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When T.L. Weaver sold a piece of scrub land to local businessmen in 1925, he had no idea that he’d be getting into the greyhound racing business. When the businessmen couldn’t pay their mortgage, he got the land back, but now it had a dog track on it: Derby Lane, the oldest track in the US. The Weaver family is still running it and it’s going strong.

With ponds and greenery surrounding it, Derby Lane is where I sometimes have trouble keeping my mind on the races, because I get distracted watching the wildlife. However, the racing is well worth watching, because they have some of – if not the best – dogs in the country.

This is the track where the legendary Keefer won the first 4 stakes races of the 1986 season in front of 12,779 fans.

It’s also the track where business was so slow in the early years that Weaver staged all kinds of other sporting events including an exhibition football game with the also-legendary Jim Thorpe. He even tried auto races! It wasn’t long though, as greyhound racing gained in popularity, before people like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were coming to watch the dogs run.

Admission is free and kids are admitted with adult supervision. There’s a good restaurant, a couple of lounges and a sports bar. Lots of large-screen TVs make it easy to watch the races or replays. Of course, it’s air conditioned, but you can sit out on the terrace during the cooler months if you like. I really enjoy sitting there and going over my program or writing postcards to my New England friends who are freezing their patoots off.

Don’t miss Vera’s News a really nice blog authored by Vera Filipelli, who has been involved with greyhound racing for thirty years in several states including WV, WI and now Florida. Not only does Vera write, but she’s also participated in film and video projects, contributed to the National Greyhound Review and co-hosted major events in the greyhound world. Her blog will let you know what’s happening at Derby Lane.

Peake’s Picks from the longtime “Voice of Derby Lane” can clue you in on some longshot winners also. There’s a link on the Derby Lane site. Peake also takes a look at likely horses from Wednesday through Saturday, starting around noon.

Derby Lane truly is a cut above the rest when it comes to Florida Greyhound tracks.

Whether you pick first or tenth, you use a snake draft, or re-pick your Fantasy Football League’s draft order each round, there are certain Draft Day Secrets you simply must employ to maximize your running back potential. Every year it seems there are new trendy ideas and situations that arise that can throw you off-track if you are not careful. If you follow these Running Back Do’s and Dont’s to the letter, you will leave Draft Day in great shape, and be headed to the Playoffs before your first week of competition.


…draft 2 Running Backs in the first 3 rounds! It is even better to go RB RB with your first and second picks, but just make sure you get 2 RBs here. The drop-off of talent after the top-ranked 5 or 6 RBs this year is drastic, so you have to ensure you have one of those backs that will see 250 carries, and is definitely the type of back mentioned next.


…draft the primary back on your team for your first 2 RB picks! There are a lot of Running Back By Committee teams out there, and I know some backs like Tennessee’s Chris Johnson will entice you, but stay the course. Remember, Draft Day is all about VALUE. I picked Johnson up in the middle rounds last year in one league and looked like a genius, but it was gut-wrenching to watch him move the ball between the 20’s and then see him pulled at the 2 yard line for fat-boy Lendale White. Stick with Chicago’s Matt Forte, Atlanta’s Michael Turner, Detroit’s Kevin Smith, Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson, etc. Speaking of Peterson…


…overrate RBs who carried the ball 345 times last year, or 320+ times the past 2 seasons! How is this for a brutal stat? In the past 8 NFL seasons RBs crossed the 345 carry plateau 22 times. The season after that workhorse like effort, the RB suffered either a serious injury or drastic decrease in Fantasy production, or both a staggering 18 times, or 82%! Wow! I am not saying don’t draft Michael Turner (376 carries) or Adrian Peterson (363), I am just saying that if they fall to you later than they should, then great, but DO NOT base your whole draft around them.


…follow players who had a career year! What I mean is, sure, Tampa Bay signed Derrick Ward to a big contract this year, but the TB offensive line is nowhere near the Giants in talent, and there is some risk Ernest Graham will lead the team in carries, since he knows the program already. Again, nothing wrong with Ward, who caught 41 balls last year in addition to rushing for 1,000 yards, just do not pay too much for him in a non-proven system.

Draft Day in your Fantasy Football League is all about value, and that is basically what I am hawking here. Research is important, so head on over to the NFL website for all your stats, schedules, and info. Sporting News Fantasy Football guide is also indispensable. All the stats above, and all my research comes from these 2 resources, and I have consistently won or placed in the top 3 in the leagues I have competed in over the last 18 years.

You can too if you follow these Running Back Do’s and Dont’s.

With America’s enthusiasm for wine, it seems only natural that vineyards would be a popular investment, and who better than recognizable names to go on those wine labels. Some of these well-known personalities are naturals to be partnered in the wine industry, and some might surprise you. But make no mistake, from the lush greenery of Napa Valley California to the beautiful rolling hills of Italy and southern France, vineyards can be a fascinating and challenging past-time or a full-blown industry for their owners. Here are just a handful who are participating:

Francis Ford Coppola, successful film director, has taken to the wine business like a true Italian, with the Rubicon Estate Winery in Napa Valley, (renamed Inglenook in 2011), and does some directing up there as well.

Gérard Depardieu, French movie star, has approached his career as vintner with as much enthusiasm as he would a starring cinema role. After purchasing Chateau de Tigne, Anjou, in Loire Valley, France (where else?) he has put his acting career on the back burner as he oversees his beloved vineyards.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased a vineyard called Chateau Miraval in Provence, France, touting their Brangelina Rose wine; but since their split, who got the vineyard is up for grabs.

Mike Ditka, legendary football coach to the Chicago Bears, for whom it was only fitting that he partner in winemaking to serve at his steak restaurants; located in Mendocino County, California, they specialize in full-bodied red wines to be enjoyed with red meat and pork chops (Mike’s favorites). Like many celebs who simply lend their name (and their money) to vineyards, “Iron Mike” is not out picking or stomping grapes, but he does enjoy input (and tasting) from time to time.

Legendary football player Joe Montana, who partnered with longtime Beringer winemaker Ed Sbragia, created a joint venture called Montagia, (Montana, get it?) located in Napa CA.

Dan Marino, another football great, lends his name to his signature label Vintage 13 Marino Estates, in Washington state along the Columbia River. Turning out award-winning full-bodied reds, the vast vineyard is called Passing Time, and what better way than sipping your own private label after getting beat up for 17 years as the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

Martha Stewart announced a collaboration with the American winery Gallo to produce value-marketed wines to be sold at Kmart. Now, Martha herself doesn’t play an active role, but her name has worldwide appeal, and Martha does everything with good taste, including her moderately priced wines.

Dan Aykroyd, actor, comedian and all-around talented guy, owns and operates Dan Aykroyd Vineyards in Canada, his homeland, which produces moderately priced hearty reds and several white varieties, with Aykroyd himself an enthusiastic participant. (Yes, in spite of the climate, Canada turns out some first class wines.)

Mario Batali, celebrity Italian chef, owns a vineyard in Tuscany, Italy (where else?) named La Mozza, where he rolls up his sleeves and approaches winemaking with the same zeal as his cooking in New York City and Las Vegas.

Michael Chiarello, another celebrity chef and restaurateur in Yountville, CA actually lives on his family vineyard, features his fine wines at his restaurant Bottega, and like a good Italian, is a hands-on vintner; his small winery, Chiarello Family Vineyards, produces five estate wines from the 20-acres which he personally oversees.

Madonna, pop singer, took a different route by purchasing a vineyard in the Leelanau Pennisula of Michigan, where her parents (the Ciccones) operate this small vineyard due north of Traverse City, which bears their name. Not a place you want to live in the winter, but it produces excellent grapes in the albeit short summer months.

Fess Parker, old Davy Crockett himself, left Hollywood in the early 1970s to pursue a career in the wine and hotel business after a successful albeit short career as a raccoon hat-wearing pioneer and did very well for himself. The vineyard, in Los Olivos near Santa Barbara CA, lives on, still maintained by his family (but do they wear coonskin hats?).

Sting (popular British singer and lead vocalist for the rock group Police) spends much of his time at his vineyard Tenuta il Palagio, located in Tuscany, Italy. Sting and his wife Trudie actually make their home on the estate, which was old and deteriorated before Sting lovingly restored it and no doubt serenades those lucky grapes to help them grow. Taking an active role in turning out fine wines, he tells those vines, “I’ll be Watching You,” and no doubt he is.

Of course, no list would be complete without Thomas Jefferson, third president of the U.S. Not only was he America’s first foodie but a major collector and importer of fine French wines. Until the early 1800s, most Colonists were making and drinking hard apple cider but Jefferson was a major contributor to America’s love affair with wine. While Jefferson himself never was actually in the business, he served and oversaw his imports with great care and was certainly a connoisseur of fine wines, preparing America for its wine revolution to come decades later, and we thank him.

So next time you’re in a wine shop, you might want to take a few minutes to peruse the shelves, ferreting out some overlooked celebrity offerings. You just might be pleasantly with surprised new discoveries.

Basketball uniforms are more than just colorful apparels that reflect a team’s motto. They are frequently worn by fans as fashionable garments. They also help in enhancing and bringing out a players’ best performance.

Clothing in sports has come a long way, from home made to commercially manufactured uniforms. The role played by sports uniforms and associated gears are undeniable today. They can bring out a huge difference in the performance of the players and can impact the team’s morale. Hence, each sport or game has a specific set of apparels and associated gears that the players taking part dons themselves with.

These apparel and associated gear could range from a simple wrist band to absorb sweat in games like tennis, to protective helmets and pads donned by ice hockey players and so on. Apparel and gear cannot be neglected anymore; the players know that by not wearing one they not only put their performance at risk but even their safety too. These days almost every game and sport has a standard requirement for uniforms and their associated gears.

Look at the game of basketball; from the ball to the shorts, jerseys to shoes, etc, each of them comes together like the vital parts of any machinery, without which the proper functioning of the machinery suffers. Basketball is a game that demands a lot of energy and alertness with constant movement on the court. There is hardly anytime or place where a player can stand idle for a few seconds. The moment the ball starts bouncing so do the players, with or behind the ball.

The standard size of a basketball in the NBA is 29.5 inches in circumference. Organized basketball leagues generally have proper specifications for the balls to be used in any official competition. The weight, inflation pressure, bounce, circumference, materials used, etc., are kept in consideration.

Basketball jerseys are a part of the uniform for the basketball players. Fans also wear them for fashion or as a statement about their favorite team. The design of the jerseys should give the player maximum comfort while he/she plays the game. There are constant sprinting, pushing, jumping, etc., involved in the game, so the jersey should be flexible and lightweight to allow maximum movement and least constraint.

The basketball shorts are a little different from the ones worn in other sports like soccer and other track and field sports. Their length generally reaches or exceeds the knees of the wearer and is loosely fitted. Synthetic materials and nylon are usually used as the fabric for making basketball shorts. The reason for this is because such materials are good sweat absorbers. They are also light in weight and are designed to provide the wearer comfort and flexibility during the game.

A basketball game is played by holding the ball with the hands and passing it around to finally shoot it into the hoop. Apparently it looks like the game is played entirely with the hands, but like in any other game played on solid ground, the feet of the player determines a lot of the player’s performance. The feet give the rest of the body the speed and firmness. Therefore a lot of expertise goes into designing basketballs shoes.

Lightweight and comfort, as in other uniform units (like jerseys and shorts), are basic requirements. Basketball shoes are also designed to absorb the shocks produced every time the player lands on the ground after a jump. It also should help the player run faster and remain comfortable with good grip on the floor yet soft on the feet.

Many online stores provide basketball uniforms, ready made or customizable. You can order uniforms from one of them for the game or your practice sessions. Remember the next time you buy your basketball uniform; they are meant to give you comfort in the game, they are fashionable and they are your team’s pride. So always go for the best that you can afford and enhance your game play, style quotient and team’s morale.

Is it me or has Wale really out shined a lot of Rap artist by keeping real lyrical content with meaning in all his music? For me, Wale deserves 5 stars and joins the ranks of OutKast, Common, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Z and many more, for keeping his lyrical flow moving, thought-provoking and current with today’s hottest beats on all his tracks. Follow me as I dissect the lyrics to the latest release from his much-anticipated 3rd album “The Gifted” which has already climbed up the charts with the hit “Bad” featuring Tiara Thomas.

Refreshingly enough this is not another rap song about money, sex or cars in the bold & blatant fashion that we’ve become accustom too hearing on the radio. Wale drops lyrics about his past, present & future in a way that makes you think about every word, acronym and its meaning.

In the 1st verse, Wale speaks of “studying at UDC” which stands for the University of District of Columbia; a community college in Washington DC. I didn’t find any record of Wale attending the school but I’m sure he knows some guy who attends or went there in the past. Guess Wale was right when he said “You gon’ need more than Wikipedia to get to me” cause according to Wikipedia Wale attended Robert Morris University and Virginia State University on football scholarships, then transferred to Bowie State University.

Next Wale drops more acronyms about his past. “PG to Mo County bet they all know ‘bout me” speaks about counties that Wale grew up around; Prince George & Montgomery counties in D.C.

In Wale’s line “Having dinner with Leonsis I’m dreaming to own” drops the hint that he is a loyal fan to his hometown basketball team the Washington Wizards own my Ted Leonsis and it also hints at his ambition to branch out into the business world of franchise ownership some day. Looks like Wale might be on your heels Jay Z.

All obvious dissection aside, the heart of the songs speaks of Wale’s disappointment in the “Love you Hate you” attitude that comes with success and fame. Lines like “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city is what they tell me” and “Listen when you get the keys it’s seldom you don’t get the beef” speaks about the fact that with fame comes friends and foes. One minute everyone is happy that you’re at the top then the next minute they’re trying to pull you down. The most profound verse in the hit to me is “I lost a lot of friends and none of them dead. When I was on my way up, why you ain’t see the stairs” which speaks of the jealousy from people in his past and that may have that “help a brotha out” attitude now that Wale is famous. Then the line “How could you blame us envy? We do the same thing for a living” speaks of the present envy he deals with from rappers in the industry today that want to beef or pull Wale down just so they can come up.

I must admit that I did not follow Wale’s mix tape era but it seems that he has been consistent with his lyrical content from day one. I honestly thought he would get pulled into the “record label money-making formula” like most artist do when they join a major record label, but Wale has stuck to his guns on having creative control over what he writes and what’s released. This determination brought Wale to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group in 2011 and he’s been dropping hits every since.

Lyrics from the heart have always been hit makers but the industry has a formula too; drugs, sex & money which move CD’s off the shelf, but they lyrical content makes most of these types hits fade into the background quickly and easily. It’s funny how the more things change the more they stay the same. As Hip Hop & Rap births and buries new artist everyday, its good to see Wale keep his heart and soul intact while walking through the mire, muck & clay of this rap game that pits popularity and record sales against lyrical content and enlightenment. When Wale says “I’m tryna redefine the culture, renovate the soul” I get it. Wale is making music that’s here to stay.

My hat’s off to you Wale! Keep you head up, your lyrics tight and God on your side. Your line, “Lord Father if I opted to follow them, my heart would tear from my dreams let me know that you here!” is heard loud and clear. Peace and Blessings to you Wale.

This has been a Monae Music Moment. Til next time! Peace!

Betting on the goal market is a very popular bet at the moment, mainly because there is no sides to pick, there are no teams to support. When the ball is near the goal it does not matter who has it if it goes in we come closer to winning our bet!

When betting on the goals I actually prefer to bet on Over 2.5 goals as opposed to Under 2.5, this is not to say that when I see good value in the Under 2.5 goals I wont have a dabble its just to say that I feel more comfortable finding and backing matches to go over 2.5 goals. The reason for this is that there are more ‘luck’ factors that can result in there being a goal than there is in there not being a goal, such as offside when onside, not over the line, own goals, major goalkeeping errors etc.

I also like to bet on the Over 2.5 markets because it is much better if you are watching the game, it is much better to be hoping for an extra goal at 1-1 than it is to see that 3rd goal go in. Also when you are watching games you really do not want to be hoping for no goals! On the other hand if you have no intention of watching the game or can truly distance your betting behaviour from your entertainment fix from football then Under 2.5 goals is a nice bet to place.

However this article is about backing the Over 2.5 goals market and how to win on the inplay markets.

We are going with the In-play markets because we can get a much higher odds for our money if we bet in play. What we are going to do is look for matches were both teams have been involved in matches were 4 or more goals have been scored in at least 2 of their last 3 games.

Now what we do is watch this game and if there is only 1 goal at half time we back the Over 2.5 goals. This is because if there is only 1 goal the odds will be higher than what they were at the start of the game.

You can also using your own judgement back the Over 2.5 goals if there haven’t been any goals. This will depend on your own judgement of how the game is going, you can also decide not to bet because you have been watching the game. If you see that even though there has been a goal the game is dead then you can go the opposite way, remember systems shouldn’t be set in stone, they should bend to accommodate the actualities of the game and so this system should as well.

The 1919/20 season heralded the dawn of a new era for Rangers as manager William Wilton and number two William Struth initiated a Glasgow Rangers dominance that was to last until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. Though winning this season with 31 wins out of 42 games and scoring 106 goals, it was overshadowed by the subsequent death of manager, William Wilton.

William Wilton

When the Scottish League was formed in 1890, Wilton became its first treasurer as Rangers shared the title with Dumbarton.

The season before he was appointed to his dual-role, Rangers had achieved the first ever 100% league record, winning all 18 games and scoring 79 goals. No team before or since has ever achieved the same, although several teams have gone unbeaten in a league season since, including Arsenal in 2004.

Rangers were to win 8 league titles with Wilton as manager

Sadly,Wilton did not see the full extent of the team’s success. The day after the final match of the season in 1920, he left or the Bank Holiday, which he planned to spend at Gourock, but he died in a boating accident on the first day of his holiday.

Taking over the manager’s job was William Struth, Struth guided Rangers to a further 14 titles before the war. This period was also noteworthy for the attendances. On the 2nd January 1939 a British league record was broken as 118,567 fans turned out to watch Rangers beat Glasgow Celtic in the traditional new year holiday old firm match.

Glasgow Rangers is a great football club with a great history.

1. Colin Bell – Reluctant Hero: The Autobiography of a Manchester City and England Legend

Most Manchester City supporters regard Colin Bell as their club’s best ever player. He graced the midfield during their greatest years as they won all domestic and European honours, and represented England 48 times before a serious knee injury ended his career prematurely when he was just 29. Now, in this revealing autobiography, ‘King Colin’ has opened up.

He talks about never knowing his mother, who died when he was a baby, and of being brought up by his aunt and then his father and older sister.

He then leads us through the glory years, singles out his greatest opponents and compares the modern game with the era he dominated, before sharing his views on the infamous tackle in a Manchester derby that ended his footballing dreams. In a remarkable development, he reveals for the first time his private battle against cancer and explains how this book has helped to save his life.

2. Manchester City: The Mercer-Allison Years

Manchester City’s first home game of 1964-65 was a resounding success – a 6-0 win over Leyton Orient. But by the time Swindon Town arrived at Maine Road in January 1965, City’s fortunes had taken an alarming tumble. At Easter, manager George Poyser resigned and the rest of the season City were managerless as they finished 11th. In July 1965, City announced their new man: Joe Mercer, former England, Everton and Arsenal wing-half who had been out of the game for 12 months after suffering a stroke while managing Aston Villa.

Mercer needed a younger man to work with the players on the training pitch and he chose Malcolm Allison, the former West Ham defender who had himself suffered bad health, his playing career ended when he lost a lung to TB.No-one in their wildest dreams could imagine the success these two would bring to Maine Road. Within 12 months City had won the championship of the Second Division. Two years later they were league champions of England and by 1971 had added the FA Cup, League Cup and European Cup-winners’ Cup.This, then is the story of the most successful period in Manchester City’s history.

3. Manchester City’s Cult Heroes

“Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy” – F Scott Fitzgerald. Who is your favourite Manchester City Cult Hero? Goater, Lee, Bell, Kinkladze, Dickov or Wright-Phillips? David Clayton’s book, “Man City’s Cult Heroes”, tells the story of the club through the careers of its 20 greatest icons – the men who made fans’ pulses race. The likes of Frank Swift, Paul Lake, Dennis Tueart, Bert Trautmann, Ian Bishop, Andy Morrison and Niall Quinn all join the illustrious cast list as David searches for the very heartbeat of a club obsessed with the way the game is played, but bereft of trophies for so long.

Each player’s career is analysed to discover what made him tick and why he was so idolised by the fans, including their foibles, quirks and misdemeanours. Controversy and heated debate will follow around Manchester as City fans place their bets on who is the greatest icon – and who is left out of this definitive list of fans’ favourites.

Featured players are: Billy Meredith; Frank Swift; Peter Doherty; Bert Trautmann; Bobby Johnstone; Roy Paul; Mike Summerbee; Rodney Marsh; Dennis Tueart; Joe Corrigan; Gerry Gow; Paul Lake; Ian Bishop; Andy Morrison; Niall Quinn; Giorgi Kinkladze; Uwe Rosler; Shaun Goater; Paul Dickov; and, Shaun Wright-Phillips. This is a rocky ride at times. But then, if you’re a City fan, you’re used to it.

4. Please May I Have My Football Back: My Life at Manchester City

“Please May I Have My Football Back?” is the story of the Alexander family and how they helped run Manchester City football club from its foundation in 1880 until the club was sold to Peter Swales a century later. Written by Eric Alexander, former Chairman and current Honorary President of the club and board member throughout the glorious 60s and 70s, it contains wonderful behind-the-scenes stories detailing what it was like running one of the world’s biggest football clubs at that time.

Crammed full of stories about players such as Rodney Marsh, Colin Bell, Franny Lee, Mike Doyle and Mike Summerbee, this book also tells many boardroom stories of the kind of shenanigans that go on in negotiations between clubs, how Eric’s grandfather, then Chairman of Manchester City was asked to drive the victorious Manchester United team on their tour of the city following the 1909 FA Cup final victory, his dealings with football’s administrators and referees, which would often leave him incredulous and how City won bundles of silverware throughout that successful era.

5. Manchester City 1967-1968: A Season to Remember

Wow, what an excellent book. Well worth a purchase for any Man City fans or anyone interested in football generally.

You may want to consider wedding cufflinks as essentially the most ideal gifts for groomsmen. This item can certainly produce an excellent gift that fits your male attendant’s personalities perfectly. Similarly to other gift options, wedding cufflinks are available in different varieties also. They are made keeping in mind different designs, technique and ideas. It could complete your men’s look through the wedding, and quite likely to be used as frequently as everyday. In case one of the men is known as a sports fanatic, you could possibly consider a Soccer ball in divot silver, a silver tennis racket, or a sports car as cufflinks. A majority of these items are designed to please the taste of such sporty personalities.

But for elegant, classy and ambitious gentlemen, you can have prime quality chrome steel or gemstone studded wedding cufflinks along with other personalized silver cufflinks that could mark an ideal distinction to the formal and sophisticated identity for your friend. You can even ensure it is personalized by engraving your friends initial over the item.

Here is a variety of options:

Novelty Groomsman Cufflinks.

Creative and fun, these novelty groomsman wedding cufflinks certainly are a whimsical solution to set any wedding ceremony apart. Affordable and unique monochrome cufflinks are great keepsakes your groomsmen will enjoy…and they create great conversation pieces during the wedding reception! By having an uncommon oblong shape and silver-plated accents, these groomsman cufflinks are a cutting-edge accessory for wedding wear. A black enamel exterior with “GROOMSMAN” written on it would really set the stage for a memorable wedding token.

Custom-Made Photo Wedding Cuff Links.

These popular photo cufflinks add interest and intrigue with an everyday cuff shirt…or perhaps a wedding tuxedo. Initially, they’re classy yet simple silver cufflinks, but a closer inspection reveals magnetic closures that are designed to flaunt two petite photos! Add in with candid shots from your bachelor party…or pictures of the gift receiver themselves. Platinum-plated men’s cufflinks could be engraved with initials, custom created to give a distinctive personalized gift he’ll enjoy over and over again. Present them inside a silver gift wrapped box and they’re ready for gift-giving!

Is someone in your office workplace or someone that is close to you set to retire in the near future and you are looking for ideas on what to get him or her? Try a health and fitness themed gift basket. There are hundreds of different variations of baskets that can be made depending on the budget, gender of the person, general likes and dislikes, and where a person lives. Part of the gifts can be serious and the rest can be gag gifts. Here we will try and supply some different ideas for both men and woman that can neatly fit into a gift basket.

Gift Basket Themes

1. Golf Lovers Basket

It may be a bit cliché but a large majority of retired men intend to play a lot of golf and a golf driving range gift certificate or golf course membership would fit perfectly in a gift basket. It can be a center piece of a golf themed gift basket which could include golf gloves, tees, balls, shoes, and any other golf related item you can think of. For a gag you can get the DVD Dwarf on Golf or all used products in the basket before giving the real basket.

2. Exercise or Fitness Theme

Many people say they want to exercise more but the eight do not have the time or they don’t want to spend the money. If you think your retiree would be interested in a gym member ship you can center a gift basket on a gym gift card and take those excuses away. You can include weight lifting gloves, exercise clothes, protein and nutritional bars, vitamins, head bands, and other like gym going products. Again, for a laugh you can personalize a T-shirt, towel, a big supply of sports cream for all the aches and pains, make a funny exercise tutorial or whatever else you can think of that would be funny.

If a gym membership is not ideal but you think the person would want to exercise you can still do a gift basket but gear it more towards exercises that can be done at home. Include some exercise videos (P90X or Turbo Jam for example), exercise bands, weighted aerobics gloves, yoga mat, exercise cloths, different fitness drinks and foods, small weights, roller blades, running shoes, and so on. The combination or themes are truly endless. Again, for fun you can include a funny videos, exercise for the “never even though of beginning” manual, a funny list of do’s and don’ts, and a funny list of motivational quotes.

3. Day Spa Theme

For the person that needs to relax and be taken cared of send them to a spa for a day so they can get that much needed massage, acupuncture treatment, and aroma therapy. The basket can include some soft nature music, candles, lotions and oils, massaging tools, foot soaker, facial creams, and anything else that will go along with the theme. The mockery that can be created with this can get crude in a hurry, but having funny labels on the lotions, creative titles of manuals, hair waxing products, toe jam cures, and so on. Like I said this one could get funny so have fun with it.

4. Sports and Recreational Themes

A lot of people are fanatical about a specific sport, so you can do a football themed gift basket including tickets to a game, or for a tennis player buy a racket. Where I live people are nuts for the Ohio State Buckeyes so buying a golf bag with Brutus the Buckeye on the side, or football jersey with his or her name on the back would go a long way. To get a laugh buy something that is totally irrelevant to the sport like ping pong ball for a golfer or soccer ball for a basketball fan. A big gag is making a basket of a rival sports teams products, but keep it inexpensive because most of it will never see the light of day.