Tips To Buy The Right Sports Shoes For Your Kid

Nowadays, families are busy buying their kids the right sports cleats. While it is difficult to find the best cleats, you can buy the right pair by keeping a few tips in mind. This will help you narrow down your choices. Here are our tips to help you.

Measure Your Kid’s Feet

First of all, you should have your kid’s feet measured. For more accurate results, you should measure your kid’s feet when he is standing up. One foot may be slightly bigger than the other, which is normal. However, you should go for the shoes that will fit the bigger foot.

If possible, you should measure your kid’s feet in the evening, as the feet tend to be the biggest at the end of the day. Moreover, make sure your kid is wearing socks before you ask him to try the shoes in the store.

Comfort Should be Your First Priority

Aside from buying the right size shoes, make sure the shoes are comfortable. Buying the shoes with the idea that they will loosen up with time is not a good idea. Instead, what you need to do is ask your kid to put on the shoes in the store and then walk around for a while. If the shoes are one size smaller, they will cause pain in your kid’s feet. On the other hand, one size bigger shoes will cause blisters on the feet. So, keep trying different shoes and stick to the one that fits him the best.

Consider the game

Basically, different games require different types of cleats. While both baseball and soccer cleats offer stability while playing, soccer cleats are designed with a little bit narrower upper so the kid has a better control on the ball.

Aside from this, if your kid plays soccer, make sure you buy him a cleat made from a synthetic material. Artificial materials don’t absorb as much water as the natural materials. Moreover, football cleats should extend up to the ankle to give additional support.

Know the Requirements

Make sure you know the sports requirement your kid is taking part in. Based on the age and sport of your kid, the requirements may vary. Rubber cleats, for instance, are ideal for soccer, flag football and t-ball. But if a game is played on an artificial turf or indoors, your kid won’t be allowed to put on cleats. Moreover, i9 sports program won’t allow metal cleats either.

It’s also a good idea to shop at online stores. Make sure you check out multiple online stores for comparing prices and varieties. Good shoes will help your kid focus on the sport and have a great time.

In short, you should look for a cleat that will fit you well. This will ensure that your kid is going to have a happy sports season. It’s also a good idea to ask questions to the assistant at the stores. They will tell you the difference between different brands and styles offered at the store.

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