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Soccer twinks are the most famous soccer stars who have made numerous achievements with the sport. In addition, they are also very popular because they posses almost perfect bodies mostly adored by women. With their physical features and handsome looks, they have also made their way into the modeling industry and captured a lot of advertising agencies.

Among the top soccer twink is David Beckham, a renowned professional soccer player who have made outstanding achievements in his soccer career. The 33 year old Beckham has been recognized as one of the best players in World Soccer Cup.

English born Beckham started playing as professional soccer player since 1993 which started with Manchester United.

David is the highest paid MLS player when he signed a 5 year contract with LA Galaxy, a US professional soccer team in 2007.

In his modeling career, Beckham has done many advertisements for some of the top companies like IBM, Coca Cola and Versace. Since then, he received many offers of endorsement from different companies.

Another twink top guy is the German national, Lukas Podolski who played for the German national team, FC Koln and FC Bayern Munich.

Nicknamed Prinz, has been playing professional soccer since 2003. He has been successful in his soccer career and considered one of the best players.

Prinz also appeared in several magazines and is a regular model for many advertising groups.

With so many soccer players who have the good looks and body, for sure there would be more of these athletes who would be joining the modeling industry. So better watch out for these guys.

Any successful soccer player needs to be eating muscle-building foods for all-round strength and endurance. A well planned diet should consist of a lot of carbohydrates and protein. Carbohydrates are seen as the major source of energy and helps get a player through a long soccer game or a grueling training session. Protein is needed to help promote muscle growth.

Here are a few useful foods all soccer players should be eating for strength, endurance and stamina:


Black beans are rich in carbohydrates and protein and make a great choice to complement a meal with lean meat.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast is a great option to get plenty of protein. The breast part of the bird is preferred because it is the leanest and should be eaten with the skin removed to avoid eating unnecessary fat. Also, skinless turkey can be just as beneficial to the health.


Eggs are a reliable option to give a boost of high-quality protein. Eating eggs for breakfast is a great way to start the day. Most of the protein is found in the egg while, which is also a useful source of vitamin D, zinc and selenium. But, the egg yolk also contains health benefits and gives extra protein.

Fruits and vegetables

Eating a varied range of fruits and vegetables is great for the carbohydrate content, as well as the vitamins and minerals that help with the growth of muscles. Popular options include mixed frozen vegetables, cucumbers, asparagus, tomatoes, berries, and bananas.

Lean Ground Beef

Lean ground beef is not only packed with protein, but also rich in alpha lipoic acid, vitamin B6 and zinc. A 3 oz. serving has about 24 grams of protein and just 165 calories. Always go with the extra lean or lean ground beef to avoid extra fat content.


Oatmeal is a further great breakfast option and a very reliable source of carbohydrates. Eating oatmeal first thing in the morning is certain to help get you going for the day and keeps you satisfied until midday lunch. A well-rounded breakfast can include oatmeal combined with pieces of fruit or even eggs.

Sweet potatoes

A further option to add to a lean protein for mealtime is sweet potatoes, which is a very useful carbohydrate. Sweet potatoes are appreciated for their ability to give a beneficial insulin spike. This helps to shorten the time it takes nutrients and protein to reach the muscles.

First of all, let’s start with a simple question, what is freestyle soccer? Freestyle soccer is simply the style and ability to combine various soccer tricks in juggling and ground moves. It’s a new trend in soccer along with other types like five a side futsal and beach soccer. In a soccer context, freestyle is perceived as less significance to the modern game. However, freestyle soccer does improve a footballer’s ability to control the ball.

The ball control is what I perceived as the most important element in soccer before other attributes like fitness and tactics. There’s a saying that if you can control the ball you can control the game. In fact, I stumbled one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s, an Inter Milan player, quotes saying that as long as you have the ball, you’ll have the advantage. Yet majority of footballers still ignore the importance of freestyle soccer. There are reasons behind it and one of them is that the soccer tricks are difficult to execute and only brings less to the modern game. True enough, but let’s not forget the concept of ball control. Learning freestyle allows a player to enhance his touches especially the first touch. A great first touch buys you thousands of mili seconds to give you an edge over the opposition.

Those seconds could change the game in an instant especially in the modern game where it demands fast and furious soccer. As a result of those reasons, they don’t even bother in the first place. On the other side, the ones who love freestyle soccer perceived it as something that they can express their creativity and improve on ball control and touches to a greater heights. But I’m more concern to those who are ignorant and may not have the slightest interest on freestyle soccer. The problem is, they may not know where to begin especially after watching a series of freestyle videos on streaming sites like YouTube. I’m assuming that they only watched the difficult tricks and instead forget the basics of freestyle soccer. I believe that freestyle soccer should begin with the basics like juggling and planting before moving on to the more advanced soccer tricks like the around the world, crossover, flip flap and others. It’s important since juggling is the principle of all types of ball control along with dribbling. In this case, I shall focus on juggling since it’s related to freestyle soccer.

Juggling the ball

Simply done by doing kick ups without letting the ball fall on to the ground and expanded to different parts of the body from foot, thigh, shoulder and head. The aim is to be able to link your juggling skills from one part to the other. For example, transfer your juggling from foot to your thigh. You can start with a simple transfer and improve to more advanced transfers like juggling from foot to thigh and then head. Once you’ve mastered juggling, you can start planting or stalling a soccer ball.

Planting the ball

The ability to balance the ball on a specific part of your body like balancing the ball on your foot. You can start by placing the ball on your foot and once you’ve mastered, you can plant the ball during your juggling. For example, juggle with your foot which is then transferred to your thigh and then balance it with your foot i.e. foot plant. Focus on these two abilities will help build confidence for you to start on learning some of the basic freestyle soccer tricks. Improving your juggling and planting skills increases your coordination abilities especially when you practice your transferring or linking skills. For this one, I’d recommend the around the world trick because it’s the principle of all soccer tricks. Once you’ve mastered this trick, you have a great chance of doing other tough soccer tricks like the MATW, TATW, crossover etc. The trick is simply to rotate your foot around the ball after either juggling or footplant and kick it as you finish the rotation to complete the process.

These are a couple of basics that you’d need to constantly bear in mind. Similar to soccer, the techniques are very important and I highly encourage you to practice these tricks with a lot of dedication and once mastered, you’ll begin to appreciate the beauty of freestyle soccer.

Why becomes a soccer bettor one may ask? Where it is considered a negative occupation where it is often regarded as non productive, immoral behaviour. well as for every other thing everything there is the pros n cons.if you able to use it to your advantage it could be becomes your full-time occupation or a second income. morever, soccer betting is a big thriving business where it is prevalent throughout the worldBy the use of statistics, experience and practice, an astute gambler can consistently beat the posted odds .however to do so one must behave in a manner consistent with success. one thing a successful bettor must do is to continually learn.


There is no single method that is considers the best method, everyones tackles the soccer problem differently,one thing for sure is the harder one works intelligently and practically and the more experience he has the more positive results he will realised.

Objective approach

The use of statistic to help the bettor to determine his picks. It should be noted that statistic are fundemental but its how they are used that makes the difference between winning and losing. however if everyone comes to the same conclusions the oddsmaker could still eliminate any advantages by adjusting the line to keep everyone guessing. either way it is to the bookies advantage.

Subjective approach

After yrs of handicapping the sub-conscious mind help the bettor to finalise his picks. when he starts to win the bettor will get carried away however if his results turns negative his emotions and his mind will short virtually making the bettor ineffective. it is extremely important the bettor at this time knows to hold back and observe for his form to pick up before betting again.


It should be noted that the best trends are those that are unique, valid and relatively unknown. any seasoned soccer bettor knows that once the trend becomes too popular the linesmen will adjust the line to leave people lost. when using trends you should notice whether it is getting stronger and weaker?

Bankroll mangement

Definition-the amount of money you set aside for betting and not hose for paying bills, groceries or money even when lost would not cause much unbalance in the bettors life.

How much to bet per game?

I would suggest 5% of your bankroll to be used for betting and not to bet more than 3 matches per day, reason because its very difficult to pick winners for every match and the most likely results are you will have a few winners and a few losers resulting in minimal bankroll growth which is the most likely results or worse lose all the bets which is highly possible. Another very important reason for this is you are able to gauage more accurately how much you will lose should you indeed lose.


To begin with, one must understands what he is up against, there is no method or systems that could contiunues to win every game , everyday, every week , month or year. good consistent handicapping means selecting more winners than losers. in order to be a successful bettor one must give lots of thoughts to why is the results this way ?and is there any reason behind it. when you manage to reveal the meaning behind it it is the time you feed back on the fat cow(bookmaker).

Soccer forum

I have seen a great prevalence use of soccer forums where soccer bettors post their picks. it is often noted that a lot of beginners try to note down those tipsters who is in hot form meaning those posting the corrects picks and then bet big following them .i strongly discourage people from doing so cause they were betting their hard earn money on people whom they never even meet or know and blindly follows theirs picks .this is very unhealthy why? cause the bettors himself have failed to come out with his own picks ,where he could be learning from his own mistakes and who knows those that are in the forum might be bookies themselves posting picks to lure the ignorant ones to be hooked.

Getting prepared mentally

One should be prepared mentally for losing and winnings cause either way it would lead to what I call a gambling syndrome. when the bettors keeps winnings he will be feeling over the moon during his hot streats and starts spending money like he is a king overnite however once he starts hitting the rough patch he will be losing sleeps if he bet a very substantial amount or can’t concentrate in his work. this is very unhealthy and how to curb this problem?By following a systematic money-management programs.

Is it possible to strike rich in a very short period say 1 month? It is possible for a soccer bettor to strike rich but that is provided he is extremely lucky during that month and makes more than 60% corrects picks and of those correct picks are those he bets bigs and the remainder 40% lossess are those he bets small. however one knows that what goes up must come down and the winners are those who are able to tide over the rough patch and then starts winning back when his form is back

Is it important to know all about the soccer team , soccer players statistic n does that makes me a better soccer better?

The answer is no cause soccer betting arena is a place where the booksmakers earns their money if by knowing every details could make you rich then all the soccer writers, soccer magazines editors are the ones who are driving big cars and living in big houses.

What makes a true soccer bettor an expert?

The ability to convert a given bankroll into profits based on practical bankroll management program and against some standard of odds and over a large number of games and over a period of time.

How to become a true soccer expert?

1. He should keep a record of all that days opening odds and closing odds. 2. print out the each respective wide table. 3. Write down the score 4. reason why the results to be this way and is there any trends. of course in order to look for particular trends you need soccer records. 5. keep meticulous and honest records of his play decisions and their results. this will teach him his strength and weakness. 6. learn how to bet on his own handicapping in order to realize the greatest profit. he then must discipline his action and play in respect of this plan in order to get the best results. 7. learn how to tackle his emotions as well as personal problems out of his decisions. if this becomes too difficult he should stop playing. 8. be constantly on the alert to make changes to his handicapping methods and techniques. 9. set up a plan of action for bankroll management and stick diligently to it.

Does soccer betting involves luck?

Answer: no, cause soccer results is preplanned meaning before the matches starts the results is already out. If you have been betting soccer for a period of time and keeping soccer records deligiently you would have discovered a trend and realized that its a cycle.

So which leagues are you gd in?

for each people they they dwell in different leagues for me I specialize in only 4 leagues namely EPL, Italy serieA , Spanish primera and german bundesliga.

How to tackle soccer cups and normal weekend domestic league?

There are lots of soccer matches throughout the soccer season and the techniques involves in dealing with different matches differs differently and at different timing of the season.

Does the bookmaker lose money?

ANS : yes there are times but seldom. bookmakers lose money then the strong team win throughout the tournamnet eg euro2000 but that is short-term loss.They will continues to win the soccer punters money as long as there are soccer matches. Why? Cause there will be different opionions from different soccer punters just the vigourish/water money alone is able to cover their losses and that is excluding fixed match where they win even more. Another useful tool they are armed with is they understands that all gamblers have a common weakness. They bet bigger and bigger when winning and bets even bigger to chase their loss when losing.in either case it is to the bookmakers edge.

Contary to the belief of many where they think they are winning the bookmakers money , it is the other soccer punters ie, their friend’s money whom they are winning.the only way to bust the bookmaker/bookies is not to bet or share part of the pie the bookmaker is having.

Soccer cups

There are namely a few more popular ones are uefa cup, uefa champions league, league cup, fa cup, worthington cup, international friendlies, Italian cup, Spanish cup.

Why is it important to do a form analysis on oneself?

It is because people when they are in a winning streats they tend to win more frequent cause I find that it got to do with ones confidence level. they becomes not afraid to lose and I believes that if one believe in himself strongly he will perform much better than one who is afraid of losing.

Betting strategy

Overview- When you do keep records you could trace your own form and make adjustment from there.

Flat betting strategy

This is the strategy I use when I am determining which way my form is going. up or down. Another reason to test out new leagues where I’m unfamiliar.

PROS – this strategy would produce a even amt of risk for money wagered but however if you are able to pick on the right team you could earn a average profit, CONS -but due to the water money and the increase in the no.of bets before you could see a tidy handsome profit this will constitue to be the downside.

Progressive betting strategy

I adopt the progressive betting strategy method which is to multiply my previous winnings by 0.5 and use it for the next bet which is the strategy I adopt when my form are good.ie when 3 or more wins consecutively. Reason why? There is a Chinese saying “hit the iron while its hot” which I find it to be very true cause there are many opportunities in soccerbetting where if you are able to recognize it and bet bigger than usual, PROS- there is a potential higher return rate then if you flat bet.CONS-when you do adjust your bet amt you are relatively exposing yourself to more risk this is the tradeoff where you could lose potentially more.

Reduced betting strategy

When do you adopt this is when you have been picking the wrong team all the time example say 3 straight lose which is very common caused I realized that this is the time where people starts to bet big to chase their loss. this is very wrong caused when one is down on luck or the bookmaker has adjusted the line to confuse the bettor they should stay calm n reduced their bets or not bet at all.PROS- reduced money lost and try to minimize serious damage to original bankroll.CONS-if the picks do win you could not cover back your previous loss due to reduction in wager.this is the trade-off.

Why is it important to find the right time frame before u bet and does it make a difference?

It is important because if now you are in a losing streats it is best to control oneself before you jump into it and wack hard to chase back your lossess most likely you will lose .it is best to make own prediction first and see if your form is back if it is slowly getting back now is time to jump in cause once you run out of bullets during your losing streats it is very difficult to fight back.

If one has been a football or soccer enthusiast for the longest period then it’s about time that he considers earning some cash through soccer bets. One ought to not put to waste each and every hour that he spends watching each and every of those soccer match. One could put that to great use and earn some cash by placing soccer bets. Winning all one’s bets is not simple to do and there’s no guarantee of that but if one is well-informed and wise regarding the game then placing soccer bets with high odds of winning ought to be quite easy. Here are a few football betting tips that one could consider.

To start making soccer bets, one needs to put together some cash. The amount that one wants to utilize for his football depends upon oneself. Then again, it is always a wise decision to only use one’s extra cash. One of the effective football betting tips is to never use cash that one ought to be spending for his daily living costs with the desire of doubling-up the amount. One would be more able of making sensible decisions on his football bets if one is relaxed & free from whichever pressure to win for the reason that all of one’s cash is at stake on such bet. Bookmakers typically accept bets as low as a dollar. As a novice, one ought to only bet the amount of money that one is comfortable with.

After settling on how much cash one could spend on his soccer bets, one could start looking for a site where one could place his bets. One could either place his bet with a bookmaker/bookie or he could do this on an internet gambling site. There are a lot of sites that take for all of the soccer competitions. If one is online then he could simply create an online account and utilizes that to place his football bets. All one needs to accomplish is put the amount of one’s soccer bet and then click a button to place his bet. It is really easy and simple since one does not have to leave his house or make a phone call to place his bet. One could place his bet anytime, whether it be night or day, as long as one has an internet access and a computer that he could use to log-in to his account.

When making football bets, one could never be too sure what he would win on each single bet that he makes. This is the reason why it’s always wise to place a limit for oneself and to really stick to it. No matter how enticing it is, one ought to stick to the cash amount that one has set for himself. One ought to never bet an amount of money that he knows is well beyond his means.

You’re next step? To start utilizing these football betting tips and begin earning big while enjoying your favorite sport.

1965’s “Beach Boys’ Party!” was a rollicking compilation of cover songs; Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys sang tunes by contemporary bands like the Beatles along with doo wop classics. Played on acoustic instruments, the songs seemed to be recorded live at a house party; in fact, the album was recorded in the studio and laughter, hand-claps and chatter were added later for effect. The album yielded one of the Beach Boys’ biggest hits: a cover of the Regents’ “Barbara Ann.”

The “Party!” LP was recorded shortly before the Beach Boys’ masterpiece “Pet Sounds” because of pressure from Capitol Records for a new album. Leader Brian Wilson wanted something that wouldn’t take a lot of time to record but would still manage to be fun: a selection of songs that the group enjoyed while growing up.

Fellow surf rockers Jan & Dean, who were recording in the next studio, were invited to perform on the sessions but their label, Liberty Records, threatened to withhold their royalties if they participated in a Capitol album. That didn’t deter Dean Torrence, who joined in.

Torrence shared lead vocals with Brian Wilson on “Barbara Ann” but Wilson later admitted that in the final mix, Torrence’s voice was made louder than his. Radio programmers began playing “Barbara Ann” directly from the “Party!” album; due to the response, Capitol released it as a single, which became a Top 10 hit.

The roots of the song go back to 1958, when the Desires, a struggling doo wop group from the Bronx, New York, recorded a string of unsuccessful demos at New York’s Regent Sound Studios. Hoping their luck would change, the group changed their name to the Regents.

At one studio session the group had ten minutes to spare, so lead Guy Villari suggested the group record a song frequently used as a warm-up number. Written by tenor Chuck Fassert’s brother Fred, the song was named after their sister: “Barbara-Ann” (hyphenated in the original).

The group decided that of their demos, “Barbara-Ann” had the best chance to become a hit; they brought the song to more than 50 record labels with no success. Discouraged, the Regents broke up at the end of 1958.

Fast forward to 1961. Eddie Jacobucci, younger brother of Regents’ bass man Don Jacobucci, was in a spot. Eddie’s group, the Consorts, was short of original songs. Eddie recalled his brother’s demo of “Barbara-Ann,” which he played for his group.

The Consorts convinced Lou Cicchetti of Cousins Records in the Bronx to let them cut their own version of “Barbara-Ann.” When writer Fred Fassert heard about it, he brought Cicchetti the Regents’ demo; Cicchetti liked it enough to release the Regents’ original as a single.

Fred Fassert quickly went to work finding the members of the Regents. Once re-formed, the Regents recorded “I’m So Lonely” as the B-side to “Barbara-Ann.” Released in March 1961, “Barbara-Ann” was an immediate hit, reaching number 13 on the Billboard pop charts.

Brian Jones is not mentioned much after his death by drowning (some say murder) in 1969, at his estate in Sussex, England. However, he, more than anyone else, is responsible for the creation of the most famous rock-n-roll group in history. Born February 28, 1942 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, Brian Jones learned to play piano, clarinet, saxophone and guitar at any early age with help from his musically inclined parents. Hostile to all authority figures in his youth, young Jones had several children out-of-wedlock which ultimately led to his leaving home with his guitar on his back and eventually ending up in London.

In the spring of 1962, he founded and named The Rolling Stones with pianist Ian Stewart, singer Mick Jagger and his friend Keith Richards. Bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts would soon join the band. By all accounts, Brian was the band’s leader and most important musical force by far. Brian Jones’ love and mastery of performing blues-based rock-n-roll and, over time, of other forms of music remains as an integral part of the initial formation of the band now known the world over.

His bad boy image and womanizing ways along with his mod-dress attire with his highly photogenic nature made him more than any of the others in the group the one to give the Stones commercial viability. His musical genius was evident on tracks with the sitar on “Paint it Black”, the recorder on “Ruby Tuesday”, the marimba on “Under My Thumb”, the piano on “Let’s Spend the Night Together”, the dulcimer on “Lady Jane”, and gave the Rolling Stones music the pop appeal they desperately needed to compete in the mid-60’s.

Brian actually managed the band in the early years until the group hired Andrew Loog Oldham as manager, which marked the beginning of Brian’s gradual estrangement from the band. His excessive use of drugs and alcohol and subsequent arrests further alienated him. Jones was highly intelligent ( 135 I.Q.) and was gifted musically but had a paranoia regarding song-writing. He did contribute on some early tracks but was generally not credited with any songs of substance. Oldham recognized the financial benefits very quickly of the group writing their own music; the Jagger-Richards songwriting duo added to the growing isolation from Brian and the growth of the other members.

In June of 1969 it is said that the Rolling Stones released their founding father and allowed him to explain it to the public however he desired. It is reported that Jones had contacted Ian Stewart and some others and was actually in the initial stages of putting another band together. On July 2-3, 1969 Jones was found in his backyard pool and his death was officially ruled “Death by Misadventure”. However, his girlfriend who was present at the time, Anna Wolhin, published a book describing how Brian and his contractor, Frank Thorogood had been at odds with each other and basically believes Thorogood held him underwater until he drowned. We may never know the truth. What we do know is that Brian Jones started the “27 club” which later included Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison. We also know that without the forgotten Stone, Brian Jones, the Rolling Stones would have never existed.

Other than the refreshing summer drink to which it lends its name, the lemon has to be among the most disrespected fruits. Cars that frequently break down or do not run at all are called lemons, instead of tangerines or plums. An unhappy facial expression is often described as lemon-faced, based on the sourness it indicates.

Given its unappealing tradition, it is surprising to learn that popular bands have chosen that particular fruit for their names over more desirable ones such as bananas or pears. For example, the late Sixties and Seventies gave us the Lemon Pipers, who hit the charts with the single “Green Tambourine.”

A decade later fans of New Wave music took pleasure in a group that called themselves the Mighty Lemon Drops, whose sound was often compared to Echo and the Bunnymen. Then in the Nineties singer-songwriter Evan Dando fronted a post grunge band named the Lemon Heads, who attracted fans of Nirvana and the late Kurt Cobain.

Although the lemon has overwhelmingly beaten the rest of its juicy genus, other fruits have managed to appear in some popular band names. Here are ten of the best.

The Raspberries

Eric Carmen and his three young buddies made quite an impression in the early Seventies, scoring the huge hits “Go All the Way” and “I Wanna Be With You.”

Wild Cherry

One hit was all it took to jolt this group, a quintet of white boys who wanted to play funky music, into immortality.

Apples In Stereo

Among the pioneers of the genre called indie rock, this eclectic band has outlasted most of its early peers.

The Electric Prunes

Psychedelic rock combined with a clever play on words helped make these guys a household name for a while, as “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)” climbed the charts back in 1966.

Moby Grape

Former members of Jefferson Airplane formed this band that fused rock with country and jazz, drawing comparisons to Buffalo Springfield mainly because of its three guitar player lineup.

The Raisins

National success for the most part eluded this talented late Seventies group who had a minor hit with “Fear Is Never Boring”, but they remain much revered in their hometown of Cincinnati.

Strawberry Alarm Clock

By mixing incense with some peppermints back in 1967 these guys could smell, and taste, a Top Ten single.

Blind Melon

“No Rain” became the group’s smash hit, partly because of its infectious melody and partly due to its bee-themed video.

The Cranberries

No Need To Argue was the 1994 album that allowed the Irish alt band to break through, mainly due to strong singles like “Zombies” and “Ode To My Family.”

Smashing Pumpkins

Billy Corgan led this Nineties alternative rock ensemble, who in addition to dozens of hits earned an appearance on an episode of The Simpsons.

Football coaches can be compared to conductors. Every musician plays their role and instrument in a band. The coach like the conductor, they must ensure that every player is able contribute, and he must also ensure the result is harmonic. A coach must also create a team out of 11 players, who together aim to reach the highest possible level. A coach also has opposition that is wanting to disrupt everything you do. When selecting how we are going to achieve this, the soccer drills we use are essential. During a game, every player constantly has to anticipate the ever changing situations and make split second reaction about what options does he take. These actions are created by their teammates and the opposition.

The truly great players all possess the quality to continuously and quickly oversee all the possible options. they also have the technical abilities and swift movement patterns to come up with the correct solution in most situations. And the coach prefers team efficient solutions, through drills for soccer team building. These solutions will express directly or indirectly the aim of the match: to win or at least not to lose. Complexity and unpredictability of the ever changing situations prevent the perfect form every being played. This is a positive factor. It is a given, of course, that every coach, especially those at the highest level, strive for perfection to get the most out of their team. The qualities of his players decide what the limits are of the achievement of his team.

The aiming for perfection is getting tougher all the time, this is why over the past years, on all fronts, coaches, clubs have aimed to raise the grade of perfection concerning the performance of the team. More then anything, in this demanding athletic climate, team defensive performances have greatly improved. As a result, high demands are put forward on build up and attacking qualities, in individuals as well as in team tactics. The individual top class players can not be improved very much. However much can be gained from improving their functioning within the team. A structural learning process for players between the ages of 6-18 and 18-21 is needed now more then ever, to fully ensure the complete development of both the individual abilities and team tactical awareness of the players.

At the top level, the cohesiveness of the team as a whole has become more and more decisive. There is room for improving teamwork to raise the performance level. It is then understandable that coaches wish to study factors that influence the results of the team. The world needs a set of rules that from a framework for the process of team building.

In the football/soccer world, many coaches believe that working on the mentality of players is synonymous with team building. At least as important is the team building in regards to how the football is played. All coaches work on developing team tactics, and many do not identify or acknowledge it as a structural process. It is more often seen as a form of game tactic, which is important, of course, providing that it is based upon an optimally developed playing style. this requires structural process. it is more often seen as a form of game tactic, which is important, of course, providing that it is based upon an optimally developed playing style. This requires structural training work using clear team tactical guidelines. There are three distinct types:


Organizational team building concerns the guidelines, which play a role in the team organization, the team structure, and the organizational form. These guidelines define the role and function of every player with the team organization. You can compare then to traffic lights, whereby the individual behavior on the road is steered via the guidelines in relation to other drivers. to prevent chaos. These actions become automatic. this is true for many things on a soccer pitch. There is no time to think. Action must be taken fast and in a team efficient manner. Because in and through this combination, the players make each other perform better.


Strategical team building concerns a series of guidelines which describe how with a certain team structure, the whole team, a line, or a group of players, defend, build up, and attack. Important therefore is the continuous positioning of the players in relation to each other, taking into account the resistance of the opponent and the developments in a game.


Tactical team building concerns such questions as “How do I prepare my team tactically for the upcoming match?” “Should I adjust to my opponent?”

There are variations of familiar team strategies. They are based upon specific resistances from a match. The splitting up of the team process in three distinct types is of course a schematic approach. In practice, the three elements overlap and are intertwined with each other. The are components of each other. This classification must be seen as a frame of reference, as a better foothold for coaches. Depending on the performance level of the team, one coach will use it a lot and the next will use it less often. Here is to hoping that more coaches start to develop the game as “the teacher” as standard for improving their players as a group and in turn will improve there individual ability.

(A) Popularise cricket!

1. Restructure Current test teams.

For Cricket to improve first the quality of the current test teams should be improved. Teams like England and West Indies need to be more competitive. Here are some suggestions:

  • Introduce cricket in schools and colleges.
  • More cricket competitions should be held.
  • Cricket telecasts should be shown on free to air channels.
  • Short forms of the sportlike twenty20 should be played to capture public imagination.
  • Improvement of cricket stadiums and fields.
  • Increase the competitiveness of domestic competition.
  • Selection based only on merit NOT on quotas.
  • Encouraging native peoples such as coloureds, Aborigines & Maoris to represent the national squad.

2. Restructuring Current ODI Teams.

It is disheartening for the current ODI status teams to play only during world cups. Such an unfair policy would never see new teams improve. Teams such as Canada, UAE, Scotland, Namibia & Holland should be given permanent ODI status and official tournaments should be played amongst themselves and the 3 bottom ranked test teams. An age limit of 35 yrs should be imposed to encourage youngsters.

Kenya should be given Test Status.

3. League Format

All teams Test and ODI should be ranked in groups of 5. The top 5 will be grp A. Next 5 B and so on. Teams in a particular group are allowed to play with teams in their own group as well as adjacent groups only. eg. Group A cannot play group C teams. [Except Tests & World Cups] Every year, the groups are restructured.

4. Improve quality of Upcoming teams

To ensure that debutants in ODI competitions have an international exposure to cricket before their debut, international tournaments should be held. Here’s what should be done.

  • Two international annual tournaments should be held. Two teams should be selected from each country. 1. Team that has won the domestic competition and 2. A mixed bag composed of the best players of the other teams. This would give budding players the required international exposure. Venues rotated annually.
  • An auxiliary domestic competition should be held. At least 5 local teams and 3 international teams (best players) compete in ODI and test matches. Any ODI status country can participate.
  • Teams wishing to improve their game can learn from the following countries on tour:
    • Batting: India, Australia
    • Spin Bowling: India, Sri Lanka
    • Fast Bowling Australia, South Africa
    • Seam Bowling: England, New Zealand.
  • The ICC must have a clear process for teams obtaining ODI and test status. This is what it should do.

    To get associate status, local boards should ensure:

    • A cricket education program is introduced in schools
    • Cricket equipment is readily available
    • Adequate playing grounds are available
    • International matches are telecast on free to air TV channels and radio.
    • A well maintained website of the national cricket authority.

    To get permanent ODI status teams should:

    • Be placed 1,2 or 3 in the ICC Associate World Cup.
    • Have at least one accredited (C grade –see gradings below) stadium.
    • see pt 4 above.

    To get Test Status teams should:

    • Have a waiting period of 5 years after ODI status
    • Have at least a B grade stadium
    • Toured all test playing nations & played first class matches there.
    • Won at least 10 ODI matches against Test nations.

5. Introduction of cutting-edge technology

I feel that technology should be introduced to cricket. This is what cricket needs.

  1. Helmet cams.
  2. Use of tracking technology for LBW decisions.
  3. Use of high frame rate cameras to ascertain run-outs and stumpings.
  4. Use of lasers to compliment run out decisions.
  5. Use of sensors in bails and in the boundary rope to determine if the batsman is out OR hit a 4.
  6. Use of stump microphone to determine close catching decisions.
  7. Use of yellow & red cards to suspend players from the game of repeatly flouting rules.
  8. Use of ‘Eye-Vision’ technology to enhance TV viewing.
  9. Use of ‘True Track’ technology to give the distance the ball carried (6’s)
  10. Use of biodegradable paint to colour the infield and outfield.

6. The ICC.

Here are some recommendations to the ICC

  1. Change its name to something more representative like Global Cricket Federation (GCF).
  2. No veto rights to member nations.
  3. Be a part of the International Olympic Commitee.
  4. Strive to make Cricket an Olympic sport.
  5. Increase penalties for drug offences & racial abuse.
  6. Play the National Anthem before the start of each match in the World Cup.
  7. Playoff for 3rd place in the WC
  8. Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals given to each player in WC. (like in football)
  9. Have at least 24 teams play in the WC.
  10. For the World Cup international icons should be made chief guests. eg UN Sec. General, Monarch of England, sportstars, premiers etc.

ICC Online

  1. Obtain the domain names like cricket.com, .org, etc.
  2. In the site have detailed info like player and team stats, current news, player profiles, how the sport is played, links to national boards, online telecast of matches, history, facts and stats, rankings etc.
  3. Provide software to calculate the Duckworth Lewis results.
  4. Use latest programming languages like XML, SQL, ASP etc. for website.
  5. Setting up of blogs and bulletin boards.

7. Taking on the Globe.

To encourage more countries to take up cricket, cricket must be marketed well. Teams like Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore have a good program and must be encouraged to obtain ODI status.

For cricket to succeed regional sporting giants should be given top priority. These countries are regional giants and act like a catalyst to spread the sport to neighbouring countries. The countries are: China, USA, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Nigeria Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morrocco, Sweden, Fiji, Argentina and Brazil.

Have a brand ambassador for cricket. People who know about the sport and are internationally famous should be selected. Names such as Russel Crowe, Shaggy, Christian Vieri (footballer ITALY) make good ambassadors.

Cricket should be introduced equally to all races and women should also be encouraged to take up the sport.

Marketing Blitz

If I were the president of the ICC, this is what I would do to promote the sport in a country.

  • See that major sport shops stock up cricket gear.
  • Pitches are readily available.
  • Cricket is shown on free to air channels.
  • A cricket program is introduced in schools and universities.
  • Well known directors should be requested to make cricket themed movies starring well known actors.
  • Introducing the sport to famous sportmen, politicians, actors, directors, media personalities, businessmen and making them enjoy the sport.
  • The next step would have a advertising blitz in famous newspapers, magazines, top internet sites, TV, radio. The ads should be run for a month or so. Promos showing the country’s top personalities supporting cricket should be aired. _ Nothing like having the country’s premier in the promo.
  • The marketing blitz should cummulated with top international teams playing along with the host nation in a tournament.

(B) Rules that have to be changed:

1) Elimination of the Leg-bye rule.

The Lb rule is pretty unfair to the bowler. By elimination such a rule would allow the batsman to play at the ball, instead of getting runs of the deflection of his clothing.

2) Direct Hit on the stump renders the ball dead.

At present if a fielder hits the stumps directly when the batsman is taking a run & he is safe, if it deflects of it, the batsman can run overthrows (extra runs). By enabling the ball ‘dead’ it would encourage the fielders to hit the stumps more often. If the batsman ran after this, the extra runs would be overruled.

3) Leg-side LBW decision

At present, if the ball is pitched outside the leg-stump, but is a clear LBW decision, the batsman is not out. Due to advances in technology today, we can predict an LBW. Hence LBW decisions should be simplified by this method, if the trajectory appears to hit the stump the Batsman is OUT.

4) Correct Nomenclature

Terms such as leg-spin and off-spin are outdated. Better terms would be wrist spin and finger spin.

(C) Accredation to stadiums

The ICC must start rating stadiums. The better the rating of the stadium more matches it is allowed to hold. Here are my parameters. Points are shown alongside in y/n format.

Lights 40/5

Capacity (in 1000’s)

Pitch invasion history? 0/20

Smooth Entry/Exit 30/5

Crowd Management history good/bad 30/5

Match history 1st & 2nd inn win ratio (40-60 range) 50/10

Grassy field 10/5

Facilities (practice, media, parking, toilets, food) 35/10

Replay screen 20/0

Electronic Scoreboard 15/5

Sightscreen moving needed? 0/10


Bounce (good/low) 30/10

Support for bowlers 20/5

Ave. Runs in the range (240-280) 50

200,>280 20