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Fantasy Football has become as much of a staple on Sundays in the fall as the games themselves. (Side-note: Everyone has a team. Nobody cares about your team.) People have always been infatuated with the idea of ​​playing King, and fans have long been clamoring for teams to allow them to be in charge of personnel. Fantasy Football offers the avenue for both. It allows you to be in a position to make all the decisions, and forces you to suffer through all of the consequences of such decisions. A bad draft will result in a LONG season. As for the on-field performance of your favorite football team? A win for them is nice, but it becomes icing on the cake. Allegiances be damned.

How many of you out there, right now, could not confidently name the opponent your favorite team plays this week, but could easily rattle off whether or not your recovering RB2 participated in practice this week? At what point did our priorities get so far out of whack? I think the answer is simple: people like to feel empowered. As a fan, you do not have a bit of control over how your favorite team is run. As a fantasy owner, you can pull off a blockbuster trade in week 1 if your heart desires. That control controls a sense of investment. It creates a sense of pride that can be difficult to find at times in franchises run by billionaires. It can be particularly hard to find when these billionaires like to pretend to be general managers (see, everyone likes to feel important), as has been the case with my Dallas Cowboys since Jerry Jones bought the team. So the solution is to create your own team, assemble and roster, and live and die by the results.

Fantasy Football has created a way, outside of the confines of sports betting, to keep almost every game interesting. That is the allure of betting, in essence. It is a way to create excitement in an otherwise meaningless football game. Now, most fantasy football leagues do offer an historical payoff, but I would argue that the possibility of winning money is only one of the stimulating factors. Competition among friends … The opportunity to boast about a superior sports-intellect and uncanny foresight … These are the things that drive a true fantasy football user. And, if you are lucky enough (that's right, LUCKY enough) to avoid injuries and the fantasy gods decide that you would make an acceptable champion, the money is a nice bonus.

What happens, though, when your fantasy football allegories are in direct conflict with your loyalties as a fan of an NFL team? Surely you would not be so manipulated by a competition that you would forget where your heart is. You can try to convince yourself that you can root for both a win for your favorite team, and a great fantasy performance for your players. Ultimately, though, you will come to the realization that fantasy football has simply ruined the NFL for you. And you can accept that, as long as you are winning.

There are many different varieties of websites that offer online games, each with their own specific needs as to servers and hosting. One of the most popular types of online games is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMORPGs, which make use of dedicated servers for their high tech graphics and countless user profiles.

What are MMORPGs?

MMORPGs are multiplayer online games that feature a world environment that is constantly changing. Players create a profile and take on that persona as they go through the world. They can socialize with other players, engage in battles or go on quests, depending on the specific theme or layout of the game. When a player logs off, the game will continue on and keep changing, as other players around the world continue to play and make their own mark on the game.

The word "massive" in MMORPG can mean a couple of different things, depending on who you ask. In some cases, it refers to the large number of players and traffic that is seen on these websites. At the most popular sites, thousands of players are found online participating in the game's world and plotlines at any given time. Alternately, "massive" can also be used to describe the amount of data and scripting necessary to create these large online role playing games.

These online role playing games are usually very graphics intense, requiring large graphics files for the worlds, players and game icons. They also require very detailed scripting, making it possible for players to have an unending gaming experience. Although a single player role playing game has a specific beginning and end, these epic online games are continuous. There are new plots and features being constantly added, requiring the use of dedicated servers to handle all of the graphics, scripting and bandwidth transfer that is associated with a high volume website.

Use a Dedicated Server for Gaming

Using a dedicated server takes the kind of expertise that goes along with the intenet programming knowledge that most game developers have. Knowing the ins and outs of web and game design is simply not enough to make it in the MMORPG world. In order to effectively run one of these extensive websites, the developers and their staff should be well versed in the backend issues of using a dedicated server and know how to troubleshoot and fix problems that might arise.

These amazingly popular games may require a lot of work to set up and maintain, but the efforts are well worth it. By using dedicated servers and well written scripts, developers can give MMORPG users the online gaming experience of a lifetime.

We checked up on the bachelor the next week on the course, and here is what he found:

With the Hoover VHD862-80 Washing Machine the advanced Auto Load will adjust the cycle according to the type of laundry and the weight of the laundry that is placed in the drum. The washing and spinning functions of the washer were excellent and very energy efficient because it was all done according to the size and weight of the laundry along with the fabric specifications that could also be programmed into it. His expensive dress shirts were actually coming out of the spin dry function without wrinkles and little air drying time in order to be ready to wear. He was no longer sending shirts to the cleaners, but doing them himself.

Because he plays soccer, he has uniforms that are really stained and the Stain Blaster works flawlessly with the cotton cycle. This cycle sustains a constant temperature all the way through the wash cycle. Following the spin cycle, the dry load has less than forty percent moisture content, perfect for a short time to air dry or spend a few minutes in the dryer.

Knowing exactly what you need, how much room you have for the appliance, and the features you need the appliance to have will give you a base to start searching for the perfect washer for your needs. Take a good look at the Hoover VHD862-80 Washing Machine because this washer is in the mid range price level and has a lot of features that the more expensive models on the market have. The five year parts, service and repair coverage ensures that the appliance will function very well and if it does not, it can be taken care of right away by a certified repair service.

Laundry will never look so good when you buy a new Hoover VHD862-80 Washing Machine. The best way to learn all you need to know about washing machine home appliances is to check out a few online and compare functionality with price on several models so that you can get an idea of what to expect. A new machine can make a huge difference in the speed of your laundry and the total on your utility bills.

Compared to other team sports, volleyball may involve less physical contact but it is still a challenging sport for the reason that the game entails constant motion. Being purely a rebound sport, no player can hold the ball but can only pass, set, hit, spike or block the ball.

The court

Volleyball is played by two teams on a court which is divided crosswise by a net. The offensive goal of each team is to send the ball – without holding the ball — in such a way that it lands on the ground of the opposing team.

The players

Each team consists of 6 players who must rotate in a clockwise position every time the team wins back service time. Three players are at the net positions and the other three are at the back. Only the players at the net can block or spike near the net. Those at the back court can also block or spike provided that they jump from behind the three-meter-line, also known as the attack line.

The starting line-up usually includes such specialists as the setter, two center-line backers, two receiver-hitters and what is known as a universal spiker. In 1998, the International Federation of Volleyball introduced a new specialist player position called the libero who is the only one that does not take part in rotation.

The libero serves a critical role in receiving service and playing defense in the backcourt. Although he cannot serve, spike or rotate into the frontline, he holds the key to making his team run a successful offense by a combination of excellent passing and ball-handling.


Volleyball has adopted since 1998 a standard scoring system known as the Rally Point System which allows a team to score a point regardless of whichever of the two teams is serving. This is unlike the traditional scoring system in which only the team at service can score.

The ball is hurled into play by a service. Each team is allowed only 3 hits in the service reception. The ball is volleyed back and forth in what is known as a rally. The rally goes on until the ball gets grounded on the playing court, goes out of the court or is not returned properly. Whoever wins a rally scores a point.

A receiving team which wins a rally not only gains a point but also wins the right to serve and the opportunity to rotate clockwise.


Matches are staged via best-of-five sets. The first four sets are all played to 25 points while the last or fifth set is played to only 15 points. A team wins a set if he out scores the opponent by at least 2 points. As there is no ceiling point, a set continues until a team wins by 2 points.


During the early years of volleyball, the usual attire consists of baggy shirts and shorts. Today, volleyball uniforms are less baggy and more formal-looking. Shirts could either be sleeveless, short-sleeved or long-sleeved and paired with either trousers or shorts. Players also wear volleyball shoes.

She’s been the primary reason you’re spending a lot of sleepless night and she just can’t leave your head no matter what you do. The thing is you’re in love with your best friend and you absolutely have no idea what to do about it – purely, it’s never really an issue if you’re attracted to your best friend – being in love is supposed to be not something you should miserable about. Getting her to like you will absolutely be the number one step into actually being a potential lover – and be a little sensitive about her body language as well. Below are a few tips on how to tell if your best friend likes you too and get to decode her signs she desires you as well!

  • Checks up on you all the time. It’s a sign that she misses you and thinks about you a lot. Never be available most of the time. Update each other about your whereabouts – I know it’s cheesy but it’s a necessary evil if you want her to develop deep feelings for you too.
  • Wants to hangout always. Seeing you all the time makes her feel good and absolutely in a light mood that’s why don’t start wondering why she would like to hangout with you all the time. Hanging out may be something totally innocent for you but girls want to be surrounded by things that make them happy – and you’re one of them. 
  • Sends you something nice. When a girl sends you something nice and there’s no occasion, she’s definitely trying to make you realize something – and it’s more than a friend thing. When things get pretty personal with her, she would do her best to make get you to notice even her smallest gestures – and giving you a present surely does make her happy. 
  • Flirts and teases you a lot. When she’s always in a hyper and playful mood when you’re around, there’s a great possibility she’s already attracted to you. Having you around makes her happier and lighter – we can’t emphasize on that more.
  • Takes time to be sweet. She asks you how you are and shows concern when you’re down – she is simply trying to be a sweet friend and hopes that you start to see her as more than that. When a girl gets romantic with you, get your hopes high – she’s absolutely so into you by now.

How one gets into volleyball shape is largely dictated by the level of play they are at and how often they play or train. That said, there are three primary elements to being in volleyball playing shape.

A good aerobic base

We don’t often think of volleyball as an aerobic activity, and justifiably so. It is a sport which features short bursts of high intensity action interspersed with break periods. That said, matches can last two hours or more, even under the rally scoring system which is supposed to limit that sort of thing (I once coached a match that went three hours). That means players need to have the conditioning required to play the final set as hard as the first one. This is doubly important for those who play in tournaments where there are multiple matches per day. Beach volleyball is a perfect example, especially when you add in the energy sapping elements of heat and sun and a challenging playing surface.

Strength and explosive power

Volleyball demands dynamic, explosive, powerful movements. This is aided by good strength and power training in the weight room. But it’s not all about being able to jump higher or hit harder – though obviously those things help quite a bit. There is also the injury prevention and general muscle balance side of a good weight training routine. Repetitive motion injuries are common in volleyball, but developing a good base of strength in both the primary and supporting muscles can help avoid them, or at least mitigate their effects.

Anaerobic conditioning

As noted above, volleyball is a sport which features lots of short, high intensity bursts of activity with rests in between. That means a player must be able to perform an activity at maximum ability, then be prepared to do it again, and again, and again. This comes from anaerobic conditioning. Well-structured practices can help to increase and/or sustain the players’ level of fitness in this regard, but sometimes that’s not enough and separate conditioning sessions need to be included in the overall training program.

If you’re a competitive athlete, or looking to become one, you’ll need to incorporate all three types of strength and conditioning work into your volleyball fitness program. If, however, you’re just an open gym player who would like to be able to perform at a higher level, you’ll probably see the most noticeable results from a good weight training routine.

Steve Young had a great career that saw him play collegiately at Brigham Young University before entering pro football, first with the Los Angeles Express of the USFL, and then with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. Following his retirement, Young would be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, thanks in large part to the great games he played in and the great receivers he threw touchdown passes to.

Who though were his favorite receivers during his career?

The top five players catching touchdown passes from Steve Young were:

#5 – J.J. Stokes caught 13 touchdowns thrown to him by this the San Francisco 49ers number eight.

#4 – One of the quarterback’s favorite targets was tight end Brent Jones who took in 22 TD receptions from him.

#3 – Third on the list is longtime 49er John Taylor who caught 23 touchdown passes during his career from Steve Young.

#2 – Controversial receiver Terrell Owens caught the second most touchdown passes from Young with 24.

#1 – All time great Jerry Rice sits atop the list by far though, having caught an amazing 85 touchdown passes thrown to him by Young.

Steve Young had a great career that included success both running and throwing the ball. He was also successful in the wins department, including the big games like Championship Games and Super Bowls. He was a great quarterback indeed, just ask Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, John Taylor, Brent Jones, and J.J. Stokes.

Some people think that horse racing is found almost exclusively in the English speaking world, meaning the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, but it is a popular and prestigious sport and a great place to bet money and earn winnings from France to Japan.

The most dominant form of racing in the world is thoroughbred racing which did start in Britain in the 18th century. Thoroughbred horses are a specific breed of horse that can trace their lineage back to three stallions imported into Britain from across the so-called Orient. Thoroughbred horse racing started when people started racing one another with their thoroughbred horses to find out which horse was the fastest.

France has one of the oldest and richest thoroughbred racing traditions in the world. The first French Thoroughbred horse races were held in 1775 Plaine des Sablons on the outskirts of Paris. From here the popularity of horse racing would spread throughout France and soon numerous famous and still prestigious races were established. France is now home to some of the world’s most famous races, including Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, or simply “the Arc” which features a 4 million Euro purse and draws spectators from across Europe.

Many European nations now feature their own horse races that allow people to enjoy an exciting day at the track and to bet and gamble money. In many countries horse racing already had an established tradition but local horses proved to be no match for the faster and stronger thoroughbred breed of horses. And as the thoroughbred horse breed spread so too did a set of largely common rules for thoroughbred breeding and racing.

Horse racing is particularly popular in Spain. In fact, in Spain it predates British Thoroughbred racing and races along Spain’s beautiful beaches with horses often streaking through the surf. These races can still be viewed in Spain and offer a unique and different experience than the typical thoroughbred race at a race course.

The first thoroughbred horse was brought to Spain by Duke Fernan Nunez Pagnotte in 1841. Modern horse racing was originally spear headed by the Society for the Promotion of Breeding, Spain (SFCCE) and the first known thoroughbred race was held in 1843. Still through the first several decades the sport was largely a gentleman’s sport to be enjoyed by the wealthy on their private estates.

In 1878 the first major race track was built in Spain, the Hippodrome de la Castellana, and by the 20th century numerous race tracks were established around Spain. Spain’s thoroughbred racing tradition would survive wars and depressions and continue on in popularity to this day. While Spain’s horse tracks may not be as famous as their football teams, they are certainly worth a visit if you are in the area.

Besides France and Spain, horse racing has been present in Greece and Italy for thousands of years. The rules and the venues have changed, of course, but horse racing still carries the prestige of a sport that has been around for generations. So if you are in Europe and looking for a place to bet some money and have a little bit of fun gambling, you should definitely check out the local race track.

The honeymoon! That sweet first journey of the newly-wed couple. All honeymooners want to make it special, interesting, memorable and as blissful as possible. Europe has always been in one of the top spots in the most preferred honeymoon destinations' charts because of its diverse culture, top-of-the-line hospitality standards, world famous traditions and prices suitable for any budget. There are so many European countries that can offer the experience of a lifetime that it can be quite a challenge for couples to choose one of them but neverless, the exquisite charm of the South has retained and proved its glory over the years for the some of the best European honeymoons.

France – This country has been the most popular holiday destination in the world for many years and honeymooners are certainly bound to spend an unforgivable and classy time in this most romantic part of Europe. Discover the city of light – Paris, with its breathtaking architecture, palaces on every second corner, delicious cuisine and quality shopping. Another option for couples is to head south and explore the magnificent sunny French Riviera with its gorgeous cities Nice, St Tropez, Cannes or Marseille. Palm trees, turquoise blue sea and designer boutiques will be just part of the dream-turned-into-reality experience of their European honeymoon.

Greece – Escape from time on one of the breathtaking Greek islands. Greece is another loved European honeymoon destination by couples who are looking for ultimate relaxation, quality accommodation, preserved nature and authentic atmosphere. Some of the most famous Greek islands include Santorini, Mykonos and Crete providing some of the best beaches in Greece, clear blue seas and the trademark white Greek houses. If you would really like to feel like a god or a goddess, the capital Athenes will simply captivate you with its mix of ancient culture and history and the most modern achievements of the hospitality industry.

Spain – The epitome of a sunny, colorful and delicious vacation. Enjoy amazing sightseeing with Spain's rich culture and traditions and your European honeymoon will be one of a kind. Spain offers lavish golden sand beaches and warm inviting Mediterranean waters in addition to one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Seville. A fantastic mix of old and modern, Spain will not disappoint any couple with its mouth-watering cuisine, great hospitality and fiery culture.

Italy – Another great and classy destination for honeymooners. Italy can offer you all you need – the eternal beauty and historical grandeur of its capital Rome with its people who worship life, excellent food, love and of course football. Newly-wed couples are to be spellbound by the easy-going atmosphere, beauty and charm of Italy. The city of Venice is a particularly popular European honeymoon destination with its magical canals, tiny and narrow cobblestone streets and magificent squares – the ideal setting for the most romantic honeymoon. Couples can also head south to the Tuscany region and let themselves be swept away by the gorgeous Italian nature, amazing food and blue skies that can not be seen anywhere else in the world.

One of the most important awards in soccer after the FIFA World Cup, the Ballon d’Or (in English Golden Ball) is still waiting for a new owner. The French magazine France Football had been giving this award since 1956 to the player who performed best during the year. In English it is known as the European Footballer of the Year award.

This year we saw among the people involved in the sports media, a lot of indecision about who was going to win this award, especially because during the FIFA World Cup 2006 we saw great professional players, who fought for the Cup in a splendid way. I must be honest and accept that I would really like to see Gianluigi Buffon getting the Ballon d’Or. I loved the work he did with Italy National Team… only 2 goals got in his net in the 7 matches, with the best soccer teams of the world, it’s just amazing! Therefore he has been compared with some of the best goalkeepers in European soccer history.

Right after the World Cup Final, we all knew the Lev Yashin Award for the best Goalkeeper was for the giant (1.91 m) Gigi Buffon. The thing is… if Buffon gets the Golden Ball he would become the first second-division player and the second goalie to receive the award. The first an only goalie to ever win it, was the Soviet legend Lev Yashin. Also, he would be the fifth Italian to achieve this after Moar Sivori (1961), Rivera (1969), Paolo Rossi (1982) and Roberto Baggio (1993).

Although, he is aware that he is one of the favorite options to win the award, he is not really worry about it. Right now, Buffon is more concern about helping his team Juventus _where he had been playing for almost 6 years_ to climb back to the top of the Calcio Italiano, after being relegated from Serie A in Italy’s match-fixing scandal. “Others can talk about the Golden Ball. I’ve got my work cut out for the moment … It’s tough down here but I think I’m hacking it” said the 28 player.

Buffon recently rejected an offer for 33 million euros from Chelsea and decided to stick with Juve rather than do like some of his teammates and leave to other big European clubs. “Juve has been my life for the last few years and I’m used to things at this little outfit”, affirmed Gigi, the world most expensive keeper.

Michel Platini the three-time winner (1983 to 1985) of the Golden Ball agreed on making Buffon the European Footballer of the Year when was asked about it. “Given that Italy won the World Cup, I would give it to an Italian… They should give it to Buffon, his outstanding World Cup performances worth recognition” said Platini.

Now, all we have left is waiting for the worldwide journalists poll result… after all, the final result is up to their votes and the bad part is that as I mentioned before we can see in the list of candidates, amazing soccer players. This definitely doesn’t make it any easier to settle the decision. But there are seven most elected players by the fans. Joining Buffon we find in the list, his ex-Juve teammate, Fabio Cannavaro and AC Milan playmaker Andrea Pirlo. Also the England and Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney, Germany and Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack, Arsenal French striker Thierry Henry and last year winner Ronaldinho.

The decision would be announced in Paris, until November 28th. Until then keep supporting your favorite candidate for the Ballon d’Or.