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The World Cup 2010 is coming close and is going to be the largest event in Europe.When it comes to betting you can relies on Ladbrokes, the UK's biggest sports betting site. Since Foot Ball is the world's largest and the most watched event around the world and we Ladbrokes knows how important World Cup is. Event with so much of importance, Land brokers know information, tips, updates, world cup betting odds and payout available for you.

South Africa is going to host this great event of the FIFA World Cup 2010 and it will be the Mecca of all sports events. The tournament will be held over the course of 4 weeks from June 11th to July 11th. You'll have 10 chances to win big through world cup betting.

South Africa will be one of the thirty-two competitive for football's most coveted prize, the Jules Rimet Trophy!
Right now, the qualifiers are taking place between more than 200 nations having to get their chance to play in the finals. After this phase is complete, the 200 nations qualifying are divided into 6 groups:

– Africa
– Asia
– Europe
– South America
– North, Central America and Caribbean
– Oceania

Ladbrokes offers you free bet offers for these 6 groups are then divided into multiple regional groups and will compete against each other for the top seed and runner-up in each group. This process will repeat itself until the required number of teams per division is met in order to compete in the final stage for the title.

All bets on FIFA 2010 right now tend to favor the obvious choices such as defending champions and 3-time winners, Italy as well as 7-time champions and typical World Cup betting favorite Brazil. Whomever it is, one thing is for sure, it will be exciting to watch and bet on world cup.

The different events for the FIFA are: –

– Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg
– Green Point Stadium, Cape Town
– Moses Mobidha Stadium, Durban
– Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg
– Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria
– N. Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth
– Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein
– Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit
– Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane
So you have got 10 chance to bet on FIFA.

FIFA 2010 World Cup will be the 19th FIFA World Cup. This will take place in South Africa and is scheduled for June 2010 (June 11th until July 11th). Between August 2007 and November 2009, qualifying rounds are being organized on every continent to select the participating teams. As confirmed by FIFA, the total prize money on offer is $ 420 million, a 60% more from the 2006 tournament.

There are total 32 spots available, out of which one spot is reserved for the host nation. All the 32 teams have been finalized including the hosts. Five Asian and Oceania teams, Thirteen European nations and 8 qualifiers for the American continent will participate in the tournament. South Africa being the host qualifies automatically along with 5 other African nations. There have been recent changes in the qualifying system. As per the new changes, Australia has been moved to the Asian qualifying group while New Zealand faces the sixth team from Africa for a berth in World Cup 2010.

A round-robin stage kicks off the competition. This consists of 8 groups with 4 teams in each group. The best 2 teams from every group advances to the final knockout rounds, the knockout round comprise of elimination games. The tournament will last for 4 weeks and 64 exciting games will feature in the tournament.

The result of the FIFA World Cup every year upsets few and surprises many. In the Last World Cup, Brazil and Argentina had disappointing performances; this will keep them under a lot of pressure of performing well. In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Brazilian players faced a lot of criticism at Home as they were eliminated by France in the quarterfinals.England, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Netherlands along with the defending champions Italy could be considered as contenders for the championship .

After winning the Euro 2008 title, Spain team around Fernando Torres and Xavi are coming with a huge confidence. South Africa is hoping to play brilliantly at their home but a group-stage knockout might become a big surprise.

The preparations of the World Cup are going on full swing these days. All necessary arrangements are being made and inspected to make this event a great one. The Local Organizing Committee and operational experts from FIFA have completed a tour of South Africa recently to see the arrangements. A few initial problems were reported, however it has been all taken care off.

If you plan to travel to South Africa for this great and historic event – The FIFA World Cup, there are plenty of other things you can count on. A Swim with penguins on the Cape Peninsula, Ride on an Ostrich would be perfect to make it a wonderful trip. And this does not end your soccer trip. A walk at the Garden Route makes it a memorable one. A visit to Devil's park in Cape Town, St. Lucia's Nature Reserves and Durban's Drakensberg will make it a perfect outing for you. Overall 2010 World Cup Trip to South Africa would be one to be cherished for the entire life.

Choosing the right soccer gear can be a difficult chore. It does not matter whether you are choosing a youth soccer gear, or gear for adults. It does not have to be painful. But with so many choices available, you need to ensure that the gear is of good quality, and will last through the soccer wars.

Buying cheap soccer gear will sometimes have you buying that same item more times. That will make it more expensive in the long run. Many times it is best to spend a little more up front and buy longer thinking gear.

With my over 30 years in soccer I have made some good choices, and some bad choices while going soccer gear.

I have to laugh when I look in my gear bag and see a pair of turf shoes that I have had for over 20 years. Obviously I have not played a lot of games on turf! But they were definitely a good choice. And I can actually still wear them!

Start at the Bottom!

  • Soccer footwear!

Whatever position you play, it does not matter. You could be playing as a goalie, midfielder, defender, or striker. Sneakers are not the way to go! Without you want to continuously slip around and miss the ball because you can not get your foot planted. You will never improve your soccer game that way.

  • Indoor or outdoors?

Indoor soccer shoes are flat bottomed and made of a material that is more firm than a standard sneaker.

Outdoor soccer shoes come in models made for hard fields, firm fields, or soft / wet fields. Some have removable cleats so you do not have to buy a new pair of cleats if one or two studs wear down early.

  • Soccer Shin Guards!

Not only do they prevent injury, they are now a mandatory piece of soccer equipment. It only makes sense. Most of the action is in that area of ​​your body.

  • Soccer Socks!

Soccer socks are used to hold your shin guards in place and are part of a complete soccer uniform. They used to be so plain and boring. Red, blue, green, yellow. You get the picture. But with increased interest in soccer comes increased options for colors. Can you say Fuschia soccer socks?

  • Soccer Shorts!

Baggy shorts are not soccer shorts. They may be in-style but that does not mean that they are good for the soccer field. The less restrictive your shorts are, the better it is for your game. They also have to fit your team's uniform and take the beating that sliding, diving, and falling down will give them.

  • Soccer Jerseys!

Your soccer jersey will express the personality of your team. And of course it should blend well with your shorts and socks. However some people want to buy replica soccer jerseys to support their favorite soccer club. Those are available for every major soccer team in the world.

  • Soccer Goalkeeper Gear!

Outfitting a soccer goalkeeper is the same as any player on the field, with a few differences:

  • Goalkeepers wear shorts or long pants with padding on the hips. This padding helps prevent injuries from the numerous times that they dive for a ball during a game.
  • Goalkeepers wear special goalkeeper gloves to give them a better grip on the ball.
  • A goalie jersey usually has padding on the elbows to reduce the impact on their bodies when they land.

With all that gear, a great choice to carry it all is a soccer backpack.

I actually still have some soccer uniforms from when I was 16. Go figure?

Soccer cleats are the requirements of a soccer player. Every soccer player fantasies of the superior quality of soccer cleats. But with more attributes comes exorbitant prices, which most of us can not afford. The diversity in the soccer cleats offered by the different manufacturing companies adds to muddle this. Also the negative branding of various products makes a hard time for the buyers. But a slight presence of mind and awareness about the products would help to get a standard product at an affordable cost. There are a few steps which one should follow to get hold of a worth soccer cleat at a reasonable price:

1) Determining one's budget

One should know about himself what are his limits. All the persons have different financial budgets. Limiting the finance helps the user to search within a certain range, without wasting time on other products. This also helps to search for the best brands in that range. It is very important that the person sticks to his budget and does not vary much. Scrutinizing within this range would help one to get the best out of the rest.

2) Emphasizing on quality rather than its cover: –

A wise had said that "Do not judge a book by its cover". In the same way it's not about the looks, it's about the quality. A player is defined by its play, but not by its looks. A standard soccer cleat would help the player to improve its skills, but not its looks. And good looks obviously adds to its cost, so why not sacrifice that amount and increase its attributes.

3) Avoiding branded soccer cleats: –

Branding of soccer cleats almost doubles its price. It also creates a hallucination among the crow that they are only selling cleat company. Their products are the best one's on the market and all the others are gibberish. All these are a trap to attract buyers. So it's very important for the buyers that they have a good knowledge and awareness about the cleats, so that they do not get into the trap built by these companies. Buying products from smaller brands saves money, which can be further used to signify its qualities.

4) Flexibility leads to better results: –

Flexibility in thoughts would help you get best out of you. The buyer should not be strict towards one product or a particular brand. Being biased towards something would never let you think freely and adsorb the benefits of other products. So keep your mind free and find the soccer cleat which suits you the best.

5) Pay for what you want: –

Different players have different attributes and strengths. So the person should buy a soccer cleat which suits its attributes and help to strengthen his skills. Many person without having any knowledge buy products which have attributes which are not beneficial to them. So a person should set filters of what they want and for that only.

6) Taking help of friends: –

Friends who have soccer cleat would have the experience and the knowledge which would help you to buy a perfect cleat at a reasonable price. They are the best guides and would help you to get the ideal product for you.

7) Visiting many sites: –

Diversifying your search would bring you in contact with a variety of products with different prices and offers. It would help you to get the best combination of attributes fit for you. Make the wise use of Discount offers provided by different marketing sites.

In April 1962, The Rolling Stones was formed with members Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts. This British R&B influenced rock group got their name from a Muddy Waters song.

Former Beatles publicist, Andrew Loog Oldham, signed “The Stones” to a management deal in 1963 and began promoting them as “the bad boys of rock and roll”, compared to the Beatles’ squeaky clean image. Oldham also produced their first albums between 1964 and 1967.

The Rolling Stones’ first UK tour took place in 1964, along with the Ronettes.

Their first American Top 40 hit came in 1964 with “Tell Me (You’re Coming Back)” followed by “It’s All Over Now.” They finally reached the Top Ten with “Time Is On My Side.”

Shortly after leaving the group in 1969, guitarist Brian Jones drowned in his swimming pool in Sussex, England. Mick Taylor replaced Jones as guitarist and Ron Wood replaced Taylor in 1975. Wood had previously played in the bands, The Jeff Beck Group and Faces with Rod Stewart.

The Rolling Stones were never without controversy. That includes the film, “Gimme Shelter,” a documentary of their controversial Altamont concert in 1969, where someone in the audience was murdered by a member of the Hell’s Angels.

Chart wise, The Rolling Stones had forty-one Top 40 hits between 1964 and 1989 and, according to the Billboard’s weekly charts, they went to #1 eight times. Their last Top 40 hit was “Rock And A Hard Place” in 1989.

Lead vocalist, Mick Jagger, tried recording solo and managed to crack the Top 40 four times, with his biggest hit being a cover version of the Martha and the Vandellas “Dancing In The Street.” He teamed up with David Bowie on this tune, which was recorded at the Live-Aid benefit concert in 1985 and it went Top 10. Jagger even made it to #3 in 1984 as a guest vocalist on The Jacksons’ hit “State Of Shock.”

Here are The Rolling Stones twenty biggest hits, according to the Billboard charts.

1. Honky Tonk Women – 1969

2. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – 1965 – Otis Redding took a cover version of this song Top 40 in 1966.

3. Brown Sugar – 1971

4. Get Off My Cloud – 1965

5. Paint It, Black – 1966

6. Miss You – 1978

7. Angie – 1973

8. Ruby Tuesday – 1967

9. Start Me Up – 1981

10. 19th Nervous Breakdown – 1966

11. Emotional Rescue – 1980

12. Jumpin’ Jack Flash – 1968 – In 1986, Aretha Franklin took a cover version of this hit to #21 on the weekly charts.

13. Harlem Shuffle – 1986

14. Mixed Emotions – 1989

15. Time Is On My Side – 1964

16. As Tears Go By – 1966 – Marianne Faithfull went Top 40 with this hit in 1965.

17. Tumbling Dice – 1972 – Linda Ronstadt went Top 40 with a cover version of this Stones hit in 1978.

18. Beast Of Burden – 1978

19. Mothers Little Helper – 1966 – The “B” side of this single, “Lady Jane” went to #24 on the weekly charts in 1966.

20. Undercover Of The Night – 1983

The Rolling Stones won a Lifetime Achievement Grammy in 1986 and they were inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1989. Still going strong, The Rolling Stones continue to tour and record, 46 years, after cracking the U.S. charts for the first time.

The Gorillaz is a band created in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. Over the years, many artists have contributed to the band in different ways. Adding to the confusion, the band is centered on an animated concept, so the actual band members are even less visible to the listener. We all like to have an idea of who is responsible for the amazing tunes we hear coming out of the speakers, so let’s try to clarify who is in the band and what they do.

Lead Vocals

This is the easiest component of The Gorillaz music to understand. Damon Albarn has always been the lead vocalist for the band. Over the years, the group has featured guest vocalists (eg. Lou Reed), but Albarn is the only lead vocalist in the band.

Lead Guitar

Simon Katz was the lead guitarist for the band until 2002, when Simon Tong took over lead guitar duties (along with some rhythm guitar). In 2010, Jeff Wootton joined the group and contributed to the lead guitar category.

Rhythm Guitar

The primary rhythm guitarist for the band used to be William Lyonell, but he left the group in 2005, when Simon Jones took over the main rhythm guitar role (enough Simon’s for you yet?). In 2010 the lineup changed again and Mick Jones stepped in on rhythm guitar.


Another of the three band members who have been in the group from the start is Mike Smith, who was the band’s original keyboardist. In 2010, when the band adjusted their lineup, Jesse Hackett joined Smith as a keyboardist for the band.

Bass Guitar

The band has had more turnover in this category than any other. The Gorillaz original bassist was Junior Dann. In 2002, Roberto Occhipinti took over for Dann, but only stayed with the group until 2005, when Morgan Nicholls took over for Occhipinti. With the 2010 changes, Paul Simonon took over for Occhipinti on bass guitar.


Cass Browne is The Gorillaz drummer and the third pillar, having been with the band from its inception all the way up through the present. In 2010, Gabriel Wallace also joined the band as a drummer.

As a quick postscript, you may have noticed that Jamie Hewlett, one of the two founders of the band, was not mentioned anywhere on this list. Well, that’s because his contribution to the band came on the art and animation side of things, not the music side of things.

The group has gone through numerous line up changes, since they ventured, into the world of music; the only constant member in the band was Lemmy Kilmister. Apart from Lemmy being the lead singer of the band, he also featured in various films and television advertisements. The group won their first Grammy Award in 2005. The first album that MotorHead recorded scared, the recording company, which they were working with and this forced, the record label to shelve it.

Larry Wallis and Lucas Fox decided, to quit from the band before the band released their first album. Lemmy had no option but to replace them with Taylor and fast Eddie. The group recorded their first album in 1977, and it was released on a very small recording company. After Motor Head released their first album, they signed a record deal with a big recording company and recorded another album known as overkill. This album was released in 1978. In 1983, Motor Head recruited another guitar player Robertson. Ardent fans of the band, did not like him because of his orange hairstyle and music style. Most fans felt that, Robertson had brought musicianship in the group something, which the band did not require at all. Robertson decided to quit from the band in 1984.

Before Lemmy, formed this band he was previously playing in another popular band known as Hawkwind. But, he was fired from the band in 2005, because of drug problems. He went to London, to establish his own band to avoid being fired again. MotorHead started their music career, in a slow start but they appeared in various Television and Radio Shows. By, 1980s the band music was played by almost all radio stations in United States. The change of the band line up did not interfere, with the touring and release of other albums. Since 2000, Motor Head has released five studio albums. Most of their songs were used in films and movies. Lemmy also wrote theme music, for a professional wrestler, known as Triple H.

In 1994, the band went for a tour with Black Sabbath band in America, Japan, Australia and Argentina. According to music critics, MotorHead was one of the best heavy metal bands, from England that pioneered heavy metal in the 70s and 80s. Since the group, ventured into the world of music, the band has sold over forty million units globally and ten million in America. The band was classified as heavy metal and their fusion, helped to pioneer thrash metal. Most of the band lyrics were about power, drug use, war, sex and relationships. The band logo was made in 1977, by Joe Petagno and it appeared, in all the band album covers.

"This week a 100-year-old Tennessee man got married for the third time; this time to a 68-year-old woman. would love a sandwich. '"
– Amy Poehler, of Weekend Update, on Saturday Night Live

"I really believe in infrastructure spending … I amortize my shoes over 20 years."
– Canada's BC Provincial Finance Minister Carole Taylor explaining why she wore $ 600 new Gucci shoes when introducing the annual budget.

"We wanted to keep him off the bases."
– manager Charlie Manuel (Phillies) explains Jose Reyes' (Mets) three home runs in one game.

Q: "You're the player. We like to hear it from the horse's mouth." A: (Roddick): "Go buy a horse."

"Well, I really think he shatters the myth of white supremacy once and for all!"
– Rep. Charlie Rangel, after being asked his opinion of President George W. Bush

"I got to party and socialize at an Olympic level."
– Bode Miller, the US Olympic skier who went zero for five on Olympic gold.

"Should I go and get a ruler?"
– LOST ''s Kate [Evangeline Lilly], editorizes about a testosterone contest between Jack [Matthew Fox] and Sawyer [Josh Holloway].

"My No. 1 goal is to not go to jail."
– Congresswoman-elect Michele Bachmann (R, MN)

"If you are not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin."
– Representative Katherine Harris (R, FL)

"Paddy was in the wrong place at the wrong time;
– Neil Warnock discusses (Sheffield United goalkeeper) Paddy Kenny's biting loss of one eyebrow in a restaurant.

"I have noticed a marked difference in the way that people respond to me when I am wearing my colors."
– testimony of Hells Angels member Ricky Ciarniello in a legan action against an Ontario, Canada court decision that the Angels institute a criminal organization, saying this unexpectedly exposing him to fear, loathing and ridicule. The ruling stood. (The original Canadian spelling of "colors" here is not a mistake – or at least, a very old one by now.)

"Drowning has always been my biggest fear."
– Janina Peters, lifeguard.

"Russian women are not very good for figure skating. They are good for building rail tracks in Siberia, for example."
– Alexei Mishin, champion Evgeni Plushenko's coach.

"I believe in my heart that if Jesus were alive today he would be doing the same thing."
– Madonna justifies including mock crucifixion in her stage performances.

"Cheney's defense is that he was aiming at a quail when he shot the guy: which means that Cheney now has the worst aim of anyone in the White House since Bill Clinton."
– Jay Leno

Tennis star Roddick about playing the retiring Agassi: Q: "Do you feel relief that [it] is not going to happen?" A: (Roddick): "Obviously you want to play against your idols, but then again you do not want to be the guy who shot Bambi."

"A big-city feel, but redneck-friendly."
– tourism slogan suggested by President Tim Newman of the Regional Visitors Authority of Charlotte, NC, US

"He scares our German shepherd to death when we are at home; so we come here."
– Sue Mihalyi, explaining why she and her husband Mark watch Steeler games at a local Pittsburgh restaurant. The Steelers won the Superbowl in 2006 without her rug suffering.

"Your child, at birth, already has a deeply complicated relationship with his mother, so for the first year you are only a curiosity. As the years go by you will become an amusement-park ride." Then, a referendum. And finally, a bank. "
– Things a Man Should Know About Fatherhood, Esquire magazine

"[African-American Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele has made] a career of slavishly supporting the Republican Party."
– Steny Hoyer, (D, MD)

"Keep away from the Australian women or else you will end up in prisons."
– advice to his athletes from the Ugandan sports director

"She's pretty aggressive in our cars. Especially if you catch her at the right time of the month; she might be trading plenty of paint out there."
– Ed Carpenter, IRL racing driver describes Danica Patrick.

"I'm glad he's showing some personality."

– Danica Patrick about Ed Carpenter, later that same day.

Madonna about her rep for being difficult: "What's the difference between a pop star and a terrorist? You can negotiate with a terrorist."

"I told the producers I'd give my left nut to host this thing."
– Lance Armstrong, opening the 2006 ESPY Awards

"Activities which are not compatible with western standards."
– ABC news being politically correct while describing Hamas suicide bombings.

"He a very wise man and very strong – despite perhaps not so strong as his father Barbara."
– Borat describes the President

"I do not support our troops …. When you volunteer for the US military, you pretty much know you're not going to be fending off invasions from Mexico and Canada."
– Joel Stein, Los Angeles Times columnist

"I said a little prayer before I actually did the fingerprint thing, and the picture; and my prayer was basically, 'Let people see Christ through me, and let me smile.'"
– (Former Republican House Majority Leader) Tom DeLay gets his mug shot.

"Something else I've learned about Secretary Rice is she loves the cool Atlantic breezes here in Nova Scotia, and she left the window open last night."
– Canada's Conservative Foreign Minister Peter MacKay, amidst rumors that the two had a little something goin 'on.

"When you're inviting people, you do not have to tell them this is a cold place."
– Canada's BC Premier Gordon Campbell, trying to tone down 2010 Olympic promotions.

"Of course, some of it could be cops just watching the game and not responding."
– Geoffrey Alpert, University of South Carolina criminologist, about (his) research showing a decline in crimes during the Super Bowl.

"We ship to all correctional institutions."
– A US bookstore sign, in the age of the Internet.

"The public does not have a right to know anything."
– RCMP spokesperson Staff Sargent John Ward responds to reporters' queries about Ian Bush's death in custody.

Q: "How different was it holding up that plate today than in Australia?" "It's a different trophy.

"Thanks to all the perverts who voted for me."
– Jessica Alba, accepting MTV's award for the Sexiest Performance in a Movie (Sin City.)

"For some people, playing a bipolar nymphomaniac may have been a challenge, but for me, I think I just played myself."
– Isla Fisher, accepting MTV's award for the year's Breakthrough Performance (Wedding Crashers.)

"The publication of these cartoons will cause the world to tremble. Fire will be through the world if they do not stop."
– English Islamic leader Dr Azam Tamimi

"1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 g37 l41d!"
– tee shirt

"I think a relationship with a partner is intensely personal and I prefer to keep it that way."
– Paul McCartney (early in the divorce.)

"We've gone through more hardships than the Jews and Charlie Brown put together."
– Homer to Marge, re marriage counseling, on The Simpsons

"To the vice president's credit, he did own up to it: on FOX News he said the fault was his; he can not blame anyone else. holding a smoking gun. "
– Bill Maher

"Any important Republican who comes out and says they did not know me is almost certainly lying."
– convoked lobbyist Jack Abramoff

"It's hard to forget the day you give up your Independence."
– Greg Zamlule, a US citizen, explains why he chose to get married on July 4, the same day he entered a 5k race.
"There's always the chance that he'll just keep on running."
– his fiance, Leslie Evans.

"We want to make it clear that if the Pope does not appear on TV and apologize for his comments we will blow up all of Gaza's churches."
– a reply from the Sword of Islam terrorists, harassed by the Pope's speech which appeared to associate Islam and violence centuries ago.

"You can always get new teeth."
– Teemu Selanne, a Finnish hockey player who sacrificed three whites during a quarterfinal with the US.

"McDreamy is doing the McNasty with McHottie? That McBastard!"
– George on Gray's Anatomy

"It's just basketball. They're not the Big Bad Wolf and we're not the Three Little Pigs. We're all grown men."
– Cavaliers forward LeBron James, re Detroit

"Here we have an organization supposedly dedicated to preventing cruelty actually inflating cruelty to an animal to raise money to supposedly prevent cruelty to animals."
– Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Society on the Prince Rupert, BC, Canada's SPCA's plan to host a crab boil as a fund-raiser for the animal Shelter.

"In the West Bank a group calling itself the Lions of Monotheism firebombed four churches, telling the Associated Press, 'The attacks … were carried out to protest the Pope's remarks linking Islam and violence.' The irony – and this is often the case, we find – was completely lost on them. "
– The Daily Show's Jon Stewart

"Yeah, he looked sorry when he was out there doing donuts."
– Matt Kenseth Declines an apology from Jeff Gordon, who bumped Kenseth out of the way on the Chicagoland Speedway.

"Years ago, you used to get out and fight and run around and chase each other with a jackhammer and stuff like that. Those were the good old days."
– Dale Earnhardt Jr., on track etiquette in the days before NASCAR's sponsors began to fuss about driver conduct.

"You'd like it." Puppies get killed. "
– The LOST character Sawyer [Josh Holloway] summarizes "Of Mice and Men" for Henry Gale [Michael Emerson] (a killer-of-bunnies.)

"After 45 years of this crap I've just started to enjoy it."
– Pete Townshend, the WHO summarizes a career.

"Football's a difficult business; and are not they prima donnas?"
– Queen Elizabeth II

And that's the FunnyPoetry.com funny quote summary for 2006 – the year that Britain finally paid back the last of the money it borrowed from the US and Canada during WW II, according to CNN. And why did that take so long? The interest rate was 2%, that's why. (By the way, Britain's WW I debts were never fully repaid.) On to 2007, which looks ripe to produce many more fine quotes: if for no other reason than 25% of Americans expect the return of Jesus in the coming year according to an Associated Press-AOL News poll.

Chicago is home for numerous teams of different sports. No wonder it had earned the name or the Best Sports City many times by The Sporting News Magazine. Two major baseball teams come from Chicago: Chicago Cubs and The White Sox. There is also Chicago Bears, one of the National Football league teams, which won the football championship nine times. Basketball fans love Chicago Bulls, one of the greatest basketball team this 2011 season. And there is also Chicago Blackhawks, hockey champions and Stanley Cup winners of 2010.

With so many great teams there are many great games that take place in Chicago. Every sport lover can go see their favorite team play. Attending a game is an exciting event. To make it even better, get your all friends together and rent a limousine service. You will have a great opportunity to ride together without thinking about driving, parking and traffic. A good limo service will provide unforgettable memories and will bring you to any stadium.

For Chicago Cubs game, visit the Wrigley field on the North side. For Chicago White Sox travel to the Cellular Field on the South side. Just remember, those two teams are rivals so don’t show up wearing a Sox shirt to the Cubs game! To make your evening even better, have your limo chauffeur drive you around the city after the game to grab dinner or some drinks. Bar hopping is a popular idea for Chicagoans after a successful game. It is convenient to have hourly rate limousine service when you are visiting multiple bars. You can always feel safe when you know there is a professional driver waiting for you to bring you back home safely.

Football games are even more important for Chicago residents. Tickets to a game can reach hundreds or dollars simply because there are not so many games in a season. Moreover, every game matters. The bears have proven themselves worthy this year and caused many happy moments for Chicago football fans. Home games for Bears take place at Soldier Field jus off the coast of lake Michigan. For such a long game like this, look for a sporting event deals for limousine service companies. It usually includes the drop-off at the game and then couple of hours drive time in the limousine after the game.

Limo service can enhance not only baseball or football events. Renting a limo to Chicago Bulls game can make the night really memorable. Not only you will be seeing one of the most recognized basketball teams in the world but also will be travelling in a sleek and elegant Chicago limousine. For big parties rent a party bus service to your game. You will spend time with your friends in the most exciting way!

A Limousine is your private club on wheels. Be it a Bulls game or a Blackhawks playoffs, Chicago limo service will make your night unforgettable.

There are seven soccer secrets that any player can do that will increase their speed and agility and help them get stronger too. These Secrets should be learned by all soccer coaches. Speed kills on the soccer field and these seven secrets will help you race past your opponent.

  • The first secret is linear speed.
  • In order to put fear into a defense a player and a team needs to be fast. In order to be fast, there are two factors that can help increase speed for any player. The first factor is stride frequency. The faster a player moves his arms the faster his feet will move. The second factor is stride length. When running, a player should have her knee lift almost to belly button height.

  • The second secret is lateral speed.
  • Here a player is working on changing direction quickly. A player should be able to move in any direction and be able to do that at any speed…slow or fast. Important lateral movements include shuffles and side runs.

  • The third secret is stopping quickly and then exploding in a new direction
  • Many soccer players stop too upright putting a lot of stress on the knee plus when they do this they are not in a good position to explode into a new direction. Stopping quickly and safely requires players to drop their hips, bend their knees and take smaller steps as they attempt to stop.

  • The fourth secret is lower body strength
  • Getting stronger in their lower body will help all soccer players get faster and increase their speed through strength training. Lower body strength training should include strengthening a soccer players lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles.

  • The fifth secret is anaerobic fitness
  • Training soccer players to be anaerobically fit will enhance many aspects of your teams soccer speed and skill performance. To train anaerobically, soccer players should work on many explosive 15-25 yards burst. In addition, these movements should include both linear (north/south) movements and lateral (east/west) movements.

  • The sixth secret is flexibility
  • The more flexible a soccer player is the less likely that they could get injured plus flexibility enhances speed and agility.

  • The seventh secret is nutrition
  • For soccer players to run fast and be explosive, they need to be properly fueled and hydrated. Helping your players with their nutrition will pay excellent dividends for you players.

    I have found that these seven secrets of soccer speed and agility help make all soccer players more athletic and thus more dangerous on the soccer field.

    Have a great day!