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Here is a list of creative and thoughtful, but inexpensive gift ideas to let your junior bridesmaids know how appreciative you are that they are a part of your most special day.

Glamour girls

If any of your junior bridesmaids are budding beauty queens, find a cute cosmetic bag that matches the color of their dresses and fill it with plenty of fun goodies. Brushes and comb sets, hair accessories like barrettes and ponytail holders, age-appropriate make-up, and manicure supplies will delight any girl and give her everything she needs to gussy up for the big day.

Glittering gifts

Faux diamonds can be a young girl’s best friend. Fill a fancy bag full of glittery trinkets, baubles, jeweled barrettes, toe rings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. For an extra added touch, include a jewelry making kit complete with beads, wire, earring backs, and clasps so she can create her own stunning fashions.

Craft bag

If your junior bridesmaid is the creative type, fill a bag or basket chock full of craft supplies. Coloring books, sketch pads, canvas, crayons, magic markers, colored pencils, paint sets, pastels, and paintbrushes will surely be welcomed.

Book smarts

Fill a basket with some classic books, bookmarks, night lights, and gift certificates to book stores for a special gift that will let your bookworm know how much she means to you.

The sporting life

If your junior bridesmaid is interested in sports, find out just what she’s into and surprise her with a bag filled with appropriate accessories. A personalized gym bag filled with items like sweat socks, jogging suits, and miniature soccer balls are sure to please the athletic bridesmaid.

The great outdoors

If any of the junior bridesmaids in your wedding party are nature lovers, create a special gift that incorporates their love of the outdoors. Whether she’s a camper, a Girl Scout, or just interested in gardening, you can fill a planter or duffle bag with things like camping supplies, gardening tools, seed packets, pots, and planters to create a fun nature-themed gift.

Slumber party

There’s nary a young girl who doesn’t love a slumber party. Create a basket filled with pajama’s, slippers, hot cocoa, popcorn, games, comfy socks, or even a nice sheet set or blanket. She’ll be the hit of the next slumber party and be thankful for your thoughtfulness.

Sweet tooth

Create a basket of delectable goodies that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. The possibilities are endless, and if you happen to know the junior bridesmaid well enough, you can always find out what their favorite candies are and build a treat basket around them.

Gift certificates

If you aren’t sure what your bridesmaids hobbies are or what they may like to do, gift cards are the best way to go. Instead of handing over a plain, boring envelope, put the gift cards in a small basket and fill it with generic items such as candy, lip gloss, pens, pencils or notepads.

Despite its immense popularity all over the world, soccer has never really captured the imagination of sports fans in the US. The reasons for that may range from its low-scoring nature or because the rules seem complicated. But for serious sports bettors, soccer represents an untapped opportunity to make money, particularly during the World Cup when soccer fever is at its highest pitch and the sports books are doing good business taking wagers on the various teams. If you are interested in making a sports bet on soccer, here are a few basics you need to know.

Because of the low-scoring nature of soccer, sports books don’t use point spreads to handicap the two teams. Instead, they use money lines that require the bettor to make a larger bet if they are betting on the favorite. To illustrate, let’s say the UK is playing Germany with Germany being the favorite. Hence the money line is Germany -1.2 UK +1.5. This means that if you bet on Germany, you have to bet $120 to win $100. On the other hand, if you bet on the UK, you win $150 for every $100. Unlike in point spread bets, the bettor simply bets on which team he believes will win, regardless of the final score.

For tournaments such as the World Cup, you can choose from two-way or three-way betting. In two-way bets, you merely bet on which team you think will win and the payoff is based on the money line. If there is a tie, your bet is returned. On the other hand, in a three-way bet, you can bet on the game being a tie. A money line is also set for the tie option. When the tournament reaches the knockout stage, when teams are eliminated, you can simply bet on which team will advance to the next stage. However, if the game proceeds to a shootout, your bet is a loss since a shootout win is not considered a goal.

Finally, there are also total or over/under bets in soccer, with the total commonly set by the oddsmakers at 2 or 2.5.

Every game, which is bizarre and is extensively popular, has evolved from a form which one would really find strange and not relatable to the current form. The evolution of such sports, mainly incorporated in its introduction of some useful props, or lets rather call them commodities used by players. Even these essential sports materials, used by the players, have evolved with time due to modifications introduced in them with technological advancement. The sport, soccer too evolved with time. Obviously the ball itself underwent modifications. One other thing that has always been the prime interest for soccer lovers and players are the soccer cleats. It is rather astonishing that king Henry (VIII) of England was the first one to have soccer cleats which actually had flat outer sole. With time, awareness grew that in order to hold a grip on the grass and maintain balance, players need studded soccer cleats. It was in 1920s when the world got the modern soccer cleats with replaceable studs.


The type of cleat used mainly depends upon the surface type and the role of the player in the game. Most of the cleats are differentiated by the cuts and different arrangement of the studs on the outer portion of the sole of the cleat. Variation in field type and the player’s role leads to the usage of different types of cleats. For instance, when the game is on a hard field the players require wearing a basic sneaker type cleat with plastic studs. When playing on a wet or grassy field, cleats with screw-in studs prove to be advantageous for extra grip. Indoor football cleats have rubber soles, which increases the grip. There are cleats available now in the market for artificial grass too. There have been innovations in the cleats which were not really beneficial as they promised to be. For instance, in order to minimize injuries related to the ankle, bladed studs were introduced in soccer cleats, but they ironically proved to be the cause of injury and were banned. The studs are made of metal too in some type of cleats. Well, they have been banned in some places.


Initially the soccer cleats were made of leather, but nowadays the materials used for their construction are mostly synthetic fibers which may be combined with leather sometimes. Now various leading companies are innovating in cleat material and are having copyrights and patents too for their material. One of the most astonishing innovations in this field is the environment-friendly cleats. This cleat is actually the lightest of all and is made up of recycled materials.


These cleats are said to have brain as they have a chip, which captures data, installed in them. The chip can measure speed, no. of sprints, maximum speed, distance covered, step rate, stride rate etc. This cleat is a wonderful tool for analyzing the performance of a player.

Selling used goods on eBay can generate quite a profit if you know what to sell. There are a wide range of items that sell like hotcakes and some that don’t. As a seller on eBay, you can either put your items for sale by way of auction, or you can simply set a price on the item. Either way, the profits are huge if you’re selling the right items. Here’s a guide on what items you can consider buying or selling on eBay.


Huge demand: Electronics items, like mobile phones, PDAs, and mp3 players, are small, easy to manage, and are in high demand. Because technology is constantly improving, and there is always production, there is a huge demand for those sought-after gadgets. People who have a craving for owning these items are willing to pay a hefty price for them.

High resale value: These items have a high resale value as compared to other small items. If you are able to purchase them cheap, you are sure to make huge profits on eBay.

Advantage over wholesalers: Another interesting feature to note is that wholesalers do not flood this market as they do with other items. Companies have to pay for the people they employ, overhead costs, among other expenditures so as to sell these items. Buying them and then simply selling them online is a sure way of making a profit.

Safety test: When purchasing used electrical goods, make sure that the item has undergone an electrical safety test. The results of this should be recorded into a PAT (portable appliance test) log book, and a PAT sticker should be attached to the item.

Video games:

Disclaimer policy: If you are interested in selling video games, make sure to offer a no-quibble return policy. Because you are selling older games and testing them can be quite a tiresome task, it is recommended that you list them as “untested.” You should also offer a money-back policy if the game is defective. However, keep in mind that, if you make such an offer, it only creates a doubt in the buyers’ minds that the product might be faulty.

Purchase a disc repair machine: When purchasing a game that is on a CD, be sure to check for scratches. If there are too many scratches, check the CDs. Investing in a disc repair machine is a good idea as it will remove all the superficial scratches as well as the deep scratches. However, if it is on a cartridge and there is some damage, do mention it.


Selling media, such as books, software, DVDs, and CDs, among others, on eBay can be a tricky business. You should keep in mind the following:

Never Sell Media That You Have Burned Or Copied Yourself: Selling media that you have created yourself, whether it is copied from the Internet or off the airwaves, cannot be sold on this site. In fact, such an activity is illegal and can get you banned from eBay. eBay will first suspend you and later ask questions. Even if the media is yours, you will not be allowed to sell it on eBay.

Specify Media Compatibility: It is important that you mention the compatibility of a particular form of media that you are selling. For instance, if it is a book, specify its language and print size; if it is a CD, mention whether it is factory made from master or burned; if it is a DVD, specify the place from where you purchased it and its standard (VCD, DVD, SVCD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, among others); if it is a vinyl record, mention its size and rotation speed; and if it is a magnetic tape or disk, specify if it is VHS, cassette, microcassette, or diskette.

Antiques And Vintage Items:

Selling used antiques and vintage items is another way of making an income on eBay. There are a number of advantages selling such items.

Interest Of Buyers: Buyers are aware that they can purchase new goods on certain websites. However, what they are especially looking for is unusual, antique, and rare items.

Rarity: Vintage or antiques are those items that are scarcely supplied as compared to other used items. So, those who have an interest for collecting antiques are sure to visit your shop.

Best Price: If something is not easily available, then you can very well demand a good price for it, sometimes even an amount that is out of proportion to its true, basic value. This can bring in huge profits for you.

Easy To Source: There are huge amounts of junk items that are in the world, and some of it can still be sold. If you live in the same town or city, it is easy to source these items.

Affordability Of Stock: If you go to purchase junk from those who want to clear their attics, garages, or basements, they are willing to sell it for a song. So, if you have a place to store it, you can get it dirt cheap.

Selling For A Third Party: If there are certain antiques that you yourself don’t want to purchase but can sell on the owner’s behalf, you are sure to get your cut, without having to stock the item.

Take Photos: It is a good idea to take quality photographs of your antique items. If you are a third-party seller, you can take pictures of those items, post advertisements of them on eBay, and take a commission for selling the item.

Profitability: Buyers who are interested in antiques and vintage items are willing to pay a huge amount. So, there are high chances of you making a profit from selling such items.

Low Turnover: Selling new items, like electronic products and apparel, is a high turnover business, which is dependent on the fluctuation in market prices as well as changing fashions. Antiques and vintage items do not depend on these factors. They can remain listed until they are bought.

Sporting Goods:

Selling used sporting goods is also a sure way of bringing in income. If you want to get rid of your old sports equipment, putting it up for auction on eBay is a good idea. There are loads of sporting goods that are sold on this site and for a good price. Some of the goods that go for sale are:

Baseball Equipment: Bats, gloves, jerseys, hitting machines, hats, batting helmets, and baseballs, among others are always in demand. Not just that, training aids, like speed sensors, batting cages, videos, and books, are also sold.

Basketball Equipment: Those who are interested in basketball search for the perfect basketball system to perfect their game. From various systems like in-ground pole, portable, and wall-mount, to different styles of basketballs, footwear, jerseys, and arm warmers, among other items are always in demand and can be sold on eBay.

Camping Gear: If you are planning a camping trip with your family or friends and don’t want to spend too much on purchasing new camping gear, you can choose eBay to get the best deals. Used camping stoves, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, first aid, and water filtration kits are sold on this site.

Cycles:Cycles of all types can be sold on eBay, from mountain bikes, comfort bikes, kid bikes, and road racing bikes to BMX bikes, low-rider bikes, and vintage bikes, among others.

Fitness Equipment: From free-weight equipment, like barbells and dumbbells to manual and electric treadmills to trampolines and exercise bikes, all can be sold for a good price on eBay.

Golf Equipment: Buyers are usually searching for individual golf clubs or sets of 12, besides drivers, fairways woods, and clubs for left-handed players.

Other Sports Equipment:There are always buyers of sports equipment searching for the best deals online. From football, soccer, tennis, bowling, and fishing goods to racquetball, skateboarding, surfing, and hockey, among other popular sporting goods, you can sell these for a huge profit.

When selling sporting goods online, you need to ensure that you use the correct term to describe what you are selling. The terms that you should use are:

New In Box (NIB): Items that are in their original packaging from the time they have been purchased and have not been opened or used fall under this listing.

New With Tags (NWT) or New Without Tags (NWOT) or Never Been Worn (NBW): As the name describes, equipment and accessories that have never been worn or washed can come under NBW; those that still have the retail tags fall under NWT; and those that have the tags removed but have never been worn can be listed under NWOT. Those items that come under these listings should have no flaws.

Gently Used (GU): Those items that appear new and have no flaws in spite of having been washed, worn, or used fall under this listing.

Excellent: Those items that have been used but have no signs of flaws can be placed under this listing.

Very Good: The items that have been used, are faded in moderation, yet have no visible flaws can be considered as items in very good condition.

Good: Items that have previously been worn, are significantly faded, and have minor visible flaws are considered to be in good condition.

Fair: Products that have been previously worn, have significant flaws, and are faded considerably are considered to be in fair condition.

Poor: Items that are not in a condition to be worn or used with severe flaws, but may have certain desirable elements, can fall under this category.

Note that stains, spots, tears, holes, problems with buttons, zips, and snaps, and fabric irregularities are considered as flaws.

Hobby items:

Selling items of your hobby is another way of making an income online. Equipment for hobbies like gardening and fishing can be sold for a good price on eBay. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when selling a hobby item online:

Know Your Hobby: When you’re selling an item, you should ensure that you know everything about the hobby. This will help you to generate sales as you will be able to convince fellow enthusiasts to purchase your product.

Name The Hobby: With every opportunity you get, make sure that you name the hobby, whether it is in one-off listing titles, your member ID, or your eBay store name. This is essential for buyers when searching as well as for purposes of remembering your item.

Give Details: Hobbyists are experts in their areas of interest. So, you need to ensure that you give detailed descriptions of the items that you are selling. Information, like the make, features, model, and condition details, are important for an enthusiast of that particular hobby. What’s more, if anyone famous endorses the product that you are selling, it would be an added advantage to mention it.

Take Photos: Taking photographs of the actual item from different angles is important as buyers want to know what they are purchasing. Hobbyists especially are looking for items of quality. If your picture depicts this, you are sure to make the sale.

Make It Your Business: If you can consistently supply quality used items of your hobby on eBay, you are sure to gain a market. Buyers will not search elsewhere for the items. So, in time, you will create a strong customer base.

Update “About Me” And eBay Blogs: If you are eager to make selling your hobby items your business, it is recommended that you constantly update the “About me” page as well as eBay blogs. This will slowly build a customer’s trust in you. Buyers will be happy to have gained a supplier who shares the same interests.

Include Marketing Value-Adds: Getting free equipment related to your hobby is something hobbyists look forward to. This is also a way to create your customer base.


Clothing is one of the most-sold items on eBay. When selling your used clothing, you need to keep in mind the following:

Give Proper Descriptions: When it comes to clothing, ensure to mention the size, fabric, and brand, among other details. You need to be honest about the condition of the apparel that you are selling, so as to make sure that the customer you are selling to is not disappointed.

Pack Properly: Shipping of clothes is important. If you use a loosely-sealed, paper envelope for packaging, the item is sure to get damaged in transit. Sealing the item properly ensures that there is no contamination by the shipping environment.


Huge Shipping Costs: Selling used furniture is fine, but you need to keep in mind that furniture is big, and so the shipping costs will be greater. Remember, the bigger the furniture, the more the cost of shipping, and in turn, there are less chances of the furniture being sold. So, if the furniture is too large, it is better not to choose eBay as a place for selling it.

Give Details: One of the marketing techniques you can employ is giving details about:

Workmanship: Describe the materials that are used to make it. For instance, is it made of solid oak, teakwood, glass, stainless steel, iron, polyvinyl, or marble?

Size: Mentioning the height, width, and depth is important as the buyer would like to know if the piece of furniture he or she is about to purchase will fit in his or her accommodation.

Modification or flaws: It is always better to mention if you have made any modifications or if there are any flaws. This will ensure that you do not have an angry buyer.

Get Experts To Pack For Shipment: Owing to the size of the item, it is recommended that you hire help for shipment. Let the professionals take care of packaging the item as this will guarantee that the furniture is intact and there are no damages.


Selling your vehicle on eBay can be easy if you employ marketing strategies, like giving detailed descriptions, and taking photographs of the vehicle from both inside and outside. However, there are certain other issues that you should consider.

Take Care Of Any Legal Loose Ends: If you are selling your motor vehicle, you need to make sure that you have a copy of the title and that it is free from all kinds of legal entanglements. If the vehicle you are selling is of an old model, ensure that it is in running condition and the registration and any other applicable fees and taxes are paid for in your state. This assures the buyers that the vehicle is in good operating condition.

Have A Sales Receipt Ready: Before selling online, it is recommended that you ask your local motor vehicles division for the basic requirements that allow you to sell your vehicle. You need to ask for necessary documentation, one copy which will be given to the buyer and the other which you will keep.

Contact And Test-Drive Information: Unlike other products sold on eBay, a vehicle needs to be test-driven. A buyer will surely not purchase a vehicle without physically inspecting it. So, be sure to mention the address at which the vehicle is stationed for inspection.

Shipping Complications: When purchasing a vehicle, the buyer has the option of either “pick up,” “drive away,” or have the seller ship it. You need to specifically mention what shipping options you are offering.

Liverpool extended their unbeaten run to seven games as Andy Carroll and Charlie Adam both scored to ensure a comfortable 2-0 victory against West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League. The Reds were superior for most of the game and they took an early lead in the ninth minute from the penalty spot after Luis Suarez was judged to have been tripped, Adam converted the penalty and Carroll added a second goal for the visitors moments before half time.

The result means the Reds have now won 13 of their last 14 matches against West Bromwich, who had come into this game unbeaten in their last four games. Liverpool now climb into fifth place in the Premier League, as they keep into touch with the chasing pack, but they still trail league leaders Manchester City by ten points.

Liverpool who started the game without the injured Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, began the game with speed and enthusiasm and they looked a much classier side than their hosts, while West Brom, who were without Shane Long, because of a knee injury, defended too deeply, were ineffective in attack and appeared disorganised in defence, this invited the Reds to attack. West Brom’s Jerome Thomas was alleged to have fouled Suarez for the penalty, which infuriated the home fans, but they could not blame the referee for their sides poor performance, in fact the home side failed to create a single opportunity in front of goal until the fortieth minute, when Peter Odemwingie could not connect with a cross from Tchoyi.

Liverpool continued to be the better team during the first half as Suarez and Carroll missed opportunities to increase the Reds lead, before Carroll scored the second goal of the game sliding the ball past West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster. The crowd became increasingly frustrated and aimed the anger at the referee as they still felt aggrieved following the earlier penalty decision.

The hosts started the second half more brightly as Somen Tchoyi saw his shot swerve narrowly wide of the Liverpool post, however the revival was short lived as Suarez and Adam proved to be a constant threat for the Reds, Foster also made good saves from Carroll and Jose Enrique to deny the visitors a third goal. Stewart Downing also hit the post with an attempt at goal in the final minutes, as West Bromwich offered little resistance and made the victory pretty easy for the visitors from Merseyside.

International sports is a huge business, and the futball teams of Europe make more money off the endorsements of products from their players than they do from the ticket sales of those who come to their sporting events. And that is saying a lot considering the hundreds of thousands of people that go to Futball games each week during the season.

Interestingly enough European Futball sportswear is making a huge play here in the United States. They watch our sports such as football and basketball, and we are starting to watch their sports such as soccer, and we are now participate at a much higher level in the World Cup than ever before. US soccer teams, may not be as good as their European counterparts, however they are certainly competitive within their ranks.

Soccer is a sport that is played worldwide and many of the soccer players here in the US that play at the youth level take the game to heart, they live and love to play soccer. They also admire the European Futball-players and often wear their sportswear to school or work. This is why many retailers that sell sportswear do include European soccer outfits and sportswear in their stores.

They are indeed big sellers, which is surprising to many Americans who do not understand what soccer is all about. Nevertheless, this sportswear is selling over $10 million a year in the US, according to retail statistics as of 2008. Next time you see someone wearing European type sportswear, you’ll know exactly where it all came from, and why people are so intrigued by it, and why is becoming so popular. Please think of this.

Pele, the legendary soccer player, was born in Três Coracoes, Brazil on October 23, 1940 son of a renowned football player Dondinho. Edison Arantes Nascimento or commonly known as Pele is a former Brazilian football player who was rated by many as the greatest footballer of all time. He was able to gain the title as the Athlete of the Century given by the International Olympic Committee.

Pele grew in poverty and earned extra money by shining shoes at the Bauru Athletic Club. At the age of 15 he joined the Santos FC junior team. He was able to earn his fame and fortune through his talent on the playing field.

Pele was considered as a national hero for his accomplishments and contributions to the sport of soccer. Because of his achievements in the sport, he was officially declared by FIFA as the Football Ambassador of the world. During his career as a soccer player, he was also known as “The King of Football”. He is also a member of the American National Soccer Hall of Fame.

Pele is the first ever soccer player to achieve numerous international commendation and his name is regularly mentioned in news events of soccer. As Pele have the heart for the poor, he dedicated his 1,000th goal play to the poor children of Brazil and being acknowledged for his vocal support of policies to improve the social conditions of his constituents.

Since his full retirement in soccer on 1977, Pelé has been an ambassador for the Football League and receive various citations and awards such as the prestigious Laureus World Sports Lifetime Award from the South African President Nelson Mandel in 2000.

It is harder to teach soccer attacking than soccer defense. It is easier to have a good soccer defense than a good soccer offense because soccer defense is about destroying (or disrupting) and soccer attacking is about creating. Recreational soccer teams can have a decent defense by simply putting tough, aggressive players near the goal you are defending and having them kick the ball away. By doing so, the opponent must start the soccer attack over each time and if your Midfielders or Forwards can win those cleared balls, then not only do you have the opportunity to attack and score, but you keep the ball away from the opponent so the opponent can’t score.

On the other hand, to score against a good defense usually requires a coordinated effort involving several players and skillful soccer passing, dribbling, teamwork and doing the right thing at the right time. One mistake…one bad pass…and the attack ends with the ball either kicked away or with the opponent gaining possession of the ball. And even if the attackers are successful in getting close enough for a decent shot, the ball must still get past the Goalkeeper and go into the goal for a score to count.

Be realistic. When deciding which Attacking Style to teach your team, you must be realistic or you will be disappointed, your team will become frustrated, you will be unsuccessful and no one will have much fun. Let me use an analogy: If you decide you want to learn to juggle tennis balls using your hands, you will first start with one or two balls – you won’t start with 4. I actually learned how to juggle tennis balls and started with one, then two, then 3. I never got to 4 because I didn’t want to dedicate the time to practicing.

When deciding what Attacking Style you will teach your team, you must be realistic about your player’s abilities, the number of weak players you have on your team, and the amount of soccer practice time you have. The Attacking Style you can successfully use with a team of all great players that practices 3 hours per week year-round and has been together for a year (e.g., a Travel team) will be different from the style you can successfully use with a Recreational team that has a mixture of players (some good and some weak) and only practices one hour per week.

Do you have any weak players?. Don’t expect a Recreational team that has weak players and only practices once a week to be able to play the same Attacking Style as a Travel Team that has all great players and practices for 3 hours per week. Why does the number of weak players matter? The reason is because if you try to use a Possession style of attack, weak players are like “weak links in a chain”. I don’t say this to be mean, just to make the point that it is a factor you must consider when choosing an Attacking Style. If you have 3 players who can pass the ball and one who can’t, a short passing attack won’t work if it involves the player who can’t pass. This is why in some ways recreational coaches have a tougher job than travel coaches, and the Attacking Style that is realistic for a travel coach might not be realistic for a recreational coach.

A Possession attacking style will only work if you have a great team without any weak players. The ideal Attacking Style would be to control the ball when you attack. Since we know that a player can’t dribble very far against good defenders, it would seem logical that the best way to control the ball is by passing it, and that is true. That Attacking Style is called a “Possession” style (or a short passing style or an “Indirect” style). Ideally, the team with the ball would control the ball all over the field, even if the ball is near your own goal (which is called the “Defensive Third”). In fact, many professional teams play this way. But it is also true that not all professional teams play this way, and not all National Teams play this way. The reason is that it is difficult to make lots of consecutive short passes while under pressure and if you turn over the ball near your goal, your opponent might score. Think about U.S. football…most of the time a team will punt on fourth down if they are within their own 35 yard line (which is their Defensive Third). The reason is because it is too risky if they were to turn over the ball there.

Here is my recommendation: Use the Attacking Style that is realistic for your team and that gives your team the best chance to be successful. Some coaches think they should try to teach recreational players a “Possession” style of attack for the entire field. That is probably unrealistic for 99% of all recreational teams. On the other hand, most Rec teams can play an Attacking Style that uses long kicks (a “direct” style) to get the ball into their Attacking Third (the third of the field closest to the opponent’s goal) or into the Attacking Half and then play a Possession style to the extent they are able. I don’t think you are hurting anyone by using this style and the way I advise you to teach this is very different from just kicking the ball hard – you can teach your Midfielders and Forwards to shift so they are in position to win balls that are cleared by the Fullbacks. How do the Midfielders and Forwards know where to position themselves? It is simple: Teach your Fullbacks to kick a “Lofted Pass” straight ahead and teach the Midfielders and Forwards to expect that and to position so they can win those balls. This is an Attacking Plan that is simple to teach and can be used successfully by Rec teams. If a Rec player goes on to play on a Travel team, he or she will simply learn a more controlled Attacking Style at that time. But in the meantime they will have fun and can learn a lot, such as proper technique for an inside-of-foot pass, an advanced throw-in, Passing to Space, Movement off the Ball, First Attacker/Second Attacker/Third Attacker, how to shift to be in position to win a cleared ball, hustling and playing hard, that they must position and fight to win the ball, and a Possession style of attack in the Attacking Third or Attacking Half. And on defense coaches can teach Shift & Sag (essentially maintaining shape and funneling for those of you who use those terms), First Defender/Second Defender, marking, a zone defense and many other things.

Football is one of the most popular game-forms dominating the sport world since its inception, but its influence or craze does not end there. The very concept of fantasy football may not be very common to the world. It had been created with the sole intention of appeasing the hunger of football aficionados who were unable to play the real game due to different reasons.

The idea of this game is interesting and exciting. People participating in fantasy football games, form imaginary football teams, choosing the best players from various real football teams. Based on the score points, participants can include real life footballers in their teams. Generally, players are chosen from one specific division of a particular country.

The credit of making the original game goes to Anderew Wainstein, an Englishman. He created this game in 1991. Enthused by the success of American fantasy sport, he set up Fantasy League Ltd. Now fantasy football has become a favourite choice of many game lovers and football aficionados.

Consequently, the game has evolved from a simple recreational activity into a significant business.

Given below are some important tips to let you know how to score more in fantasy premier league

Select the right team

It is always good choosing 2 or 3 stars than spending £100m on 15 players. If you spend £100m on 15 players, you are to pay £6.5m for each player. Therefore, you should choose 2 or 3 stars and make the rest team around them. You need not be scared to splash big on these three. Every week you have to field 11 players.

Have a look at the fixture list

Have a careful look at the fixture list. Keep one thing recorded in your mind that some teams play twice in a week and some teams never play. You should get all those players who play twice in a week. Keep a close look at all those players who play twice in a week. Get them in your team.

Choose your captain carefully

Captain choice is the most important thing. This is why you should take a thoughtful decision each week. The job is difficult to do. Guesswork can hardly help you. Here you can apply some simple rules.

Just have a look the simple rules:

  • Keep a close look at the suspensions or injuries
  • You can choose your captain form the team that plays twice in a game-week.
  • Change players time to time. Do not continue with the same players every week.

Watch football regularly on the TV

Watching football games regularly on the TV is highly important. It helps you keep a close look at the in-form players. Know about the lesser teams and check on players’ contributions.

These are the thumb rules for scoring more in Premier League Fantasy Football.

Sometimes when one stands far above their contemporaries, detractors will try to label them as self players, not about the team. The problem with that statement comes when these supposedly selfish players are on teams that win.

Such is the fate of Argentina's greatest polo player, Adolfo Cambiaso, Jr, also known as Adolfito and Dolfi in admirable tones. Cambiaso has won many team championships while maintaining the highest level of skill and professionalism that polo has ever seen. He is one of the few players in history who has attained the level of 10-goal handicap.

Adolfo Cambiaso was born on April 15, 1975 in Cañuelas, Buenos Aires Province. His father was also named Adolfo, and was, at the time, a great polo player himself. He started playing polo when he was very young, but took to the game easily. By the age of 12 he had already reached the 1-goal handicap level, and a year later, he reached a 3-goal handicap. As over 90% of all polo players are a 2-goal handicap or less, this showed that Cambiaso had great skill.

The same year he earned his 3-goal handicap, he also won his first championship, the Eduardo Heguy Cup with the La Martina team, playing with his father. He followed that up by winning the Campaña del Desierto Cup in San Diego at age 14, and the Renault Cup Open with La Martina at age 15, reaching a 6-goal handicap level.

Being prodigious and talented in a sport played all over the world, Cambiaso hit the travel circuit, while also playing tournaments in Argentina. In the four year period from 1990 to 1994, the teams he played for won a staggering 24 tournaments. In 1991 he won the Gold Cup and the Warwickshire Cup both in England. In Argentina he won the El Gráfico Cup, the Renault Cup Open and the Camara de Diputados Cup, bumping him up to a 7-goal handicap. In 1992, with the Ellerstina team, he scored 16 times, setting the record for the most number of goals in one match. He ended up the year having become a 9-goal handicap player.

However, 1994 was his greatest year. His Ellerstina team won polo's version of the Triple Crown, the Abierto de Tortugas, Abierto de Hurlingham and Abierto Argentino de Palermo, which finally elevated him to the level of a 10-goal handicap player at 19 years old.

Over the next four years, Cambiaso won even more tournaments, 31 in all, including the World Cup of the Americas in 1995 in the United States, the Copa República Argentina from 1996 through 1998, the Queen's Cup and Prince of Wales Trophy in England in 1998 and 1999, the US Open in 1999 (also in 2000 and 2001), the Copa de Plata and Copa de Oro in Spain in 1999. He also started his own team, La Dolfina, in 1997.

During this time, he also received some individual awards. He won the Olimpia de Plata award as the top Argentine polo player of 1997, and was named the best player at the final of the Abierto Argentino in 1997.

Around this time, he also met his future wife, model and television personality Maria Vazquez, at a photo shoot for Gente magazine. As well known as he was in his country, she had no idea who he was, other than being introduced to him as being the top polo player in Argentina, while she was named top model in Argentina at the same time. They became the early version of what David and Victoria Beckham are today, only much quieter, as Cambiaso, as world renown as he is, also happens to be fairly shy in public. They married after a couple of years in a small private ceremony.

Since 2000, his fame has only grown stronger, such that even one of his horses, named Aiken Cura, was named as one of the greatest polo horses in history. His La Dolfina Team continues to be successful, winning the Argentine Open in 2005, 2006 and 2007, with the 2005 team defeated Elmerstina by 20-19, the highest score in Argentine Open finals match history. He also plays for other teams around the world and continues winning championships. In 2009, he played for the first time in the Middle East in the inaugural Desert Palm Nations Cup, playing on the UAE team; they won