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A soccer player must have both a strong core and strong legs. To achieve this there are several exercises available with a Bow Flex.


Most athletes need a solid core to build from. As with any construction, if the core is weak no amount of work on the outside can overcome that weakness.

The core of your body consists of your abdomen and some back muscles. As you probably already know, the best exercises for strengthening the abdomen are crunches.

The Bow Flex Ultimate 2 home gym has the widest range of exercises including abdominal. Strengthening your core is simple with these exercises:

Reverse crunch

Resisted reverse crunch

Seated abdominal crunch

Seated oblique abdominal crunch

Ab crunch with attachment

Trunk rotation

Standing oblique crunch


The most important tool a soccer player has is their legs. After building a solid core, it is time to go to work on the legs. With the Bow Flex, you can do these leg-strengthening exercises:

Leg extension

Lying leg extension

Squat (with attachment)


Ankle eversion

Ankle inversion

Standing hip abduction

Standing hip extension

Seated hip abduction

Calf press

Leg press

Leg curls and more

These will increase strength and power for kicking and maneuvering the ball down the field.

Other Exercise:

If you have ever watched a soccer game you know there is a lot of one thing, and that is running back and forth across the field. This takes a lot of stamina and endurance. While muscle building and strengthening is important, perhaps just as important is building endurance.

A great way to achieve this goal is with the Bow Flex Tread Climber. This machine combines the work out of a treadmill with the stepping motion of a stair climber. All this is wrapped up in a smooth elliptical movement that is easy on the joints. Increasing your heart rate and building long distance stamina is a breeze.

Bow Flex has the complete package for any athlete and that includes soccer players. If you are an aspiring player, do yourself a favor and train using either or both of these great Bow Flex machines.

Essential principles of soccer are best learned at an early age. Certainly one of the most critical concepts is passing. If you want to facilitate this practice, a parent or a soccer trainer, needs to undertake and invoke basic soccer drills for kids as soon as possible in the players growth. The coach or trainer must realize the goal is to make each practice fun and full of workouts that are fun and practical for the kids, making certain that they learn something new each time. The soccer drill referred to below includes key passing fundamentals and offers a fun way to keep score and make it competitive.

Criss Cross Keep Away is a soccer drill designed to engage younger soccer players. It is good for u6, u8, u10, and even u12 age levels. The drill concentrates on passing, receiving, and paying attention. It calls for a minimum of eight players and two soccer balls.

To set up, group the players into two squads of four players and divide each team into two lines of two participants. As an example you will have Team 1 with lines A & B and Team 2 with lines A & B. Four cones or discs are are set up in a 15 x 15 yard square. Each squad places one of the lines on the corner of the square so that each team’s line is diagonal from each other. The first player from one of the lines on each team starts with a ball.

On the whistle the participant from each team with the ball makes a pass across the square to the initial person in the other line (on their own team). As soon as the player makes the pass, they follow their pass through the square to the other line. As they run through the square they need to pay attention to the other line and try to intercept their pass whenever possible. The players running through the box are not allowed to stop or go backwards. It is very important for the player who will be making the pass to take notice so their passes are not intercepted. The squad that intercepts the pass and kicks it out of the box gets the point for that round.

This is a terrific soccer passing drill due to the fact it teaches kids to take note of where they are passing the ball. Ball possession is so key to the game and this soccer drill may help kids learn the value of passing with their head up as opposed to just kicking it wherever.

Many coaches ask me how to stop the players goofing around during practice sessions. Below are some ideas that I use myself and that are successful.

Firstly after team formation at tryouts I have a sheet of paper with the coaches rules for the players. I read this to the players and have them sign it. It is good to start off like this and let the players know the rules and what you will accept and what you will not accept.

Some rules could include:

– To attend all practice sessions

– To inform the coach if you cannot attend a practice session or game.

– To turn up to practice sessions and games on time

– To try their hardest in practice sessions and games

– No talking when the coach is talking

– No goofing off during practice sessions

Secondly it is wise for the coach to not allow the players the time to goof off. They should always be kept busy. Do drills where all the players are involved and try to not do too many line drills where the players are standing around for long periods of time.

If there are a few players goofing around, you should discipline the whole team. Here peer pressure will come in and the players themselves will tell the few who are goofing around not to do so.

If there are continuous instances of the same player goofing around, a private word with the player might be a good idea. In this conversation be open and honest. Tell them that this is a problem and ask them to discontinue this behavior. This private one on one conversation usually works. If this does not work I would suggest having a word with the parent. This should really put an end to the problem.

If all of the above does not work there is obviously a problem with the player. The next stage should be an official letter of warning in writing to the parents. This should state the sequence of events you have already taken to stop the goofing around and, a warning that a repeat of this behavior will lead to a suspension from a few games and then dismissal from the team.

By 1970s, Queen had become popular, not only in UK but also in United States. Since the band ventured, into the world of music, the group has produced fifteen studio albums and more than three live albums.

The band was associated with different types of genres of music such as hard rock, progressive rock, dance, glam rock and psychedelic rock. Queen wrote songs, which were influenced by genres that were not linked with rock like folk, ragtime, gospel and opera. Another feature that featured in most songs of the band is sonic experimentation. The band vocal harmonies were composed by Taylor, May and Mercury. Roy Thomas Baker and Mike Stone helped in the development of the sound of the band. Apart from Vocal harmonies, the band was popularly recognized, for their multi tracking voices.

In 1975, the band started their first world tour. All members in the band made costumes and banks. They went to perform in United States, for the first time and later went to Canada to perform another show. During that time, the manager of Queen, Jim Beach helped the band to sign more contracts. One of the options, that the band was awarded was to sign, with Led Zeppelin. The manager of Led Zeppelin, Peter Grant wanted the band, to sign a record deal with, Swan Song Records. But, the band turned away this offer.

Mercury designed the band logo, which was also referred as the Queen Crest. He designed the logo, before the band released their first album. The logo had zodiac signs of all the four members of the group, two lions and two fairies. The band mostly used the logo in all the band album covers. What made this band different from the other rock bands is that, they were widely known, for inspiring genres like pop rock, arena rock and progressive rock. Queen also inspired, other popular artists, not only in U.K but also in America. Some of the bands, which were inspired by the band, include Green Day, Ben Folds, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Keane, Radio Head and Lady Gaga.

Since the band ventured into the world of music, the group has produced ten DVDs, eighteen albums and eighteen singles. This made the Queen, one of the best selling rock bands. By 2004, the group had sold more than, three hundred albums globally and thirty million units, in United States. In 2007, it was reported that, the band Greatest Hits 1 and 11 were, the most downloaded albums in America.

According to one of the managers, of the group official online site Nick Weymouth, the band was one of the most, bootlegged groups. A survey which was carried out in 2001, showed out of twelve thousand website, Queen was the most bootlegged bands. Bootleg has significantly, increased the band popularity, in various countries especially in countries, which censor western music like Iran. The band also contributed music to various movies like Flash Gordon in 1986. The director of this movie was known as Mike Hodges.

In order for all to go smoothly at the official 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games, there need to be some test runs and pre-game judging forums. Enter: The Kentucky Cup. These will be the official testing games leading up to the fall, 2010 competition bonanza, and they will be held during the summer months of 2009 and the early spring months of 2010. The first two testing competitions that will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park are the reining and the vaulting contests, and these will be the first to take place inside of the brand new indoor stadium.

The Three Day Event will signal the halt of the 8 separate Kentucky Cup testing competitions, after which the racing and summer seasons will take over before a pause will be made in preparation for the big world games event. These are official qualifying factors, used to determine both the placement of teams going into the World Equestrian Games as well as the overall flow of the functional avenues that will hold the competitions next fall. The Kentucky Horse Park is offering the public to view these exciting tests free of charge, and only car parking will be charged during these timed events.

Those who wish to take advantage of these less crowded yet over exciting and professional testing competitions can take advantage of some very generous hotel group rate codes provided at the Alltech FEI website under "testing". Kentucky Horse Park would also like to invite visitors to take advantage of the low admissions costs on these days for the reminder of the park, which include horse drawn tours and two of the finest equine museums in the world. Those who are more interested in house rentals can also find some great opportunities through just a little bit of research.

There will be two phases of both the reining and the vaulting tests on display at the stadium, the reining competition testing in both teams and individuals. Those who wish to volunteer for the world games in the more specialized areas may have been urged to volunteer during the testing events as well, and this is a great opportunity to get familiar with the goings on and demands of the games next year. This is also a wonderful opportunity for those who may not be able to afford the games to get up close to these professional athletes in all of their splendor.

Soccer mom score during election and greatly contributes in any supported party or candidate. The term “soccer mom” commonly refers to women belonging to the middle class family who have sons or daughters playing soccer.

The primary duty of a traditional mom is to parent their children, prepare them for school and drive them to school with their minivans and joins PTA meetings. She is in charge of dropping their kids to different activities like soccer. They are the number one fans of the children during sports competitions. Many of these moms work at home and some have full time jobs. Those are the most common jobs associated with these moms.

But in politics, these moms are no ordinary mothers. These moms are usually active in different NGO work or in many organizational activities. This group is also considered by politicians as one of the voting force which largely influence the election in favor of the candidate they support. The soccer mom score can give a candidate the winning seat. This has been proven during the election of past President Clinton. From then on, politicians value the support of this group and do their best to get the support from them.

We cannot deny the fact that these moms contribute so much in the society. With their devotion and hard work in taking care of a family and participating in social, cultural and political activities is a great ordeal which needs to be recognized and respected. They uphold the discipline and moral of their children in as much as they can.

Barring West Indies and England all the other six teams in the ICC Cricket World Cup have won 4 out of the 6 matches they played. The top teams look in fine nick and their victories have been as convincing as their surprise losses.

The two top teams at the group stage – Pakistan and South Africa have reliably easier opponents in the form of West Indies and New Zealand and from the looks of it the two of the four semi-final slots already look booked. Shahid Afridi has been having a wonderful time with the ball and the highest wicket-taker of 2011 CWC would like to usher in a new chapter in Pakistan cricket by emulating the other famous Pathan Imran Khan's 1992 campaign.

South Africans have always been favorites and chokers who just lose the plot midway and needless to say they have the required will, determination and the talent to end their drought. The other four have their task cut-out: play like you have never played before!

Like every major tournament it plays, India, this time around as well, almost went crazy calculating the odds, the net run-rate and all sorts of statistics as it padded up for the last league match against the West Indies. With India the 'what if' factor sees to be more at play more than anything else. After watching the team play the way they did in the league stage the think tank does not seem to worry about the obvious weaknesses like lackluster bowling and sudden batting collapses. Or could it be that the ones looking at the game from the outside are making too much of it?

While England does not look as domineering as Sri Lanka at the first glance, this English side, however, has the tenacity to cling on. Like in the match against India that ended in a tie the English side displayed it's will to chase down huge totals and it's no surprise that two Englishmen – Jonathan Trott and Andrew Strauss – feature in the top three batsmen of this World Cup.

Sri Lanka on the other hand features the top batsmen of the tournament in the form of Kumar Sangakkara; they are also the team with the best run rate (+2.5) from their six matches. This is the closest the English team has ever come to a possible chance of winning the World Cup and they will not give up so easily but with home advantage Sri Lanka might want a repeat of 1996.

India could have done with a date with New Zealand instead of its neighbor Australia. A pale shadow of what they used to be, Australia has won the last three world cups on a trot and can not be taken lightly. Ricky Ponting has not had the best of the World Cup but he might just find his nick in good time. On paper India looks a better side but off late the host nation has been just about managing to snatch a victory. It's a good thing that the Indian bowling looks as aimless as the Aussie top order; just think what'd have happened on 24th March if Adam Gilchrist, Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer were still playing! Brett Lee troubled Pakistan in their last league match and even though the Aussie lost, Lee impressed with some really tight bowling.

India will once again have to depend on their fabled batting line-up and with Virender Sehwag fit for the match, Ashwin impressing against the West Indies the team will have either Suresh Raina or Yusuf Pathan. Also as they square-off with Australia, Ricky Ponting might just put a brake on India's 12th man weapon.

At this stage it's just the result that will decide the course of the action. With no more calculations and combination-permutation of who'd play what if they lost to them, etc. the plan should be very clear – play to win!

23rd March: Pakistan v West Indies, Dhaka:
24th March: India v Australia, Ahmedabad
25th March: New Zealand vs South Africa, Dhaka
26th March: Sri Lanka vs England, Colombo

The 2010 World Cup Soccer tournament, held in South Africa, came to a close on July 11, 2010, as Spain made history being crowned World Cup Champions for the first time ever. This was the first time Spain got past the semi-finals since 1950.

Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0, but the Dutch fought until the end, in a match that went into extra-time and saw the winning goal in the 116th minute of the match. It was mid-fielder, Andres INIESTA who scored the golden goal to secure the match and championship. The Dutch were down to 10-man as they accumulated several yellow-cards during the match and had some close opportunities.

Spain did an incredible job during the world cup qualifying rounds and won 10 out of 10 matches to secure a place in the 2010 world cup tournament. However, they had a rather nervous start in their opening group stage matches when they lost to Switzerland.

The EURO 2008 champions managed to get their act together in their other two group stage matches and were able to notch up victories against Chile and Honduras. They topped their Group H with 6 points to advance to the Round of 16 where they oust Portugal with a solitary goal.

With the win over Portugal, the European Champions clashed with Paraguay in the quarter-finals which was a match filled with a lot of drama. However, Spain managed to prevail with a narrow 1-0 victory.

As Spain advanced to the semi-finals, they had to take on the young, but impressive German team. Though Spain dominated most of the match, in terms of ball possession, it was another narrow 1-0 victory, but enough to take them to the finals.

Spain, for most part, played a disciplined game and capitalized on their strength of being able to possess the ball better than any other team in the tournament. Their top goal scorer was David VILLA (5 goals), followed by Andres INIESTA (2 goals) and Carles PUYOL (1 goal). They scored a total of eight goals and conceded only two.

Iker CASILLAS, Spain’s Captain and Goal-keeper, was the adidas Golden Glove Award winner – he conceded only 2 goals. Andres INIESTA was awarded the Budweiser Man of the Match at the final match. Spain also won the FIFA Fair Play award.

CLICK HERE to watch the Video Highlights of all the matches that Spain played on the road that led them to become the 2010 World Cup Soccer champions.

The Day Today as with so many other British comedies produced precious few episodes, but the proportionate impact of those six episodes has been immense. Originally aired in early 1994 following the success of their radio prelude On The Hour, The Day Today covered the news, and by extension the news industry, with surreal accuracy. With Chris Morris providing an eerily accurate impression of Jeremy Paxman in a studio that bore a striking resemblance to ITN’s News At Ten set of the time, one of the show’s great strengths was the casual viewer could flick through and not realise it was parody. If you weren’t paying attention, you could easily go a couple of minutes until you heard a headline or report that’d make you stop in your tracks, like “That’s it, just time to let you know that police are still looking for the actor Burt Reynolds after he stole a dodgem and drove it out of a fairground in Islington.”

Not only was the show’s subtlety and dextrous, creeping satire crucial to pulling the whole thing off, it also leant itself well to building a loyal audience firmly in on the joke. And if Chris Morris’ bombastic professionalism set the scene, his band of satellite colleagues were the perfect compliment: the inept economics correspondent Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan, who often “loses the news” and thinks the German for 30 percent is “Trenta Percenta”; Collaterlie Sisters, the anamatronic and incomphrensible business news specialist who uses graphics like the Currency Kidney and the International Finance Arse to explain trends in world trading; Sylvester Stuart, the disembodied weather head; Barbara Wintergreen, the pun-happy American correspondent who covers the likes of serial killers being sentenced to death by corpses with the voice of Martin Sheen; and Valerie Sinatra, the outrageously flirted at transport reporter from her travel pod a mile above Great Britain.

But of course, the best known Day Today foil is Alan Partridge, whose palpable lack of sporting knowledge ended up being no impediment to a sparkling career as a chat show host and early morning East Anglian DJ. In fact, it was some of Alan’s best bits of sports reporting that exemplify just how extraordinarily far-sighted the show could be. As the programme basically boils down to a collection of micro sketches pulled together by idents with slogans like “Facts multiplied by importance equals news”, it’s an extremely easy show to look up on the likes of YouTube, even though it pre-dates the site by nigh on a decade, and Alan Partridge’s football commentary (“SHIT! DID YOU SEE THAT?! He must have a foot like a traction engine!”) is one of the all-time YouTube classics.  Similarly, they featured a mockumentary called The Office ages before Messrs Gervais and Merchant dreamed theirs up. They even managed to pre-empt the proliferation of reality shows and histrionic soap operas with their miniseries The Pool and The Bureau.

But if surreal innovation got people watching, it was the tendency to push the boundaries that got people talking, the best example of which was the story of IRA “bomb dogs” going off around the UK. The report showed cordoned off streets, people panicking as “terrierists” ran aimlessly round the streets, and amusingly earnest graphics showing a dog coated with a special resin being blown 1,000ft into the air. It also showed Sinn Féin’s “deputy leader” interviewed while taking helium, to take credibility away from his statements. While still funny now, given the tense political state of play in 1994 (the IRA habitually bombed city centre targets, including BBC’s Television Centre, during this period, and interviews with Sinn Fein members could only be showed in silhouette with the voice of actual actors like Stephen Rea and Butch Dingle from Emmerdale dubbed over it) it was darkly humorous at least, and downright ballsy at best.

And then there’s the actors and contributors themselves. Had they been American, they surely would have been dubbed as a Pack of some kind, but despite the lack of officialdom the main players in The Day Today continue to dominate British comedy. The success of Steve Coogan is self-evident, and Chris Morris went on to achieve legendary status with Brass Eye and directed and co-wrote the recent film Four Lions. Patrick Marber wrote the movie Closer, which is one of the more mindblowing facts I’ve heard this year. Doon Mackichan was one third of Smack The Pony, Rebecca Front as Nicola Murray is the recipient of most of Malcolm Tucker’s ire on The Thick Of It, while producer Armando Ianucci has had a hand of some sort in every funny thing the BBC has made since. Executive Producer Peter Fincham is now the head of ITV, but we’ll forgive him that.

Ultimately though, for all the show’s influence, it leaves a legacy of prescience as much as parody. What was in 1994 an incremental clinic in absurdity looks more like a journalists’ handbook in 2010. Which, unlike The Day Today, isn’t particularly funny.

When you make a decision to get involved into any sport the first thing you need to think about is clothes. Every sport requires particular clothing, from soccer and basketball to athletics and gymnastics. It is not just fashion. Sports clothes are chosen according to the kind of sports. Thus, if an athlete needs to run a lot, he or she should have convenient clothes that do not restrict movements. In gymnastics, it is skin tight apparel, called gymnastics leotards. Thus, every gymnast should have a couple of leos, both for competitions and everyday workouts. In this article we will focus on how to buy the best leotards and gymnastics shorts, as well as offer tips on spending less when shopping for gymnastic clothes.

The first factor to consider is whether or not your kid prefers gymnastics leotards you found. You may shop for leotards online and in offline stores. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, online stores tend to offer the best prices in the market. They also have a wide range of gymnastic leotards to choose from. On the other hand, it is impossible to try on chosen apparel, and then, there is always risk that it may not fit. The benefit of offline stores is that your daughter may try on different gymnastic leotards. Keep in mind that it is very important for little girls to wear clothes that love. Your little princess should feel a winner. That is why, make sure you take into account her own opinion and tastes.

Design of leos is also extremely important. You should remember that there are gymnastic leotards for competitions and leotards for everyday workouts. Competition leotards are more expensive, while regular gymnastics apparels are available under $ 30. As a rule, your child might need a couple of leotards of each type. If you are going to purchase leotards for competitions, make sure you consult a coach. Teams of gymnasts face special requirements as to apparel, so, it is prohibited to wear anything you want.

Of course, price is a number one concern. Unfortunately, quality gymnastic leotards, such as Yumiko or American Apparel, are somewhat expensive. At the same time, when you purchase brand leotard you may feel 100% sure that you buy top quality apparel. There are sites and gymnastics forums where girls discuss quality of various leo brands. At the same time, if you do not want to overpay and need gymnastic leotards for workouts, purchase Capezio leotards.