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Soccer is easily one of the most widely played youth sports in America right now, and with the economy the way it is, purchasing equipment might be a little more financially challenging than it was before. The equipment needed for a game of soccer is really not all that much: a ball, shoes, shin-guards, and a goal. What is the most expensive? The goal. Below are a few steps for building a cost effective goal that can be used at home for practice or on a field for a game.

Materials needed (most if not all of these can be purchased at your local hardware store): First, you need a post hole digger to dig holes deep enough to place your goal-posts in. Next, you will need two 4×4 vertical bars and one 2×4 cross bar. Other miscellaneous materials that would be helpful include: a staple gun, tape measure, nails, cement mixture, a net, and a string to tie the net onto the bars. For your bars, you can use PVC, aluminum, or steel tubing (I think PVC is the best because it is the easiest to work with).

According to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, the dimensions of a full-sized match play goal must be 24×8 feet, so take this into consideration when purchasing your materials and constructing your goal.

WARNING: I suggest that you do not use home-made goals if your child plays on full-sized goals as these can break and potentially seriously harm your child. Instead, it is suggested that you buy competitively priced, professionally made soccer goals from a reputable dealer.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is get your post hole diggers and dig holes for your two vertical posts. Keep in mind that the stability of the entire goal rests on these holes, so be sure that you dig them well enough and deep enough as to ensure structural stability.

Step 2: Once your holes are dug, mix your concrete and pour it into the holes with the vertical bars in place. I suggest quick drying cement here because it is simple and more efficient.

Step 4: Find a friend! Here you will need to attach the cross bar to your goal, and it will be much easier if you have more than one person doing the job. A ladder might also come in handy, unless you’re Yao Ming, then you might be alright.

Step 4: Choose a net that best meets your needs. A net can be either permanent or replaceable. Make sure that you decide this ahead of time and fasten the net to the posts accordingly. Be advised, this job can be time consuming because of the many connections between the bars and the net that need to be made.

Step 5: Once the net is installed, test it out using a good quality soccer ball and a good quality leg! Make sure to also check the structural stability to ensure safety for you friends and family.

Making a goal is really not as hard as you think, as long as you have the time and patience to do it right!

Putting a wager on such bet could not be easier. All internet ‘bookies’ offer such betting market, though some brand it under another name. The football bet itself is as easy as could be and would provide excitement for the whole 90 minutes of the game. In any case, here are some football betting tips and info.

What’s a Both-Team-To-Score bet?

It is exactly what its name says. One makes his selections from a choice of matches in which both soccer teams need to score for a football bet to become a winner. The game score does not matter. One is basically looking for both squads to score goals.

Where could one place his bet?

Such bet could be placed with most internet bookmakers. Each ‘bookie’ might change the name of such bet to their personal branding; for instance, one popular bookie calls it ‘Goals Galore’ while another brands it as ‘Goal Rush’.

What makes such bet exciting?

This is wherein betting on both squads to score goals comes into its own. Everybody knows that goals could come at whichever point in a match right up to the final whistle. If one had a straight win wager on a squad that was losing 1-0 with just 10 minutes to go, does one still believe his team could win the game? Of course not. Once one’s team choice conceded a goal, it would be tough to believe they can comeback & win.

With the both squads to score bet, one isn’t actually interested with the result, but simply for the soccer goals to be scored in the end. A squad winning 1-0? All one needs is for the other squad to score one goal and his bet is a winner!

This means one has the full ninety minutes to cheer on soccer goals in the game. Nothing else but goals. One does not need a specific player to goal or a particular scoreline to happen… just goals!

How much could one win?

This really depends upon how much one bets & ultimately how many selections one wants to make. The more selections one makes, the more he could win. With every additional selection made, one’s prospective winnings increase.

How does one make his selections?

This is really up to the person. There are several statistics-based sites which would give one all the info one needs to know. Info gathering on soccer fixtures and goal probabilities would vastly increase one’s chances of winning his bets.

The following are a few football betting tips on statistics to research prior to placing a football bet:

– Checking squad news for injuries of key players

– Researching recent score forms

– Checking league positions

– Checking head to head history

Which bookmakers must one join?

First of all, it pays to read autonomous bookmaker reviews. Such reviews would tell one all he needs to know, giving totally impartial advice. To join more than one bookmaker’s a wonderful idea as ‘bookies’ offer a variety of odds, & betting with simple one internet bookie significantly lowers one’s winning probabilities.

Where could one get the info he needs?

There are a lot of websites that offer football betting tips, info and tutorials at no cost. There are as well dedicated soccer betting websites which generally have info one requires.

The Soccer Field size is composed of standard pitch measurements. There are pitches that vary with their sizes. The length and width of soccer fields vary depending on the age group that plays in the field. Do not be surprised if you play at different soccer fields and find them different from each other because there are corresponding sizes that best fits the age group or type of play or tournament that accordingly plays on it. One constant rule about all soccer fields though is that it must be rectangular.

Of course, there is a more concise and more specific size with regards to international tournaments. The dimensions of these fields conform to the rules and regulations composed by FIFA. FIFA is the governing body who controls and regulates all the international soccer tournaments especially the World Cup. The standard size of the FIFA soccer field is stated in the following sentence. The length of the field ranges from 100-110 meters of 110-120 yards and its width ranges from 64-75 meters or 70-80 yards.

For fields that host non-international games, its length may range from 91-120 meters or 100-130 yards and its width from 45-91 meters or 50-101 yards. It is important to note that the pitch must never be square in appearance. Soccer field size constituents one aspect of the challenge of the game. Its area creates the level of competitiveness and serves as the challenge for players participating in a match. The football pitch is the area where the game is exactly played and the main area for all the in-game activities. The usual surface of the field is made out of turf.

"This week a 100-year-old Tennessee man got married for the third time; this time to a 68-year-old woman. would love a sandwich. '"
– Amy Poehler, of Weekend Update, on Saturday Night Live

"I really believe in infrastructure spending … I amortize my shoes over 20 years."
– Canada's BC Provincial Finance Minister Carole Taylor explaining why she wore $ 600 new Gucci shoes when introducing the annual budget.

"We wanted to keep him off the bases."
– manager Charlie Manuel (Phillies) explains Jose Reyes' (Mets) three home runs in one game.

Q: "You're the player. We like to hear it from the horse's mouth." A: (Roddick): "Go buy a horse."

"Well, I really think he shatters the myth of white supremacy once and for all!"
– Rep. Charlie Rangel, after being asked his opinion of President George W. Bush

"I got to party and socialize at an Olympic level."
– Bode Miller, the US Olympic skier who went zero for five on Olympic gold.

"Should I go and get a ruler?"
– LOST ''s Kate [Evangeline Lilly], editorizes about a testosterone contest between Jack [Matthew Fox] and Sawyer [Josh Holloway].

"My No. 1 goal is to not go to jail."
– Congresswoman-elect Michele Bachmann (R, MN)

"If you are not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin."
– Representative Katherine Harris (R, FL)

"Paddy was in the wrong place at the wrong time;
– Neil Warnock discusses (Sheffield United goalkeeper) Paddy Kenny's biting loss of one eyebrow in a restaurant.

"I have noticed a marked difference in the way that people respond to me when I am wearing my colors."
– testimony of Hells Angels member Ricky Ciarniello in a legan action against an Ontario, Canada court decision that the Angels institute a criminal organization, saying this unexpectedly exposing him to fear, loathing and ridicule. The ruling stood. (The original Canadian spelling of "colors" here is not a mistake – or at least, a very old one by now.)

"Drowning has always been my biggest fear."
– Janina Peters, lifeguard.

"Russian women are not very good for figure skating. They are good for building rail tracks in Siberia, for example."
– Alexei Mishin, champion Evgeni Plushenko's coach.

"I believe in my heart that if Jesus were alive today he would be doing the same thing."
– Madonna justifies including mock crucifixion in her stage performances.

"Cheney's defense is that he was aiming at a quail when he shot the guy: which means that Cheney now has the worst aim of anyone in the White House since Bill Clinton."
– Jay Leno

Tennis star Roddick about playing the retiring Agassi: Q: "Do you feel relief that [it] is not going to happen?" A: (Roddick): "Obviously you want to play against your idols, but then again you do not want to be the guy who shot Bambi."

"A big-city feel, but redneck-friendly."
– tourism slogan suggested by President Tim Newman of the Regional Visitors Authority of Charlotte, NC, US

"He scares our German shepherd to death when we are at home; so we come here."
– Sue Mihalyi, explaining why she and her husband Mark watch Steeler games at a local Pittsburgh restaurant. The Steelers won the Superbowl in 2006 without her rug suffering.

"Your child, at birth, already has a deeply complicated relationship with his mother, so for the first year you are only a curiosity. As the years go by you will become an amusement-park ride." Then, a referendum. And finally, a bank. "
– Things a Man Should Know About Fatherhood, Esquire magazine

"[African-American Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele has made] a career of slavishly supporting the Republican Party."
– Steny Hoyer, (D, MD)

"Keep away from the Australian women or else you will end up in prisons."
– advice to his athletes from the Ugandan sports director

"She's pretty aggressive in our cars. Especially if you catch her at the right time of the month; she might be trading plenty of paint out there."
– Ed Carpenter, IRL racing driver describes Danica Patrick.

"I'm glad he's showing some personality."

– Danica Patrick about Ed Carpenter, later that same day.

Madonna about her rep for being difficult: "What's the difference between a pop star and a terrorist? You can negotiate with a terrorist."

"I told the producers I'd give my left nut to host this thing."
– Lance Armstrong, opening the 2006 ESPY Awards

"Activities which are not compatible with western standards."
– ABC news being politically correct while describing Hamas suicide bombings.

"He a very wise man and very strong – despite perhaps not so strong as his father Barbara."
– Borat describes the President

"I do not support our troops …. When you volunteer for the US military, you pretty much know you're not going to be fending off invasions from Mexico and Canada."
– Joel Stein, Los Angeles Times columnist

"I said a little prayer before I actually did the fingerprint thing, and the picture; and my prayer was basically, 'Let people see Christ through me, and let me smile.'"
– (Former Republican House Majority Leader) Tom DeLay gets his mug shot.

"Something else I've learned about Secretary Rice is she loves the cool Atlantic breezes here in Nova Scotia, and she left the window open last night."
– Canada's Conservative Foreign Minister Peter MacKay, amidst rumors that the two had a little something goin 'on.

"When you're inviting people, you do not have to tell them this is a cold place."
– Canada's BC Premier Gordon Campbell, trying to tone down 2010 Olympic promotions.

"Of course, some of it could be cops just watching the game and not responding."
– Geoffrey Alpert, University of South Carolina criminologist, about (his) research showing a decline in crimes during the Super Bowl.

"We ship to all correctional institutions."
– A US bookstore sign, in the age of the Internet.

"The public does not have a right to know anything."
– RCMP spokesperson Staff Sargent John Ward responds to reporters' queries about Ian Bush's death in custody.

Q: "How different was it holding up that plate today than in Australia?" "It's a different trophy.

"Thanks to all the perverts who voted for me."
– Jessica Alba, accepting MTV's award for the Sexiest Performance in a Movie (Sin City.)

"For some people, playing a bipolar nymphomaniac may have been a challenge, but for me, I think I just played myself."
– Isla Fisher, accepting MTV's award for the year's Breakthrough Performance (Wedding Crashers.)

"The publication of these cartoons will cause the world to tremble. Fire will be through the world if they do not stop."
– English Islamic leader Dr Azam Tamimi

"1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 g37 l41d!"
– tee shirt

"I think a relationship with a partner is intensely personal and I prefer to keep it that way."
– Paul McCartney (early in the divorce.)

"We've gone through more hardships than the Jews and Charlie Brown put together."
– Homer to Marge, re marriage counseling, on The Simpsons

"To the vice president's credit, he did own up to it: on FOX News he said the fault was his; he can not blame anyone else. holding a smoking gun. "
– Bill Maher

"Any important Republican who comes out and says they did not know me is almost certainly lying."
– convoked lobbyist Jack Abramoff

"It's hard to forget the day you give up your Independence."
– Greg Zamlule, a US citizen, explains why he chose to get married on July 4, the same day he entered a 5k race.
"There's always the chance that he'll just keep on running."
– his fiance, Leslie Evans.

"We want to make it clear that if the Pope does not appear on TV and apologize for his comments we will blow up all of Gaza's churches."
– a reply from the Sword of Islam terrorists, harassed by the Pope's speech which appeared to associate Islam and violence centuries ago.

"You can always get new teeth."
– Teemu Selanne, a Finnish hockey player who sacrificed three whites during a quarterfinal with the US.

"McDreamy is doing the McNasty with McHottie? That McBastard!"
– George on Gray's Anatomy

"It's just basketball. They're not the Big Bad Wolf and we're not the Three Little Pigs. We're all grown men."
– Cavaliers forward LeBron James, re Detroit

"Here we have an organization supposedly dedicated to preventing cruelty actually inflating cruelty to an animal to raise money to supposedly prevent cruelty to animals."
– Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Society on the Prince Rupert, BC, Canada's SPCA's plan to host a crab boil as a fund-raiser for the animal Shelter.

"In the West Bank a group calling itself the Lions of Monotheism firebombed four churches, telling the Associated Press, 'The attacks … were carried out to protest the Pope's remarks linking Islam and violence.' The irony – and this is often the case, we find – was completely lost on them. "
– The Daily Show's Jon Stewart

"Yeah, he looked sorry when he was out there doing donuts."
– Matt Kenseth Declines an apology from Jeff Gordon, who bumped Kenseth out of the way on the Chicagoland Speedway.

"Years ago, you used to get out and fight and run around and chase each other with a jackhammer and stuff like that. Those were the good old days."
– Dale Earnhardt Jr., on track etiquette in the days before NASCAR's sponsors began to fuss about driver conduct.

"You'd like it." Puppies get killed. "
– The LOST character Sawyer [Josh Holloway] summarizes "Of Mice and Men" for Henry Gale [Michael Emerson] (a killer-of-bunnies.)

"After 45 years of this crap I've just started to enjoy it."
– Pete Townshend, the WHO summarizes a career.

"Football's a difficult business; and are not they prima donnas?"
– Queen Elizabeth II

And that's the FunnyPoetry.com funny quote summary for 2006 – the year that Britain finally paid back the last of the money it borrowed from the US and Canada during WW II, according to CNN. And why did that take so long? The interest rate was 2%, that's why. (By the way, Britain's WW I debts were never fully repaid.) On to 2007, which looks ripe to produce many more fine quotes: if for no other reason than 25% of Americans expect the return of Jesus in the coming year according to an Associated Press-AOL News poll.

I play a round of mean soccer with my MALE soccer buddies every Wednesday night. I’m the only rose among the thorns. During each game, I simply forget that they are guys. I just concentrate on the game of eleven players against eleven players.

You may be curious to know which position does this rose cover? As I’m extremely nibble, agile and have excellent reflexes, I ‘man’ the goalposts. Yes, I’m the goalkeeper.

Mind you, the job of goalkeeping may be the most difficult job on the soccer pitch because the actions can come so fast and quick.

The goalie needs to possess the capacity to be razor sharp in concentration at a moment’s notice even though he/she may not have much to do for the last 89 minutes.

Now, why do these thorns trust their rosie goalkeeper… simply because I made a mean goalie. My defenders have absolute confidence in this “last woman standing”.

The great Brian Clough once said a good goalkeeper could be worth 15 points a season. It has been 360 minutes without my conceding a goal and I’m proud of this humble record.

I realized that playing a soccer game and placing a soccer bet have a lot of similarities. There are ups, there are downs, and sometimes there are turnarounds in the game or bet.

However, I’ve found that in soccer live betting, most of the “unpredictables” in the game can be decoded.

The odds provided by the bookmakers are a reflection of the performance of the teams on the pitch from the bookmakers’ point of view. So when we go along with the bookmakers’ reading of the game as reflected by the odds, we cannot be far off.

This makes soccer live betting a literal gold-mine IF we can possess the skill to “decode the odds” and place our winning bets. With so many live bets being offered on every match day, there’s plenty of profitable actions to be had.

(Live betting is also popularly known as bet in-play, in-running, in-game and running ball).

I was searching for a soccer live betting book which can teach me the techniques to decode the odds which is the integral part in profitable live betting. I found what I wanted in this 108 page soccer live betting system and let me show you what I’ve discovered.

1) Match Fixing At This Tail End Of The Soccer Season

The soccer season in Europe has reached the tail end. Games have been played and matches have been won and lost.

It is at this point of the season that the rumours of match fixing will rear its ugly head.

How could we ignore the gossips when completely unexpected results happen… especially when this is the crucial point of the season when teams are fighting for coveted places to play in an European competition, or to avoid relegation.

Of course, in soccer, just like in any sport, there are always freak results. Just one error in judgement by a referee or a linesman can make a difference between winning and losing.

For normal bets, unless the punter has access to the match fixing syndicate, it can be difficult for him to ‘smell out’ the suspicious matches. He has to be vigilant on any abnormal odds swings or prices too good to be true. The onus is on himself to be alert before placing his bets.

For live bets, as the odds are adjusted according to how the match is moving, if a syndicate has fixed a game, say the Home team to lose the match, their poor play would have been reflected in the odds movements. So you can say that this is one advantage live bets have over normal bets, provided you can decode the odds.

2) The Main Thing That This System Has Taught Me

This book opened up my eyes to look at the odds from a different angle – the angle which brought in the dole. I didn’t know the secret is hidden in the odds. Once you discover it, you’ll realize how easy it is to make money in soccer live betting.

I love the chapter on “Timing Of The Bets”. The author has meticulously explained the rationale in determining the best “profitable” times to place the bets. The screen-shots made it real easy to understand.

3) The No. 1 Tip I’ve Learned

For me, the No. 1 tip I’ve learned is the discipline to follow the criteria of each of the 10 strategies.

I realized the criteria form the foundation of the strategy and by following them strictly, I’ll not be tempted to deviate due to any emotion.

I’ll only place my bets when the selection meets the criteria 100%. This discipline makes me place each bet with utmost confidence.

4) The No. 2 Tip I’ve Learned

I realized a good betting system must be complemented with sensible money handling knowledge.

This book has an in-depth coverage on money management rules especially in staking plan and stop win/stop loss limit.

I once followed a system which recommended doubling up the next stake amount to cover the last loss. In one weekend, I lost 90% of my bank.

So knowing how to handle my betting money is the No. 2 tip.

5) Why Is This System The Complete System

I love to describe things in terms of hardware and software.

In this system book, the 10 strategies are the hardware. But to get the system going towards the profitable mode, it is necessary to install an efficient software to ensure consistent profit.

In this book, the author took pains to expound on the virtues of maintaining a winning mindset and dealing with emotions of fear and greed, every punter’s worst enemies.

The chapter on fear and greed is most valuable as the author painted a few betting scenarios to illustrate the point that the distinction between the successful punters and the unsuccessful lot is how they deal with these two emotions.

6) Which Strategy Every Punter Should Know

Out of the 10 strategies, I feel every live bettor should be well versed with the “Cut Loss Strategy” in order to limit any financial damage whenever needed.

Many things can happen in 90 minutes on the soccer pitch. To me, it is very comforting to know that there is a strategy of a “Plan B” when the original strategy is not working. This is my favourite strategy because I love back doors.

7) How Does This System Benefit You

With the 10 strategies, you’ll know exactly what to do when the betting opportunities present themselves.

You’ll not be led by emotion, or relying on luck, or by “guesstimates” to place your bets.

The odds which are a reflection of the performance of the two teams on the pitch will tell you what to do.

8) Can You Really Make $1200 In 3 Hours

Yes, you definitely can. There are so many live games offered on every match day. With the 10 strategies, you can generate regular profits easily.

Of course, your profit figure will depend on your stake amount. Always bet within your comfort zone.

9) What If You’ve No Experience In Soccer Live Betting

Do not fret. The system can be used even by an absolute beginner. Every strategy is described clearly. There are snapshots explaining each step of the strategy. So there is no guesswork. Every step is supported by the odds movement.


This system does not rely on injuries, previous match previews, weather condition, etc. It does not require hours of analysis on every match day.

You just need to acquire the know-how to read the odds movements.

Having the ability to “decode the odds” takes emotion out of the live betting equation. You bet based on what happens on the pitch, not whether Team A is your beloved team or Team X is your most hated club. This is the money making beauty of soccer live betting.

Most actions on a soccer field are fouls only by degree, and become fouls only if done in an unfair manner. Players often bump into each other while running, or push past each while each is trying to avoid a collision. These actions are just part of the game, and most bodily contact is quite incidental to the players’ attempts to win the ball.

Sometimes, though, players will exceed the bounds of fair play, either through enthusiasm or frustration, or simply by overestimating their body’s ability to do what their brains are telling them to do. It is up to the referee to decide when those actions will exceed the bounds of fair play.


Soccer is a contact sport. This means that the players can use their bodies and muscles to try to win the ball. On the other hand, soccer is not ice hockey; and unlike some other sports, soccer players are not supposed to crash into each other, or body-check their opponents. For the referee trying to keep things under control, the important thing will be the force of the contact, as well as the targeted area of the opponent’s body. Also, once the goalkeeper collects the ball, opposing players may not lawfully try to play it.

Fans and players often hear about “shoulder-to-shoulder” charges, and these are the charges that most coaches try to teach. Unless undertaken with a running start, most shoulder charges will be allowed, but this is not, strictly speaking, a requirement of a fair charge. Owing to human anatomy, though, most fair charges will come in the general direction of the shoulder area, not by use of the hips–and never directed toward back or the spine. If performed with clearly undue force, particularly toward the small of the back, a charge may be deemed reckless or worse, and punished with a caution and a yellow card–or, in extreme cases, with a red card and send-off.

Some people are shy, which makes it hard to develop meaningful friendships. Having friends is important because no one wants to be lonely and it is important to have someone to lean on when the times get tough. People who are interested in making new friends should consider playing a sport.

Soccer is a great sport for building lasting friendships because it requires people to work together as a team. Soccer can also help a person get in shape and have a great time while doing so.

Most friendships are developed based on common interest. Those who have a-lot in common in the field are likely to have a-lot in common of the field. Most people who play soccer together end up doing activities outside of this sport. It is important to make friends with people who are doing something positive and meaningful with their lives. Soccer is an activity that can be very life-enriching and give people something constructive. to talk about.

Many people today are concerned about the way their bodies look. Some people have tried various exercise programs and still have not gotten the results that they wanted. Playing soccer is one of the simplest ways that a person can get in shape. In fact, studies have shown people who play soccer can get in shape faster than those who jog on a regular basis.

A study was done by the British Journal of Sports Medicine and the results were that those who played soccer lost an average of 6 pounds while those who just jogged only lost 4 pounds. The reason that so many people are able to get in shape fast from playing soccer is because this sport incorporates interval training, which has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat.

One of the best things about soccer is that it allows people to have fun. People are constantly bombarded with stress from work, school and family life that it is hard to relax and have a good time. Soccer allows those who are stressed to sweat it out. That can help improve a person’s mental and physical health.

Soccer is more than just a sport; is something that can help change a person’s life for the better. It can help those who are shy build lasting friendships. It can also help those who are self-conscious about their bodies get in shape and have fun while doing so.

Playing with your dog on a regular basis builds good understanding, respect, and communication between you and your pet. Dogs love to play and especially so, with their owner.

Fun aside, games generally help stimulate your dog’s mind and provide an outlet for them to burn off their extra energy. Games can also be used to teach your dog impulse control and discipline. Listed below are some common fun games you can play with your dog regardless of breed.


To play soccer, you must first teach the dog to dribble the ball. To do so, simply show your dog a food treat, put it just below the ball. When your dog reaches out to get the treat, he will invariably move the ball with his muzzle, simulating a dribble action. Take the opportunity to cue “dribble” the moment it makes contact. Over time, fade off the use of the food treat as a lure (i.e. do not leave it under the ball) and get your dog to dribble with just your verbal cue “dribble.”


Another common game is fetch. Many dogs instinctive know how to go get an object after you have thrown it. Some though will not return it to you. Assuming your dog is totally clueless, here’s a simple way to teach the retrieve. Buy a retrieve object (e.g. a dumbbell) from any pet shop. Coat it with peanut butter, show it to your dog and throw it a distance away. Your dog should run towards the object. The moment he grabs it, cue “come” or whatever cue you give your dog to come towards you. Once next to you, offer a tasty treat in exchange for the dumbbell and cue “give” as you take the dumbbell out of his mouth. Once your dog will come back on its own (to give you the dumbbell) without you needing to cue “come,” you can add the “fetch” cue the moment the dog charges towards the dumbbell.

As with the soccer game, you will need to fade off the use of the coat of peanut butter and food treat before the dog becomes reliant on it (e.g. won’t fetch an item unless it is coated with peanut butter or won’t give you the dumbbell unless you exchange it for food treats).

Finally, a word of caution. If your dog gets aggressive each time you try to remove something from its mouth, you may need to seek help from a professional rather than play this game on your own. You will know your dog best.

Tug of War

To initiate the game you can use tug-of-war toys for dogs and let your dog bite the other end of the toy. While your dog’s teeth are on it, you may slowly pull it away from him while giving the verbal cue “tug.” Hearing the cue “tug” often will slowly make your dog understand the game.

However, do note that there are lots of debates about whether this game causes aggression issues. Our best advice is not to play this game unless you have full control of your dog. By that we mean you are able to set the rules and your dog abides by these rules 100% of the time. If you are able to, this game is excellent for exercising your dog, teaching him impulse control and building up his drive.

Rule 1

Leave it mean leave it – Once you cue “leave it,” your dog has to drop the object immediately.

Rule 2

No tugging unless cued to – If the dog tries to tug an object without you cueing, drop the object immediately and institute a time out. Some trainers even go as far as mandating that tug should be played only with a designated tug toy. Hence for them, their dogs are not allowed to tug unless both the verbal cue and tug toy is present. If one is present without the other (e.g. owner cues tug with a different toy), strictly no tugging is allowed. They do this to prevent accidents e.g. dog jumping on someone who mistakenly lifts up the tug toy or dog initiating tug on hearing someone say out the word “tug” in his normal conversation with someone else.

Rule 3

Game stops the moment dog sinks teeth on you – Even if it is an accident, the game should stop. This will teach your dog to be extra careful when playing this game with you.

Rule 4

Stop the moment he displays any sign of aggression – Growling while tugging is okay as long as you have control e.g. he stops and drops the object the instant you cue “leave it.” However if your dog attempts to snap at you at any time when you reach out for the object, it is sign that you are not in control. Stop the game immediately for safety reasons and find a safer game to play with your dog.

Rule 5

Frequent breaks – You decide when the breaks are and if the dog gets too boisterous, take a break. Use the break as an opportunity to practice some obedience cue with your dog before re-initiating the game again.

Do not even attempt to play tug of war if you are already having difficulty taking something out of your dog’s mouth or if he is already showing signs of aggression.

Lastly, when playing this game, do consider your dog’s safety. Don’t jerk his head back and forth too much as it may cause neck problems. Don’t tug till all four of his feet are off the ground as well.

It is said that soccer cleats are as good as the feet inside them but it is also true to say that you cannot bring out the best in you in the wrong cleats. It is therefore of importance that you choose the right soccer cleats to give your best performance in the pitch. With everything online, it is also very possible for you to find the right cleats from the comfort of your home and have them come to where you are. You just need to select the best online store to source your cleats from and you are good to go. But what should matter when looking for that ideal online store.

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Aberdeen (The Granite City) is Scotland’s third largest city. Aberdeen

is the chief commercial centre and seaport in the north-east of

Scotland. It boasts the title of Oil Capital of Europe thanks to the

plentiful supply of crude oil in the North Sea, and stands on a bay of

the North Sea, between the mouths of the rivers Don and Dee.


Aberdeen grew up as two separate burghs – Old Aberdeen at the mouth of

the Don and New Aberdeen, a fishing and trading settlement where the

Denburn entered the Dee estuary. The earliest charter was granted by

King William the Lion about 1179, confirming the corporate rights

granted by David I. The city received other royal charters later. In

1319, the Great Charter of Robert the Bruce transformed Aberdeen into a

property owning and financially independent community. The city was

burned by Edward III of England in 1336, but was soon rebuilt and

extended, and called New Aberdeen.

For many centuries the city was

subject to attacks by the neighbouring lords, and was strongly

fortified, but the gates were all removed by 1770. In the 18th century

a new Town Hall was built, elegantly furnished with a marble fireplace

from Holland and a set of fine crystal chandeliers and sconces. The

19th century was a time of considerable expansion. By 1901 the

population was 153,000 and the city covered more than 6,000 acres (24

km²). In the late 18th century, the council embarked on a scheme

of road improvements, and by 1805 George Street, King Street and Union

Street were open, the latter a feat of extraordinary engineering skill

involving the partial levelling of St Catherine’s Hill and the building

of arches to carry the street over Putachieside. The increasing

economic importance of Aberdeen and the development of the shipbuilding

and fishing industries brought a need for improved harbour facilities.

During this century much of the harbour as it exists today was built

including Victoria Dock, the South Breakwater and the extension to the

North Pier.

Places of interest

The main places of interest for the tourists in Aberdeen are the

museums, art galleries and the Scotland’s castle trails. Here is a list

of interesting places in Aberdeen:

  • Aberdeen Art Gallery
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum
  • Castle Fraser
  • Craigievar Castle
  • Crathes Castle & Gardens
  • Dunnottar Castle
  • Fyvie Castle
  • Provost Skene House
  • Museums and Art Galleries

    The city is blessed with amenities which cover a wide range of cultural

    activities and boasts a selection of museums. The Aberdeen Art Gallery

    houses a collection of Impressionist, Victorian, Scottish and 20th

    Century British paintings as well as collections of silver and glass.

    It also includes The Alexander Macdonald Bequest, a collection of late

    19th century works donated by the museum’s first benefactor and a

    constantly changing collection of contemporary work and regular

    visiting exhibitions. Some of the other Aberdeen’s museums and art

    galleries are:

  • Aberdeen Art Gallery
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum
  • Provost Ross’ House
  • The Gordon Highlanders Museum
  • Marischal Museum
  • James Dun’s House
  • Museum of Education Victorian Classroom
  • Tolbooth Museum
  • Aberdeen Arts Centre
  • His Majesty’s Theatre 1906 (presently -2005- under renovation) is a

    fine granite theatre which provides a home for popular entertainments.
  • Shopping

    The main shopping districts center on specialty shops on Chapel and

    Thistle streets and the well-known chains on George and Union streets.

    Of interest to collectors, Colin Wood, stocks furniture, wall clocks,

    and grandfather clocks from the 17th to the early 20th centuries.

    Someone may also want to browse through the eclectic mix of bric-a-brac

    antiques at Elizabeth Watts Studio, where items include glass, brass,

    antique jewelry, china, silver, and a few small furniture pieces. For

    one-stop gift shopping, drop in at Nova, which stocks china, silver

    jewelry, rugs, clothing, toys, cards, and gift paper.

    Other interesting shops are Grandad’s Attic, which specializes in Art

    Deco ceramics and antique pine furniture; Just Scottish, retailers of

    quality items — all made in Scotland, including ceramics, knitwear,

    textiles, silver, and jewelry; and Alex Scott & Co. the town’s

    finest kiltmakers.

    Food and Drinks

    Although Aberdeen is a well renowned city, it does not have many

    restaurants in offer. Mainly all the restaurants and bars offer

    continental or British/Irish/Scottish cuisine. Some of the famous

    places for wine and dine are:

  • Elrond’s Cafe Bar
  • Ferryhill House
  • Howies Aberdeen
  • Martha’s Vineyard Bistro/The Courtyard Restaurant
  • Silver Darling
  • Education

    The first of Aberdeen’s two universities, the University of Aberdeen,

    was founded in 1495 by William Elphinstone, Bishop of Aberdeen and

    Chancellor of Scotland. The University of Aberdeen is Scotland’s third

    oldest, and the UK’s fifth oldest University.

    Robert Gordon’s College (originally Robert Gordon’s Hospital) was

    founded in and in the 1990s became co-educational and a day-only

    school. It also produced the Robert Gordon Institute of Technology,

    which became The Robert Gordon University in 1992.

    Gray’s School of Art, founded in 1886, is one of the oldest established

    colleges of art in the UK. Aberdeen College has several campuses in

    Aberdeen and offers a wide variety of part-time and full-time courses

    leading to several different qualifications. Northern College was a

    teacher training college with campuses in Aberdeen and Dundee. In 2000,

    the Aberdeen campus of Northern College became the University of

    Aberdeen School of Education. Aberdeen Grammar School, (now

    comprehensive, despite its name) founded in 1263 and one of the oldest

    schools in Britain.


    Aberdeen Football Club was founded in 1903. Its major success was

    winning the European Cup Winners Cup in 1983 and three League

    Championships between 1980 and 1986. The club’s stadium is Pittodrie

    which holds the distinction of being Britain’s first all-seater

    stadium. Aberdeen F.C. holds the distinction of being the last team to

    have won the Scottish Premier League Championship outside the Old Firm

    and is the only Scottish team to have won two European trophies adding

    to their European Cup Winners Cup success by winning the European Super

    Cup also in 1983. Well known footballers who have played for the club

    include Gordon Strachan (Current Celtic manager), Alex McLeish (Current

    Rangers manager) and club legend Willie Miller. Denis Law, the joint

    top scorer for the Scotland national team was also born in the city,

    but spent his professional career playing for English and Italian clubs.

    Aberdeen Golf Club was founded in 1815. It has two 18-hole courses at

    Balgownie, north of the River Don. There are other golf courses at

    Auchmill, Balnagask, Hazlehead and King’s Links.

    Tours and Sightseeing

    The Aberdeen Tourist Information Centre, where the staff can usually

    find just the right way to visit Aberdeen. Some other organized tours

    and travel agencies are there in the city. These tours are organized by

    the operators and vary from its contents, theme and price. The tours

    mainly feature the museums, art galleries, Scottish Castles etc.

    Hotels and Accommodations

    Because of increasing numbers of tourists and business travelers to the

    Granite City — Europe’s offshore oil capital and less number of hotels

    compare with tourists — hotels are likely to be heavily booked any

    time of year. So reservation in advance is a must before stepping to

    the city. Some of the Hotels in Aberdeen (ranging from Affordable to

    Luxury) are listed below:

  • Antrim Guest House
  • Station Hotel
  • Royal Hotel
  • Express by

    Holiday Inn Aberdeen
  • Thistle Aberdeen

  • Copthorne Hotel

  • The Edwardian Hotel
  • Bimini Guest House
  • The Spires

    Serviced Suites
  • Thistle Aberdeen

  • Summerhill Hotel

    and Suites
  • Macdonald Ardoe

    House Hotel
  • Britannia Hotel

  • Waterwheel Inn
  • Dyce Skean Dhu
  • Transport

    There are four main roads serving the city: A90, A96, A93, A92, A90 now

    used as a tourist route.

    The city’s original ring road, Anderson Drive, which was built in the

    1930s has long since been engulfed by the expansion of the city, and is

    inadequate for dealing with today’s traffic. To this end, a new main

    bypass road, the Western Peripheral Route, is planned to divert through

    traffic away from the city centre. The road is due to open in 2010.

    The city is well served by the national railway network. Aberdeen has

    regular rail services to Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as long distance

    trains to London via Edinburgh. It is possible to take the longest

    scheduled rail journey in the whole of the UK from Aberdeen. Regular

    trains also run north westerly towards Inverness and north to Dyce for

    the airport.

    Aberdeen also has an airport in the neighbouring town of Dyce, which is

    operated by BAA plc. As well as connecting the city to the rest of the

    UK, Aberdeen Airport (sometimes refererred to as Dyce Airport) is the

    largest helicopter terminal in the world, serving the many North Sea

    oil installations. The IATA airport code for the airport is ABZ.