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Valentine’s Day is the festival, or occasion, depending on how you perceive it, where you have to buy presents for your loved ones. However, this is not just any occasion but an event that is celebrated by lovers in most profound of forms and ways. The highlight of this festive occasion is the exchange of presents along with a few other activities.

People try to find gifts that are not only unique but also romantic to express their love with their respective spouses or partners on this occasion. While it is relatively easier for women to find suitable Valentine’s Day presents for men than the other way around, it can be a daunting task to find a gift for the metro-sexual man.

What Is The Metro-Sexual Man?

Metro-sexual is in no way about the sexual orientation; rather, it refers to men who have a keen sense of fashion and style. The term was made popular in mid 1990s by the writer Mark Simpson. If we go two or three decades back, male vanity, skin care, and fashion were rather frowned upon and mostly attributed to the men of a certain sexual orientation. However, from early 90s, there was a marked increase in men to become more stylish and they started to pay more attention to their appearances.

In the article “Meet the Metro-Sexual,” published by Salon.Com, the writer Mark Simpson has described the metro-sexual man in the following words. “The typical metro-sexual is a young man with money to spend, living in or within easy reach of a metropolis-because that’s where all the best shops, clubs, gyms and hairdressers are.” (Saloon.Com, July 22, 2002)

David Beckham, the legendary English soccer player is widely regarded as the first identified proto-type of the modern metro-sexual man. If your partner is into personal grooming and falls into this category as well, it can be a nightmare to find a suitable Valentine gift for your boyfriend. In order to help you in your search for a present on Valentine’s Day, we have presented some tips below.

What And Where To Buy?

If you are not fully prepared to embark on the search for Valentine’s Day presents for men, in this case the metro-sexual men, better stick to the “same old” routine of picture frames or socks. However, if you want to bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face, you have to come up with a gift that would make his day. Since metro-sexual are all about appearance, your best bet is to get something for his wardrobe or for the accessories such as the cufflinks.

If you opt to buy for his wardrobe, avoid things like cowboy hats, pleated jeans or trousers, colorful vest etc. While buying clothes, first thing to decide are the colors. Your best bet would be to stick with solid colors to be safe. Avoid anything flashy or patterns that appear to be too loud. When buying a shirt, go for 100% cotton. You cannot go wrong with big labels such as Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren and the likes of these. If you have to buy clothes, go for labels that are famous for making fashion statements.

Soccer or football as people in the British region like to call it is an amazing and thrilling sport. I mean for us fans; soccer is literally in the air. Even if you're a fan of Messi, Ronaldo, and Rooney or just inspired by the famous Sir Alex Ferguson, the fact is that soccer has a special place in all our hearts and when it comes to this sport, all of us are a little sentimental. So for all the soccer fans out there, we have a special gift for you. Just For you, we have compiled a list of the best soccer stadiums around the world that are totally a sight to see. So pack your bags, and plan a trip to these places to get an eyeful on the world's best soccer stadiums while getting low price flight tickets at the same time.

1. Wembley Stadium, London:
With the ability to seat more than 90,000 people at the same time, this stadium is truly the grandest and most fashionable stadium in the world. Usually training ground and home of the English national football team, this stadium has been known to host notable events such as Champions League finals and Olympic Finals as well. Originally built in 1923, this stadium was renovated and opened again for public use in the year 2007. Its design and architecture as well as its geographical location make it the center for the world of soccer.

2. Camp Nou, Barcelona Spain:
This stadium originally had the capacity to hold 120,000 people which had to be reduced due to the change in regulations after the 1982 world cup. Currently it can hold up to 98000 football supporters at one time. This stadium mainly comes under the domain of FC Barcelona which is believed to be more than a football club. Visiting the stadium, you'll be able to see a detailed history of the development of the club on the walls. What's more is that football legends such as Maradona and Messi have played on the fields of this club.

3. Old Trafford, Manchester England:
This place, nicknamed the theater of dreams, is the home ground of one of the most famous teams of the world – Manchester United. This is where your dreams come true and if you're looking for some motivation in life then this is a place you should definitely see. It portraits the story of the fallen team of Manchester United and how they reformed from the ashes of the old.

Now that you have our take on the world's best soccer stadiums, we suggest you wear your running shoes and take a trip to the heart of the soccer world. And while you're planning your trip make sure you get yourself low price flight tickets.

Here is a list of creative and thoughtful, but inexpensive gift ideas to let your junior bridesmaids know how appreciative you are that they are a part of your most special day.

Glamour girls

If any of your junior bridesmaids are budding beauty queens, find a cute cosmetic bag that matches the color of their dresses and fill it with plenty of fun goodies. Brushes and comb sets, hair accessories like barrettes and ponytail holders, age-appropriate make-up, and manicure supplies will delight any girl and give her everything she needs to gussy up for the big day.

Glittering gifts

Faux diamonds can be a young girl’s best friend. Fill a fancy bag full of glittery trinkets, baubles, jeweled barrettes, toe rings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. For an extra added touch, include a jewelry making kit complete with beads, wire, earring backs, and clasps so she can create her own stunning fashions.

Craft bag

If your junior bridesmaid is the creative type, fill a bag or basket chock full of craft supplies. Coloring books, sketch pads, canvas, crayons, magic markers, colored pencils, paint sets, pastels, and paintbrushes will surely be welcomed.

Book smarts

Fill a basket with some classic books, bookmarks, night lights, and gift certificates to book stores for a special gift that will let your bookworm know how much she means to you.

The sporting life

If your junior bridesmaid is interested in sports, find out just what she’s into and surprise her with a bag filled with appropriate accessories. A personalized gym bag filled with items like sweat socks, jogging suits, and miniature soccer balls are sure to please the athletic bridesmaid.

The great outdoors

If any of the junior bridesmaids in your wedding party are nature lovers, create a special gift that incorporates their love of the outdoors. Whether she’s a camper, a Girl Scout, or just interested in gardening, you can fill a planter or duffle bag with things like camping supplies, gardening tools, seed packets, pots, and planters to create a fun nature-themed gift.

Slumber party

There’s nary a young girl who doesn’t love a slumber party. Create a basket filled with pajama’s, slippers, hot cocoa, popcorn, games, comfy socks, or even a nice sheet set or blanket. She’ll be the hit of the next slumber party and be thankful for your thoughtfulness.

Sweet tooth

Create a basket of delectable goodies that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. The possibilities are endless, and if you happen to know the junior bridesmaid well enough, you can always find out what their favorite candies are and build a treat basket around them.

Gift certificates

If you aren’t sure what your bridesmaids hobbies are or what they may like to do, gift cards are the best way to go. Instead of handing over a plain, boring envelope, put the gift cards in a small basket and fill it with generic items such as candy, lip gloss, pens, pencils or notepads.

So much to do and so little time – no that is not your inner monologue talking, that is the problem that I am here to fix. Every so often I try to plan a gathering with friends or family only to be told that they can’t this weekend because: We have a christening, a 6th birthday, my in-laws wedding anniversary, a bar mitzvah, or a soccer game. Does this sound like you? If it does, please allow me to introduce you to the fabulous idea of giving personalized books as gifts. A personalized book as a gift? Ahhh, yes my wise friend. You can have personalized children’s books and personalized keepsake books created to give to someone special as a gift.

The personalized children’s books are created based on the information that you provide and the photos you supply. A one-of-a-kind book is created that is all about the child and includes a full story about the child’s life. The company then adds amazing embellishments to the book to get your child to use his or her senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and sometimes taste to be fully engaged in the story. The personalized keepsake books are great for children or adults and generally are created to capture an event, such as a birth, wedding, or an anniversary; or to capture a theme such as newlyweds, grandparents, pet-lovers, etc. When you give personalized books as gifts to those that you love – you tell them how truly special they are to you.

Is there any other reason why you should give personalized books as gifts? Of course there is another reason-how about you being the best and most unique gift giver at the celebration? I want you to close your eyes and imagine going to the next party that you are invited to-now it is time to open the gifts…all those brightly colored packages, roughly equal in size-they all have similar gifts inside. The recipient forces a smile and thanks the giver graciously. Then all of a sudden your gift is unwrapped-there is a gasp and some glances of envy. You gave the most perfect and unique gift because it is all about the special person who you are giving it to-go ahead, pat yourself on the back, you savvy shopper you. Now everyone wants to know where they can buy personalized books as gifts, so you smile sweetly and casually tell them.

Do you know someone of Czech heritage who would appreciate a Czech themed gift? Or would you like something for your home that depicts a connection with Czech heritage? Here are our top three recommendations that are sure to please…

The Czech Republic is rich in tradition, with many of these traditions thriving in Czech communities in America and other countries. While certain unique products symbolizing Czech culture are only available within the country, many others are available from online specialty retailers and make perfect gifts.

Here are our top three suggestions for a Czech themed gift for you or someone you love:

Bohemian Crystal

Bohemian crystal is synonymous with the Czech Republic. Since the 15th century, skilled Bohemian craftsmen have been producing a wide variety of unique crystal items that are treasured worldwide.

It is often said that glass from Bohemia is among the best in the world, not only for craftsmanship and decorative effects, but durability as well. Our family has a beautiful set of Bohemian crystal glass handed down through four generations and we believe the set was produced in the 1880’s.

Crystal jewelry, vases, and glassware sets are the most common. There are also chandeliers and numerous home decor items. The crystal itself is beautifully beveled and comes not only in clear color but many other palates as well.

Czech Easter Eggs

Of all the traditional holidays, Easter and Christmas are by far the most revered and celebrated in the Czech culture. At Easter, Czech Easter eggs are prominent and are known as distinctly hand painted treasured gifts.

As the tradition goes, young Czech girls hand paint the eggs and present them to Czech boys on the Monday after Easter. And while these are real eggs we’re talking about, you can buy decorative eggs made of glass, porcelain, and other substances.

Usually painted with spring time colors of the Easter season, Czech Easter eggs are also painted in the form of caricatures or scenes from villages or rural scenery. They are unique, highly desirable gifts which really appeal to those of Czech heritage.

Czech Apparel

Another great gift is a Czech t-shirt or other type of apparel. One of our favorites is a t-shirt adorned with the flag of the Czech Republic or its coat of arms.

Another popular apparel item is sports jerseys. Czechs are passionate about both hockey and soccer, so a national team jersey is an ideal gift or simply to show off one’s nationalistic pride.


If you’re Czech or know someone who is, there are a number of unique, special gifts that will be sure to please. The country is rich in tradition and history, and what better way to celebrate the culture than with a gift or item for your home.

Cold and flu season….ugh! Strep throat, bronchitis….ow! Pretty miserable feeling with even the slightest of symptoms. And not to be sneezed at (pun intended)….because there can be complications, such as pneumonia, that may land you in the hospital. Been there, done that, as my young relatives say.

Several of my friends have been quite ill recently, two of them in hospital. Cards and flowers and magazines are always appreciated at those times, but I really enjoyed receiving a fruit and candy gift basket. I seemed to crave fruit when I finally felt like eating but just wasn’t ready for regular meals yet.

A spa gift basket is a good choice for the ladies. Still recovering and feeling weary, they would truly enjoy being pampered a bit. So many lovely scents are available. Some are relaxing; some are invigorating.

Looking for a really good bargain? The Honey Bear Spa Bath and Gift Set is currently 20% off, with a super savings offer of free shipping as well. A spa tote contains honey almond shower gel, moisturizing body lotion, foaming bubble bath, honey comb soap, exfoliating body scrub, honey and almond soothing bath salts and a natural fiber bath loofah. Your best get-well wishes would arrive with a personalized message and a honey bear teddy bear, all tied up with ribbon.

For the men who have a favorite sport or love all sports in general, a sports gift basket is a thoughtful gift. While they’re recuperating, they’ll need to watch their games from the couch or recliner. You can always join them and enjoy the contents of the gift basket, too.

For the football fan, the Football Fanatic Get Well Gift Basket, at a 23% discount, is a good choice. It is filled with snacks to munch on: roasted nuts, zesty popcorn and savory cheese straws, chocolate treats, seasoned pretzels, robust coffee and mini-cookies.

Also currently 23% off is the Get Well for Golfers Gift Basket. A great choice for your favorite golfer who’s not feeling ‘up to par.’ Water Hazard Goodies, Golf Fever Nuts, Sand Trap Sweets, Slice Snacks and Triple Bogey Delights will soon have them back in the swing of things. It is a tempting assortment of cookies, coffee, chocolate filled treats, zesty cheese sticks, crunchy tortilla chips and seasoned pretzels.

There are gift baskets available for most sports. From basketball, soccer, tennis to Nascar and motocross, to fishing…with snacks and theme related containers, there’s sure to be something for someone on your list.

Anyone on the mend, but not completely recovered yet, and bored? The JGB Get Well Doctor’s Gift Bag is a fun choice. A doctors Rx bag theme box is filled with such goodies as BAND AID Gummy Candies, ‘Get Well’ Cough Drops, ‘Get Well Soon’ Apple Decorated Sugar Cookies, Green Apple all-natural Dried Fruit Snack Bag, and herbal tea bags singles. As a cure for boredom, a deck of playing cards, a large crossword puzzle book and activity book are also included.

With a special offer for free Super Saver Shipping from right now, you can add a ‘sick friend’ to keep them company in their misery. Sicky Vicky is a 10″ tall Teddy Bear with a Get Well Soon message monogrammed on her pink pajamas and is holding a handkerchief for her nose. Illie Willie, discounted 35%, is in blue stripe pajamas and blowing his nose on a hankie. Both are from Bearington Bears.

Don’t forget to include your sincerest wishes and heartfelt prayer for a speedy recovery. I could use a prayer or two right now myself. AaahCHOO! And Amen!

Special note from ‘We strongly recommend gifts for patients of a medical facility be sent to a friend or caregiver who can hand-deliver the gift to the recipient. It has been our experience that patients are moved or discharged early, missing their thoughtful gift from you.’

Twice a year when the transfer window opens, the soccer world goes crazy with players changing clubs and newspapers and soccer websites all over the world speculating on the latest superstars playing the game of musical chairs.

While some big name transfers such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s move from Manchester United to Real Madrid finally came to their expected conclusions, one transfer caught my eye this season. That of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s move from Italian champions Inter Milan to Spanish and Champions League winners Barcelona, with Samuel Eto’o going the opposite direction.

Now, Ibrahimovic is not a bad player and on his day can be one of the best players on the planet. But he has failed to live up to his massive hype in my opinion. Who can forget the 2 Champions League matches against Manchester United last season where he was virtually anonymous?

Samuel Eto’o on the other hand has proven himself to be one of the most lethal strikers in the world. Only 28, he has his best years ahead of him and unlike Ibrahimovic, doesn’t choke on the big stage. Don’t forget, it was his goal in last season’s Champions League final that started Barcelona on the road to victory.

On top of the player exchange, Inter Milan also received a transfer fee of 45 million Euros. I have no idea how it was done, but Inter manager Jose Mourinho must surely have negotiated the best deal of the season. Or does Barcelona know something that we don’t? Only time will tell.

The though behind Blackburn Rovers Football Club came from a gentleman named John Lewis who was born 1855 in Market Drayton. The gifts he brought to football began in his days as a player and later he came to be known as one of the best referees in the country, presiding over several FA Cup finals.

November the 5th, 1875, saw Lewis and other gentlemen, notably Author Constantine arrange a meeting at the Leger Hotel in Blackburn where they discussed and concluded that they would establish a Football Club with the title Blackburn Rovers. The city already had a strong association with the game with existing clubs such as Blackburn Park Road FC and Blackburn Olympic FC. Their games were initially played at a place called Church in Lancashire as they had no ground of their own. This changed in mid 1877 when the club leased farmland at Oozehead close to Preston New Road.

This new ground itself was simplistic with its make shift turf and wooden planks to cover the heavy water logged; almost a small pool, in the centre of the playing field but it did generate a small income for the club with the ability to be able to charge a fee for the pleasure of been a spectator. Later Rovers leased a more suitable ground from the East Lancashire Cricket Club. Their debut match at Alexandra Meadows was played against Partick Thistle which they won 2-1 partially thanks to the football gifts of Richard Birtwistle who scored both goals for Rovers.

Blackburn Rovers first entry to the FA Cup came in November 1879 and got to off to a great start when they beat Tyne Football Club 5-1 in their opening game. Later in the 3rd round they received a humiliating defeat at the hands of Nottingham Forrest losing 6-0. During these times Rovers had out-grew their present ground and certainly were the largest club in the area. With this they did seek a larger venue and settled on one in Leamington Street which they altered and refurbished to make way for extra seating needed to cope with the current demand on visitors to their games.

One that nearly made it in the history books for Blackburn Rovers FC came in 1882 when they reached the final of the FA Cup and were up against the Old Etonians. However, the football gifts of the Etonians proved just a little too strong and Rovers lost 1-0. The following year the club were in no such form and only managed the 2nd round before being knocked out by Darwen 1-0 and to rub salt in the wound local rivals Blackburn Olympic went on to win the FA Cup.

Under new manager Thomas Mitchell they were victorious the season after when the beat Queens Park FC in the final 2-1 and again the following year beating the same club 2-0. And in fine form they once more won the FA Cup the next year this time beating West Bromwich Albion and in doing so were awarded a Silver Shield from the FA for their treble success. Blackburn’s form did see a dip from the previous years and were subsequently knocked out of the FA Cup in the 2nd round by Renton the year after but they did win it again 1890 when the gifts of William Townley scored 3 and Rovers went on to crush Sheffield Wednesday 6-1 and also 1890/91 season with a 3-1 win over Notts County FC, bringing Rovers FA Cup tally to a staggering five. During this time Blackburn purchased Ewood Park and spent, in respect of today a massive £1000 on extras and alterations.

After WW2 Rovers time in Division 1 came to end and for the next decade the club remained in Division 2 until making their way back to Division 1 in 1958. The silverware that they had been accustomed to in the early part of the century no longer existed, however they did regularly finish mid table. 1960, with the gifts of Scotsman Dally Duncan in charge they once again came close to another FA Cup trophy but were denied it in the final by Wolverhampton Wanderers losing 3-0. The 1970’s were not really a good period in the history pages for Rovers, spending the majority of the time between Division 2 and 3.

Their turn around in fortunes came when a Mr Jack Walker took control of Rovers in 1990. Walker had made his millions in the steel industry that he inherited from his family. His biggest pay day came when British Steel paid him £360 million for his company in 1990. The manager of Blackburn at the time, Don Mackay was sacked when Walker persuaded the football gifts of Kenny Dalglish to come out of retirement and manage the club. Dalglish soon made new signings and improvements started to take shape and were becoming apparent as Rovers climbed the table.

At one stage they were the only clear winners of Division 2 but it ended slightly different as they had a disastrous losing run and only just managed to grab a play off place. Meeting Leicester in the final at Wembley they booked their place in the new Premiership League, beating Leicester 1-0. It had been 25 years since Blackburn Rovers FC had played in the top flight of English football.

Their largest pay out for a player that broke all English Football records at the time came when they brought the 22 year old gifts of Alan Shearer from Southampton in 1992. Other quality signings were made like Chelsea’s Graeme Le Saux and striker Kevin Gallacher from Coventry. The club enjoyed a fantastic Premiership season in 1993/94 when they managed to finish the table in 2nd place behind Manchester United. Their record transfer fee in 1992 would also be broken this season when they paid £5 million for striker Chris Sutton from Norwich City.

1994/95 season saw Rovers in close rivalry with Manchester United for the Premiership title. It was neck and neck towards the end of season and having lost to Liverpool the club thought United had taken the title but they only managed a 1-1 draw with West Ham which made Rovers Premiership Champions. Later Dalglish would become Director of Football for the club and Alan Shearer had proved he was worth every penny that Blackburn had paid for him by scoring over 30 goals in 3 consecutive seasons, a record in itself. In 1996 the football gifts of Shearer was sold to Newcastle United for a world record transfer fee of £15 million.

The good times for Rovers were soon becoming the bad times when they ended the 1998/99 bottom of the tables and found themselves in Division 1. Jack Walker sadly died in 2000 at the age of 71 and in remembrance a statue was placed at Ewood Park. Blackburn Rovers FC is still owned by the family. They did achieve promotion back to the Premiership in the 2000/01 season and dedicated it to the late Jack Walker.

The 2004/05 saw Mark Hughes take the managers post at Blackburn Rovers and with it a more secure solid club. Hughes signed gifts such as Aaron Mokoena and Newcastle United’s Craig Bellamy and steered Rovers to a 6th place finish in the 2005/06. In addition the club earned a place in the UEFA Cup the following year.

Hughes left for Manchester City in May 2008 giving Paul Ince a short spell in the job. With poor results and 11 games on the bounce without a win he was sacked on December 16th and to be replaced by Sam Allardyce on a 3 year contract. Blackburn Rovers FC still currently play in the Premiership.

An 18th birthday is a very important occasion. For some, it’s when they finally become an adult, are able to vote, and look forward to the future, to others it’s a chance to celebrate, drink legally and have plenty of fun, for most it lies somewhere in between. What most people would agree on is that an 18th birthday is one of the most important birthdays in your lifetime. Therefore, an 18th birthday gift really does have to hit the mark.

Traditional 18th birthday gifts include tankards, ornamental keys and bottles of champagne. However, these gifts have been overdone over the years and many now wish to think outside the box and find gifts that will take the birthday girl or boy by surprise. An 18th is a special day, and only happens once in a lifetime, it is therefore important to get a gift that will be remembered for years to come, for all the right reasons.

To get a memorable gift that will last a lifetime, it is important to think about the individual. Gifts that really stand out are ones that are carefully matched to suit the individual’s personal tastes. This shows you have put a great deal of thought into their 18th birthday gifts. If you know their favourite song, get it framed with an 18th birthday message engraved into the plaque. These gifts are available online for very reasonable prices. It shows you know the birthday boy or girl and is original and unique, they are sure to never receive another like it.

Another great idea is to take a traditional style 18th birthday gifts and add a twist. For example, it is common to buy champagne for an 18th. However, you could put a twist on this gift by getting an engraved glass and spirit set. Simply pick their favourite spirit, there are gift sets featuring Gin, Whisky, Vodka, Brandy, Jack Daniels and more. Instead of an engraved locket or necklace, put a modern and fun twist on this gift by getting an engraved last Rolo gift. You can get these in Gold, Silver or even Pink! This comes in a gorgeous presentation box and is bound to be treasured by its owner.

If the birthday boy or girl is expecting a big wad of money for their birthday, treat them to a silver plated engraved money clip. This unusual but practical gift is bound to go down well and will hopefully have many uses for years to come! 18th birthday gifts that are practical as well as touching make great presents. Instead of a special pen, which is a common gift, jazz it up by instead buying an engraved pen holder and stand. This makes a brilliant gift, particularly for those who are just starting out their working life in an office, or who are perhaps preparing to go to University.

At 18 many people are full of an insatiable desire for fun and adventure. Many people already have almost every material item you could think to get them and so you need to go that extra bit further to find a particularly memorable gift. Gift experiences provide an answer to this solution. Rather than buying a gift that may end up sat gathering dust in a cupboard, get them an experience they can never ever forget.

The best thing about experience days is that there really is something for everyone. Everyone has dreams, things that they have always wanted to do, and you can help this come true. There are many classic experience days available such as pamper days, driving a Ferrari or bungee jumping. However over the past few years, experience days have diversified and there is now almost every experience you can think of, and more! If you want to buy an exciting adrenalin filled experience day for an utter daredevil, there are many options for you.

Indoor skydiving is a popular gift, you can drive a JCB, go ice climbing, have a spy day, micro lighting experiences and much more. You could get them 18th birthday gifts that develop their existing skills, a Soccer Skills training day is an extremely popular gift, or give them a chance to learn something new for example, by getting them surfing lessons. There is a wealth of luxury experiences available, these range from pampering days at luxury spas to lunch for two in Paris.

An 18th birthday should be magical, and you can help make it out of this world with an original and exciting gift. Steer clear of the conventional, find 18th birthday gifts with twists on traditional gifts, look for funky gifts they will have never seen before, or try an experience day for 18th birthday gifts they will always remember.

As a women’s ministry director, it can be challenging to come up with ideas of gifts to give to the mothers in your church. Here are 12 ideas to help you with this decision:

1. A beautiful flower. This can be a rose, a carnation, a peony, a lily etc.

2. Chocolate. There are all kinds of options with this one, depending on your budget. You could present the mothers in your church with a chocolate rose or truffle(s) or other gourmet chocolaty treats.

3. A chef’s apron. This is a practical gift that will be appreciated by the busy mothers who spend a lot of time in their kitchen doing any kind of messy food preparation (frying chicken, baking cupcakes etc).

4. Perfumed hand or body lotion- if it’s a small bottle, you could put it in a tulle bag with a few chocolates and tie it with a pretty ribbon.

5. A stylish tote bag. This is another practical gift- great for trips to the library, or the beach, or going to soccer games.

6. Framed art, photo or scripture. If you have some images that you like, you could get them printed professionally and frame them yourself.

7. Girls Day Out. Celebrate Mother’s day as a group. Make plans to do manicures, pedicures, watch a movie, eat desserts or anything else the women would enjoy doing as a group.

8. A beautiful picture frame. She can use it to display the latest family photo or Mary’s latest artwork or even a treasured Mother’s Day card.

9. A quality (but pretty) pen. This is a handy gift, as she can use it to write shopping lists, make out checks, mark dates on the calendar etc. There are many styles available. How about choosing one with an inspiring message.

10. A beautiful notebook, journal or magnetic notepad and coordinating pen.

11. Mug or cup. How about filling it with a few gourmet tea bags, hot cocoa mix, chocolates or other candies. Wrap it with cellophane and a pretty ribbon and you are all set.

12. A gift certificate for a free drink and dessert for two, at a local coffee shop. Make a note suggesting that she invite a friend to go out with her.

So there you have it, 12 ideas of gifts to give away to the mothers in your church on Mother’s Day. Adapt these ideas to your own particular situation.