or amid your circle are usually marked with one liners and funny phrases. Pick the ones which make you laugh a lot even when there is a serious occasion. T-shirt designs with such phrases usually stand out.

Celebrity Sale:

We often visit celebrity gossip sites and view a graphic tee or two. You can replicate those looks without using the price tags. Results are you will have your own celeb chic just for a few dollars.

Refer design sites:

It is not necessary to use the latest version of Photoshop or any design software to create digital images. You can create a good t-shirt design with good graphic design software sites. They also provide a number of free tutorials to help you get started.

Go Free with colors:

Use different color combinations on a blank canvas. There are a number of resources available to blend a variety of colors. This software gives you an idea about which colors can pair together and give wonderful results.

Be Daring :

Being bold and dearing is the key to an impactful t-shirt design no matter which t-shirt design maker you are going to use. Go for bright orange font with t-shirt having electric blue color. Cheer your team with the t-shirt. A perfectly designed t-shirt conveys your thoughts without you having to speak out a single word.

Go with the flow:

It's okay if you do not want to be bold. You can just sport a simple look. Black and white color combinations are basic which go with jeans of any color. You can also go for a simple design or a minimalist one.


You can decorate your t-shirt with photos. When you are designing t-shirt for someone else or gift a loved one, keep their age in mind. Visit your Pinterest or Instagram account to get the right photo if you are designing t-shirt for yourself.

Bring in fun :

You need not be serious to create something genius or unique. Free yourself from the pressure of getting a perfect design. Let the t-shirt design maker be your canvas and pour out your heart on it; put on it something that makes you happy.

You can easily use a design your own application for designing your t-shirt. These apps are available on app store and make your job of creating a unique t-shirt design more than easy.

The father-son dynamic is very central to the Psych TV show. Henry Spencer and Shawn Spencer carry the dramatic weight of this whole show. This is the cleaver function of the flashbacks of Shawn’s childhood at the beginning of most episodes.

The show is about these two friends, Gus and Shawn. Well, the show is actually mostly about Shawn. Shawn since childhood has had incredible mental abilities to analyze details in order to solve problems. Since he was a child, his father has already been training his mental observation skills thinking that the boy will also grow up to be a great officer of the law just like his old man. Fast forward to the present, Shawn is watching news coverage of a crime. He notices details, puts two and two together like the genius that he is and solves the crime. He calls the police to tip them; the police follow the tip, but then think that Shawn must be in on the crime because they figure that only an insider would have access to such knowledge. As they were about the arrest Shawn, Shawn pretends to be a psychic fooling the police and the crowd present by displaying his mental powers and guessing correctly about personal information just by observing details from those present. Ever since then, he’s been forced to ride along the ruse in order to avoid suspicion. He has become a consultant to the Santa Barbara Police Department because of his “talent.”

Now, the father son archetypical relationship that is milked by the Psych TV series really yields a lot of juice. Henry Spencer had such high hopes for his son. But Shawn is just a wacky free spirited kind of dude. Which is not really so bad, in fact, his shenanigans are what gives the show such life. It’s mostly a fun con romp and silliness.

There is this one episode though, when Shawn, after a long series of convoluted cons was running down the football field in full football gear, with the song We Are the Champions by Queen, blaring in full cheesiness. Then, there is a reaction shot of Henry Spencer and he is doing something very unlike him. He was smiling. He was smiling as his sun was basking in cheesy glory.

That scene was really something else. It was not because of the funny situation or the Queen song. It was the smile on Henry Spencer’s face. He was proud of his son. I wish there were a lot more moments like this in Psych TV show episodes. Despite all of Henry’s disapproval of Shawn’s wild and unorthodox (to say the least) methods and career, he was still happy of the great work his son is doing with his life.

The dive play is the most basic play in the game. Objective: Gain one yard. The quarterback takes the snap, pivots, handing the football to the fullback – who slams into the scrimmage line, head on. The goal is to gain a yard or two. It’s not pretty, and it rarely creates a big play, but it builds confidence by creating a clear objective and accomplishing it. Simply put, if you don’t have the drive and determination to gain one yard, how in the world would you expect to score a touch down?

Finding something assumes that you are looking for it! Finding your Butkus, at it’s core means to find something that you already possess. It is already part of you, perhaps hidden deep inside your psyche or more likely, simply hiding in plain site. Right below your nose – in your heart.

In Kevin Costner’s movie “A Field if Dreams” his character, Ray Kinsella, hears a voice from the cornfield, “If you build it he will come.” He is asked to trust a whisper and hear a feeling. The voice wants him to listen and then take action – completely on faith.

While the tall corn may not be calling you, I’m certain you have had an inspired thought while showering or driving a car. A gut feeling that says take action.

Your Butkus, I say with a wink, is found slightly south by reaching around and finding your rear end. With both hands I might add! Perhaps the reason you haven’t found your Butkus as yet, is because you’re sitting on it!

So what is a Butkus?

No, it’s not But-Kis, its pronounced But-Kus. You say it deliberately, and always with attitude. If you are a sports fan you have probably heard the name, Dick Butkus. In fact most people in North America have heard that name, although they may not know who or what it is.

And yes, it is an odd name.

But, there is nothing funny about the image or the iconic status this name represents. Like a four year old, when I first heard this name and saw the NFL image of Dick Butkus, I was intrigued. Actually it was more like, “in awe”.

NFL Films states; “Dick Butkus played football with a religious fervor, with an unrelenting obsession, not to excel, but to dominate and demoralize. For Dick Butkus it never a game, but a street-fight, a place for all out, no holds barred warfare. Butkus was the most destructive defender in the game and the NFL is filled with stories of men who crossed him. He was a force of unmanageable proportions; he was Moby Dick in a goldfish bowl. His career stands as the most sustained work of devastation ever committed on a football field by anyone, anywhere, at anytime.”

Dick Butkus is remembered as the toughest man to ever play pro football. A guy who, no matter what; would not quit. He never won a championship or a Superbowl; hell his team was so bad they never even made it to a playoff game. That however did not stop him from becoming one of the best to ever play NFL Football.

Myself, as a football playing twelve year old, I wanted to be Dick Butkus. Everything from his pigeon toed hulking walk, to the colors of his uniform was formidable. It all captured my imagination. His linebacker stance, crouching like a mountain lion ready to pounce was intimidating enough. But when he moved, fully committed, he launched himself with reckless abandon; he was like no other player on the field.

Butkus, for me, became a metaphor for movement and a symbol for effort and accomplishment. No matter what the odds, you never give up. If I invoked my Butkus, I knew what to do, and when to do it.

Now that I’ve painted a picture of what Butkus looked like and how important he was, I have to tell you, I didn’t get it right away. In fact, it took me over thirty years to understand. I had to look deep within my memories to find something I thought already knew.

And that’s the rub! “Having doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to use” is a topic for a later discussion, but for now, its safe to say; simply knowing something does not make it valuable.

Knowledgeable people are regularly over worked, underpaid, and under appreciated not only by others, but – mostly by themselves. Michelangelo, the great artist (not the ninja turtle) says “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim to high and falling short; but setting our aim too low, and achieving the mark!”

Have you been achieving the low side of what you ask for? Looking for success in all the wrong places? Were you taught, like me, that opportunities took years of suffering to accomplish. They are beyond your control? Were you told to learn more, to create skills you did not have and go places set by someone else? Then, when you arrived, told again, it would be hard, in fact life was hard. You needed be tough and learn to put up with what you don’t want, – to get what you do! Bullshit.

I say, what you want – wants you, what you are looking for is looking for you. What you want, doesn’t merely exist, more exactly, it already exists inside you. It isn’t hard, but yes, it is intense and it does require your full attention! You have heard, I am sure of the natural laws of the universe? I contend the “Law of Attraction” exists not as an external magnet to get you what you want, rather it synchronizes your desires to bring you more of what you already have.

In the movie ‘The Lion King”, Mufasa, called down from the heavens to his son, Simba, commanding “Remember who you are!” Your job is to find, perhaps simply remember “what” it is you already possess. What whispers to you will lead you Find Your Butkus.

Strike that; Remember who you are! Find your own words, Find your??? in Life!

Like the basic dive play, create an objective you can count on – one that builds confidence. Keep it simple, something as warm as puppy. Guaranteed to gain a yard whenever you need it. Just the act of feeling good can put you in the right frame of mind to start noticing what’s important.

It’s not finding out what works in life, no, it’s finding your bliss. Trust me, if my dream was a guy named Dick Butkus, can what you want, be any crazier? Open the door to your desires, listen to your field of dreams and then allow all the people, places and things you desire to come to you.

Bob Mueller is an EMMY AWARD winner. He uses story Finding Your Butkus in Key Note Speeches, Training & Coaching. http://www.findingyourbutkus.com