Soccer Equipment List

When players suit up for a season a few things go on in their heads. They may wonder who their coach is going to be, if they will like their teammates, and what position they are going to play.

Few players worry about there equipment (as from their ball), but the equipment is very important. Equipment:

  • Protects players from injury.
  • Allows players to play their best.
  • Is required to play in recreational leagues.
  • Stops annoyances from occurring (for example, gloves protect from the cold).

Soccer Equipment List


Protects players shins and ankles from the kicks that they will receive. It is recommended that you buy shin-guards with an ankle guard. Make sure that they shin-guards that you purchase are an adequate length; some shin-guards are too small.

Soccer ball:

Most players get excited about purchasing a ball, so you do not need to worry about this one. Make sure you check with your league before purchasing so you buy the right size.

Soccer Uniform:

Your uniform will be provided when you sign-up for a league.


Cleats provide the stability needed to play soccer efficiently. Although buying cleats seems like a nominal task, it should not be taken lightly. Every player favors a different type of cleat, and sizes vary widely. When buying cleats, utilize a specialists help so you can get the proper boot.

Leather looks to be the best type, though it is not as flashy as other material. Do not worry about the look of a cleat (although many professional players wear flashy ones) because it really depends on the player.

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