Storm Soccer Bowling Ball

What is the storm soccer bowling ball? Is it used for soccer or bowling?

This unique bowling ball is used for bowling. The appearance of which may be very deceiving as it looks like much of a soccer ball than a bowling ball It is made of a high quality ultra-clear polyester wrapped around the core of a soccer ball which gives it the under glass look. For a while, it would make you wonder whether you are going to roll or kick it.

This ball is not drilled. It has gained Sur-D ratings of 85 to 90. It provides straighter roll than a corner kick which is very important for its tremendous durability and ultimate control.

The manufacturer of this ball had a lot to offer to bowl enthusiasts. They have a wide array of designs on bowling balls. Aside from the soccer ball design, they have designs like basketball, baseball and even golf. This is such a clever thing to do to be able to increase the market for bowling balls. More so, it adds spice and enjoyment to the game itself. You could just imagine an extra large golf ball rolling down the bowling lane. That would be such a sight.

So, the next time you wanted to shop for a new bowling ball you might want to consider purchasing the storm soccer bowling ball It will surely make your friends envy you and you are certainly making a great statement. This ball will surely have a place in your bowling ball collection.

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