Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Cleats

You need many things if you want to play soccer. And one of the essential things is soccer cleats. For experienced players, it’s even more important to invest in a high quality pair of shoes, as this can make a significant difference. The factors given below can help you decide on the pair that will be best for you.

Price range

In stores, you can find a variety of cleats. You can buy cheapest cleats from discount stores or you can buy high-end cleats that are designed for professionals. Price is a good factor to base your selection on. You need to settle on a fair budget and then go for the pair that you can afford.


Do you like a certain brand? Most people do. Each brand has its own set of features. If you like a certain feature, your options will be limited. So, if choosing a certain brand is really important to you, you should be ready to spend more since popular brands often cost more.

Type of store

Online stores offer a range of cleats for every age, type and budget. But buying online may not be a good option for you. A local store may suit you better. At these stores, you can check out several brands so that you can pick the right pair. Some stores help you make the selection through a staff member.

Molded vs Detachable

Cleats come in two types: detachable and molded. If you are an American soccer player, the molded ones may be an ideal choice for you. The molded shoes have plastic or rubber soles. Make sure the shoes fit you. On the other hand, detachable cleats come with studs that can be removed. You can buy the right studs then.

Ground Hardness

Basically, you will choose cleats based on your purpose. Some shoes are suitable for hard grounds, firm grounds or soft grounds. Firm ground shoes are most popular and they can be worn to play soccer on almost every type of ground.


Usually, soccer cleats are made of quality leather or synthetic stuff. Due to the non-chafing and flexibility, leather is the best material. For durability, synthetic leather is a good choice as shoes made from this stuff can stand damp conditions.

For playing on wet grass, synthetic cleats are recommended. Make sure you consider the ground you are going to play on before selecting the right material.

Comfort Level

Not all types of cleats offer the same level of comfort. Therefore, you should try on various pairs prior to choosing one. Make sure you consider your foot shape and size before buying a certain pair.

Soccer players give their best when they are wearing the cleats of the right size. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you invest in the right pair after taking into account the expert tips that are given in this article. Make sure you don’t grab the cheapest pair. You will save money but won’t be able to get the comfort required for playing soccer.

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